Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix
It was a nail-biting session at the Hungaroring as one driver roared to pole right at the end.

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  • Terpal Lebar Official
    Terpal Lebar Official

    greetings from Indonesia

  • Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic

    NICO commentary of qualifying, Verstappen fastest time

  • Moe Boi
    Moe Boi

    Is no one talking abt how sainz was able to still drive after the crash XD


    Car-lost Sainz

  • lorienne

    Nico Rosberg really needs to be in the commentary box more often

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Gasly has been consistently great in quali. You love to see it!

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh

    No-one talks about Gasly but he has been doing so well!


    False Narrative Referring to Hamilton's Tactics: 1. Use the tracker on F1TV and you'll see that Lewis didn't do anything out of the ordinary. 2. Gasly led the pack around rather slowly, then it just started backing up from there. 3. LeClerc took the most time by letting Gasly make it to the pit exit before he started the last corner. 4. Then it was everything from there to the middle of pit lane, the Finish Line, in between the FL and the start of the straight, and then the beginning of the straight...when the driver that was behind started the last corner.

    • lior yunfh
      lior yunfh

      tours a vous je vous rend l*antenne. Passion stay style stay mode change ha ha ha 2021


    F1 is a field where you can see many racists as angry as ever!

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    Hamilton in Monza 2019: Interesting tactics there just to keep pole position Hamilton in Hungary 2021: interesting tactics there just to keep pole position

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      tours a vous je vous rend l*antenne. Passion stay style stay mode change ha ha ha 2021

  • Sharif Parvanta
    Sharif Parvanta

    F1 who??

  • KleKas

    Max always first

  • Jessica Hamilton
    Jessica Hamilton

    What a joke. Qualifying should be about the fastest laps, not intentionally slowing people down. That's not qualifying. Formula 1 needs to adopt the Australian V8 Supercars top 10 shootout. One driver at a time, one single chance for a flying lap. No more yellow or red flags ruining other people's laps. No more interfering with each other. Just the fastest lap each driver can pull off in a single opportunity.

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      very unsportsmanlike behaviour from the mercs

  • F Wieland
    F Wieland


  • Felipe Sousa
    Felipe Sousa

    Came back here to say that Ocon out of nowhere won the race 😅

  • spbxl

    Nico on commentary 🙌🙌🙌🙌 yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Gitemi
    Eric Gitemi

    Yet somehow Max will get the drive of the day 🤦🏿‍♂️🙂🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Cleby Herris
    Cleby Herris

    Maybe we should t expect a q3 appearance from George every time. I sense a pattern

  • Carpythesharky

    Isn't holding people up in the pit lane and pit exit (on track at this point) similar to 2007 when Alonso held Hamilton in the pits so he couldn't get a timed lap in? Doesn't seem fair that you can hold people up...

  • ThBgBss

    Oh Hamilton... What a champ... (sarcasm)

  • Anni-Florence BERGER
    Anni-Florence BERGER

    F1 2021 Hungary il est en tête avec quelques points en plus LH44 HAM 3 EME une bonne place pour les points surtout après 14 ans cette course entre Hamilton et le belle Espagnol de 40 ans qui a bien envie d*envoyer un message Im Back nothing for me two years you ve see Todo Mundo Im in my best form Merci Hungary F1 2021 felicitation a Ocon pour sa Victoire a Vettel qui a fait de son mieux et a Hamilton il etait le dernier pour arriver en troisième places suffisant pour obtenir les points du World champion. 70 tours a vous je vous rend l*antenne. Passion stay style stay mode change ha ha ha 2021

  • Oswaldo Santana
    Oswaldo Santana

    Ferrari tiene los peores pilotos de su historia

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru

    Aside from Lewis, Gasly and Ocon put in great performances and are the stars of qualifying!

  • Hoi Tschö
    Hoi Tschö

    very unsportsmanlike behaviour from the mercs

  • Young Yang
    Young Yang

    U can tell nico tryna to give as little compliment as possible 😂

  • szewei1985

    haha rosberg doing great commentary after being the legend

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly

    Awesome to have Nico on this video! Keep him in them.

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru

      Yep enough time for red bull repairs and ofcourse it will be Mercedes who will to blame for that crash you watch

  • robert taylor
    robert taylor

    Rosberg is in pole for commentating

  • Van Wylde
    Van Wylde

    Dan Ric is fkn hopeless.........Go home Danny boy.

  • Augure 25
    Augure 25

    Only one anthem🙃

  • Mike Lumbreras
    Mike Lumbreras

    Amazing race. Superb performance of Ocon and it s team mate and of course Outstanding Hamilton has usual.

  • dev ravi
    dev ravi


  • 喵喵素打

    Who is the best driver for today? Toto: has to be bottas

  • Harshika Toli
    Harshika Toli

    Esteban ocon for the win

  • ma man ma homie
    ma man ma homie

    did nico rosberg commenting this quali

  • Dennis Bakker
    Dennis Bakker

    What is wrong with the race? Ask mb and fia


    formula 1 became a real mess!

  • covington race
    covington race

    After that start and Hamilton ! NOT coming into the Pitts like everyone else, its so FAKE, it must be scripted.

  • Fahrudin Ibrahimovic
    Fahrudin Ibrahimovic

    Hov hours f1

  • brian forbes
    brian forbes

    Yep enough time for red bull repairs and ofcourse it will be Mercedes who will to blame for that crash you watch

  • Marc01

    Seems Mercedes has a new strategy for this year…unsportsmanship from start to finish. Also in the Race, Notars startegy seemed to be to take out as many drivers as possible…no other way to explain his start into the race

  • Ben

    bottas is the ultimate wingman................ seriously doesnt get better than him. He's helped Lewis so much

  • Victor Joseph
    Victor Joseph

    je commence a penser la formule un est malade. Cette situation de 2 voitures dans une course est a mon avis responsasble. ?

  • Henrique Bernardo
    Henrique Bernardo


  • BEni 6
    BEni 6


  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown

    Keep politics out of sport

  • Cosmic Gibber
    Cosmic Gibber

    Max is embarrassed already from yesterday’s results. I get the feeling, just like 2017 when Max knocked his team mate Ricciardo out of the race circuit. Perez could be on the receiving end today. I hope Perez doesn’t give him a millimetre. I hope he leaves is ego with Marko and Horner and races like a champ today.

  • J I
    J I

    not going to air the booing for Hamilton?

  • tudor jercan
    tudor jercan

    Hamilton the winner

  • G Windz27
    G Windz27

    i love how nico the way he speak on the tv..super Savage

  • 林建源


  • Tshepo Mphake
    Tshepo Mphake

    I love the "Ferrari is gonna fire me" look at 1:26

  • Robert Patrao
    Robert Patrao

    Your selling your products

  • Robert Patrao
    Robert Patrao

    All fake

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Why is redbull using a smaller wing?

  • Robert Patrao
    Robert Patrao

    In India 100 petrol hiking food prise and like Vijay maliya enjoying yuor country 🐂

    • Sangita Chavan
      Sangita Chavan

      Lol he is no longer involved in f1 by any sort

  • HomelessLemur

    just happy for vettel

  • KennyEye

    Red flag for the ferrari no where near the track..

  • Leonardo Araújo
    Leonardo Araújo

    Flawless victory

  • Lord Omiotek
    Lord Omiotek

    ngl wasnt expecting rosberg commentary

  • Ellis Thomas
    Ellis Thomas

    Rosberg isn't going to be commentating the race is he?

  • csl

    Well done Mr Hamilton...

  • enzo montoya
    enzo montoya

    Mercedes is german, you know what the germans did!

  • Lee chin leng
    Lee chin leng

    Ferrari wrong transfer sai..

  • javier oviedo
    javier oviedo

    Las *cochinadas* de Toto Wolf cuando se siente presionado. Vaya campeoncito tiene Mercedes.

  • Antony Munene
    Antony Munene

    I'd love to see Lando in a RB

  • Kevwe Egbegbedia
    Kevwe Egbegbedia

    Yeees!, finally we're back. Still we rise.

  • Mathew Barnes
    Mathew Barnes

    Gastly did well. Let's go lando

  • Duncan McCarron
    Duncan McCarron

    how come the mercedes start the race on mediums when they were on softs in Q3?

  • Terry Griss
    Terry Griss

    I like Nico commentary adds a lot to the program.he has a lot of knowledge and experience with the car's and drivers.

  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE


  • Peter

    As l said before, Hamilton is hunting down Verstappen for sure !

  • dai le cong
    dai le cong

    The jumbled voice climatologically ruin because promotion fittingly melt till a creepy fact. foamy, mountainous meat

  • innerFire

    Liberty, keep Nico in the commentary box. And give more perspectives on Alonso, Gasly and Lando.

  • Creative Control
    Creative Control

    Rosberg was paid to retire... I wonder if he regrets that..

  • LabGorilla

    Ferrari and their masterBlan

  • Creative Control
    Creative Control

    No problem with gamesmanship But stopping a racer from competing is wrong. That could cost perez his seat.... Desperate from HamilCheat

    • Combot

      Lewis did a faster outlap than the last one he did. Everyone was doing the same thing, and I don’t see why you’re making it out as Lewis blocked him when Max could have overtaken him; even his race engineer said that dude.

    • hardi setyono
      hardi setyono

      lord do everithyng is legal..f1 not fairplay

  • JohnDaWhale3

    I wanna hear Martin Brundle and Nico Rosberg on commentary together...that would be so epic.

  • phil

    i loved max yesterday for telling the reporter to stop going on about the last race . it is gone lets look at the future .

  • Darren O'Brien
    Darren O'Brien

    F1 2021 so boring..

  • Ekejiuba M
    Ekejiuba M

    I expect Max to lead the pack from turn 1

  • Ameya Godbole
    Ameya Godbole

    Let Nico do the commentary... he knows Hamilton's politics

  • Ilya z
    Ilya z

    Ham gondon

  • odO

    Why they are only showing Hamilton's and Verstappen's times in Q3 like there's no one else there D:

  • Le'monade

    Why not make Ex-Formula 1 drivers commentators? Nico rosberg was entertaining to hear, it makes it exciting in quali.

  • Ahmad Ayub
    Ahmad Ayub

    I feel extremely sorry for Mr Saturday. Also, Nico needs to borrow the F1 broadcasting microphone for his Vlogs. The eliminate most of his hazy voice. I love the way F1 added the Hamilton - Verstappen fistbump at the end.

  • Shameer Ahamed
    Shameer Ahamed

    No penalty for Lewis for intentionally backing up Max which results in Perez not starting the final flying lap??

  • walkwithme

    Cmon, Hamilton messed up his own final lap while trying to mess up the final lap of his competitors just to protect pole - isn't the point for the most skillful driver to go forward as fast as possible? "Gamesmanship" ...yeah right. Thats embarrassing behavior - he deserves all the booing. Im surprised its only some fans who are outspoken about it. Almost as if people in the public eye are afraid to criticize Hamilton...hmm...

  • Mister Spaghetti
    Mister Spaghetti

    Nico is a great commentator! I really can’t stand Crofty’s sound. Dude calm your horses a bit.

    • JohnDaWhale3

      Also needs to calm his dogs, his cats and his chickens...

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey

    Big shame about George Russell! I really want Williams to score at least a point this season!

  • DiabloDevilsBA

    Imagine if it was Seb who spin at Q2, people would have tear him apart!! but now it is Carlos and everyone blaming wind!

  • Thila

    Is that nico with the mic ?

  • Alex Barbu
    Alex Barbu

    I think it's time Hamilton gets kicked out of F1. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, and I think Hamilton proved that this Q3.

  • Gumnaam Aadmi
    Gumnaam Aadmi

    Why is there no Russian Flag alongside Mazepin's name in the standings at 5:59?

    • Matty T
      Matty T

      Because Russia usually dope in sport so most sports try to not show the Russian flag, if you watch the Olympics then you will notice that Russia isn't officially on the leaderboards

  • RetroCNY

    Rosberg is a natural in the commentary box. F1 would do themselves a huge favor if they tried to sign him on long-term for all the races.

    • JohnDaWhale3

      Shouldn't replace Brundle though.

  • markdeez81

    Don't like to hear cheesy ditzy Nico commentating f1. He should keep it to his blog.

  • Scott Elder
    Scott Elder

    Realistically, nothing would’ve changed had Perez got to do that last run

  • balazs909

    Ver 10-1 Per Ham 8-3 Bot Lec 8-3 Sai Nor 8-3 Ric Gas 11-0 Tsu Vet 7-4 Str Oco 5-6 Alo Gio 7-4 Rai Sch 9-2 Maz Rus 11-0 Lat

  • Nikhil Stephen
    Nikhil Stephen

    Everyone vote kimi for driver of the day tom

  • Evert de Bruin
    Evert de Bruin

    British channel. Bahhhh