Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! 😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking their England squads for Euro 2020 and clashed over several selections during a fascinating discussion.
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  • Chase_View_Racing VR
    Chase_View_Racing VR

    Gary done so well in Spain and JC is a proven coach. I hope Southgate is watching this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    The new team is Pope, Justin, Mings, Godfrey, Aarons, Rice, Bellingham, Maddison, Grealish, DCL, Barnes Honourable mentions: Eze, Phillips, Ings, Coady and maybe Vardy comes out of retirement

  • Catrina Mcgill
    Catrina Mcgill

    Think Jamie carragher is an obnoxious prat he was disrespectful

  • Krysta Green
    Krysta Green

    @Sky Sports Football - Now do one with all the players from the big 6 who will be excluded

  • Oswaldo

    1:15 Carragher not having this bs

  • Nathan Harrison
    Nathan Harrison

    Lot of talk about versatility and bringing in players who have something different, little bit bias but Conor Goldson miles above Mings and Dier and James Tavernier was enjoying a career making season prior to injury but should at least be in the convention

  • David Lalor
    David Lalor

    ANYONE who is going to listen to a sky presenter as bad and as this plastic 3rd . sky bt bbc itv and the rest have RUINED football . For what its worth I think the time is right for the young Henderson should start . He is already better than pickford and the Burnley keeper .

  • Parksie

    This didn’t age well

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    This argument just became void

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    "I want Trent in, because..." "he's from Liverpool.." loooooooool

  • Danelius

    You win by scoring goals.

  • red

    "so terry's a fraud..." - that is some bad-faith interpretation of what neville was saying at the end there. carragher can be such a prat

  • malkayas1

    No saka the boy is on fire

  • Dragz Shagz
    Dragz Shagz

    Gary Neville - "Harry Maguire would be a bigger loss than Harry Kane". I've heard it all.

  • Murdock

    Rashford over Grealish Gary? Madness

  • SpaceForceJom

    Kane, Sancho, foden, maddison, rice, reece james, stones, maguire, shaw, henderson

  • callum 1991
    callum 1991

    Neville comes up with some right shite 😂 Put maguire in a city shirt and he wouldn’t be saying that.

  • Rhitam Bose
    Rhitam Bose

    Why just ignore Bamford....are you kiddin me...just because he plays for Leeds....

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams

    Neville nearly got Valencia relegated enough said

  • Zakaria Firin
    Zakaria Firin

    Stupid Gary ,.

  • NoodlesTBograt

    I would pick Foden or Mount ahead of Grealish

  • Hakim Ziyech
    Hakim Ziyech

    The disrespect towards Reece James.

  • Wallstreetbets

    Where's Sancho, Bellingham and Trippier, you really have bottled it, doesn't take a genius to know to pick the best players from the best clubs like Dortmund and Atletico

  • jonathan - clancy
    jonathan - clancy

    Who is here still listening to this song in 2021?

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Maguire is overated asf

  • LegendSkyZ

    No sancho, vardy or maddison? lol

  • Mark King
    Mark King

    Greenwood is starting to build a perfect striker physique

  • Stuart B
    Stuart B

    Grealish must start in the first 11 ! , when he has played for England he has been our best player. You have to play your best players. I like Gary , but here he is totally wrong. It would be interesting to see what the opinion would be if Grealish was a United , Chelsea or City player. It’s been a very long time since an English player has reminded me of the legend Paul Gascogne. Grealish reminds me of him, that’s about the best compliment I could give a player.

  • billy jones
    billy jones

    Mason greenwood wtf he’s not a finsher

  • Joseph Stanley
    Joseph Stanley

    Makes me sick how underrated rashford is

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Jamie:"are the players in the Croatian team even that good for us to say they'll be dominating the ball against us?" Modric, Kovacic, Orsic: "Hold our beers"

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    "I want Trent in, because..." "he's from Liverpool.." loooooooool

  • Quazzi

    Front 3 needs to be Rashford Kane Sancho. Dunno why Sterling is apparently nailed on.

  • Marc Duggins
    Marc Duggins

    Bellingham has to go for me. Future England captain. The boy is immense.

  • adad

    Why are they discussing about England why not France or Germany or Portugal ?? Most of us don't even support England.

  • A S
    A S

    Omg he so basked to united players. He annoying as fuk. Maguire is the worst defender we have!!!

  • Samuel

    Rashford can play instead of kane no problem

  • Jetin Dhinjal
    Jetin Dhinjal

    No Luke Ayling? His stats are remarkable.

  • James Hornby
    James Hornby

    Good job these dickheads don't get chance to pick!!

  • JJ Yoda
    JJ Yoda

    Smith Rowe needs to play for England! That boy is a workhorse!!

  • Titan - Brawl Stars
    Titan - Brawl Stars

    To be honest, I didn’t come for the squads. I came for the arguments

  • Aleister

    If England are struggling with CBs play a 3-5-2 with Maguire stones walker in the back use taa as a right winger sancho on the left rice & Henderson as holding midfielders Grealish kane foden for the last 3 spots on the front they can switch places during the game or you can use rashford as a 9 with kane mount can play n10 well too there are good options out there

  • Carl Charles
    Carl Charles

    A batting order for each position the richness in depth . Wow

  • Ga Wa
    Ga Wa

    " How are w going to win this tournament as England?", says Neville. You're not.

  • ItsCooks

    Gary Neville knows twice as much as the other dude with the squeeky voice and its making me so happy

  • Yaro._s


  • Yaro._s

    Carragher is such a part like actually

  • John Hitchen
    John Hitchen

    No mention of Saka apart from Foden has been one of the best English youngsters in premier league in last two years sorry but u can’t put greenwood ahead of Saka

  • ac17 140
    ac17 140

    No team will ever win the PL with harry mcguire CB.

  • Eamon Mac
    Eamon Mac

    Carragher is the classic scouse. Know's nothing about the game.

  • Erik Alsgaard
    Erik Alsgaard

    The fact that Neville chose Kalvin Phillips over Jordan Henderson is laughable hahahahahah


    luke shaw best wing back

  • Yung Slack
    Yung Slack

    Gary is such a crap manager man so negatively focused.

  • Freddie Garnham
    Freddie Garnham

    Gary is a legend

  • The Trapped Chatterbox
    The Trapped Chatterbox

    Gary playing the "I won't raise my voice" game. Keeping control. 🤣

  • Salman Hilal
    Salman Hilal

    How about James Maddison

  • Last Viking
    Last Viking

    Englands team on paper always feels like FIFa career mode on easy.. How are you guys not winning? 😅

  • Michael Suns
    Michael Suns

    if we get another young player thats young and has a good 20 odd games they then will say they will have to be selected fgs england are not gonna go anywhere lol

  • B.Alexander Johnstone
    B.Alexander Johnstone

    When did Carra get so obnoxious?

  • David

    Carragher has a great recollection of games and systems of football and yet is one of the most deluded pundits ever. Crazy.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    so these "pundits", think gareth southgate is actually a good manager 😂

  • arthur garvey
    arthur garvey

    Reece James > trippier and TAA

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    I love the look Gary gives to Jamie when he says “I know what it’s like, I played in a team that won trophies for a long time” and made a mug of him... hava

  • Joel Trenchard
    Joel Trenchard

    Gary “whereby” Neville

  • jack murnin
    jack murnin

    Foden should be one of the first names on the team sheet

  • Mo Bali
    Mo Bali

    Bruh BELLINGHAM should be in that team and starting

  • james barry
    james barry

    Why are they calling it euro 2020??

  • PolicyPolitics


  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I saw this overweight monstrosity again at the strand bootle he was galloping over the road in my direction - I ran off. I bet he’s up to something

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I changed the whole face of the game with women.s football playing before the men’s ...a rest of the world side a league representative squad evey ting. I was the best player in evey single position. Now do you really want a powerful 21 year old rocking up not 15,16 but 21 to your club. Say something ...say nothing if krs sorry if Ksi can do it why couldn’t I. You have to respond.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    This games had been completed ffs. Completely absolutely completed. Get over it a load of balderdash really. Gone on well to long. X

  • Aditya Pimple
    Aditya Pimple

    No wonder Neville failed so dismally as a manager!

  • A D
    A D

    Jamie had already decided for violence going in

  • The Hobatron
    The Hobatron

    Interesting that Gary chose Rashford over Grealish because of England having less of the ball against Croatia. That's exactly why I WOULD have Grealish; his ability to receive the ball in his own half and drag the team upfield, either riding challenges or winning fouls, I think that's a crucial element of his game that makes his extremely valuable in matches where England will have less possession.

  • The Hobatron
    The Hobatron

    Lost it already at 1:24, priceless!

  • Harry Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Harry Yeah Yeah Yeah

    How can neither pick pope

  • David Aziaya
    David Aziaya

    Really picked Dier and Greenwood over Sancho and Reece, just shows how oblivious these guys are to football outside of the prem

  • Tompah

    My England Squad: 1. Nick Pope 2. Kyle Walker 3. Luke Shaw 4. John Stones 5. Harry Maguire 6. Declan Rice 7. Mason Mount 8. Jordan Henderson 9. Harry Kane 10. Jack Grealish 11. Raheem Sterling 12. Conor Coady 13. Dean Henderson 14. Kalvin Phillips 15. Tyrone Mings 16. Phil Foden 17. Jadon Sancho 18. Marcus Rashford 19. Dominic Calvert-Lewin 20. Jude Bellingham 21. Ben Chilwell 22. Trent Alexander-Arnold 23. Jordan Pickford

  • Martie

    Where is SAKA

  • Shadab Ahmed
    Shadab Ahmed

    Carragher , simply awesome

  • Jay Dixon
    Jay Dixon

    The fact that we are relying on Maguire speaks volumes. Last 16 ko. Cheers

  • Nabil Rashid
    Nabil Rashid

    Carragher is not going in my team

  • Rob Stearns
    Rob Stearns

    Gary Neville is full of crap. That’s why he was a crap manager. Hasn’t got a clue.

  • Layla

    Saka over Chillwell better and more versatile. TAA has been in poor form. Lots of Right back options may be ahead of him

  • Layla

    Greenwood? 🤣 Manchester bias from Gary

  • Layla

    This is why they’re pundits and not managers. But yeah wealth of attacking options defensively poor

  • Jack Martin
    Jack Martin

    You have to take saka. He’s so versatile

  • Augusto Fernando Jr
    Augusto Fernando Jr

    I love Carregher man ahahaha this guy is so right England can’t be going into games thinking that they won’t have all the ball

  • Shashwat Jain
    Shashwat Jain

    Looks like Carragher forgotten that Croatia does have Modric,rakitic,kovacic,brozovic that's quite a strong midfield

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi


  • Vitish Seechurn
    Vitish Seechurn

    nobody picks Sancho???

  • Daniel Hackett
    Daniel Hackett

    Its got to be said that the host of this show is fantastic... asks great questions and rebutts the points made with piercing yet non confrontational questions

  • Francesco Bisley
    Francesco Bisley

    31:08 Jamie forgetting that Croatia made it to the most recent World Cup final and have world class talent throughout their squad? Christ

  • White Rose
    White Rose

    Why do you England fans have this obsession with not being as good as the other big sides. Surely your squad is the 3rd possibly the 2nd best at the tournament??

  • FBI-ANDY-90

    Id have to take Bellingham, Sancho and Greenwood, we dont have a player like bellingham so that is a must for me, sancho has always been good for england and greenwood is a natural finisher. Id play 4 1 2 3 and control the games show our dominance but i doubt we will.. Henderson Walker stones maguire shaw Phillips Foden mount Sterling rashford Kane

  • Drogba2212

    The Premier League bias is unreal. Greenwood and Grealish over Sancho is just ridiculous.

  • Piet Velkens
    Piet Velkens

    Wearing a suit doesnt make you less of a chavy, Jamie.

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    I love the look Gary gives to Jamie when he says “I know what it’s like, I played in a team that won trophies for a long time” and made a mug of him... hava

  • Levi Cohen
    Levi Cohen

    Didn’t man utd literally try to sign sancho to play above Greenwood? Lol.