Drake ft. Future and Young Thug - Way 2 Sexy (Official Video)
'Certified Lover Boy' out now: Drake.lnk.to/clbVD

Connect with Drake:

Director: Dave Meyers
Director Rep: Jamie Rabineau
Production Company: Freenjoy
Exec Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer & Brian Bell
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Production Designer: Keith Raywood
Choreographer: HiHat
Editor: Nathan Rodgers @ Cabin Edit
Color: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Company3
VFX: Les Umberger @ Mod Creations
Sound Mix: Tom Paolantonio @ Lime Studios
Animation Studio: Blinkink
Animation Directors/Designers: Stevie Gee & Essy May
Animation Producer: Gareth Owen
Animation Executive Producer: Josef Byrne

  • Crixus

    "OK, alright, OK, that's fine" BARS!

  • M J
    M J


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    LC [Diogo Gomes]

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  • كوردج  الجبان😰
    كوردج الجبان😰


  • its ya boy _ tf reee mab tf
    its ya boy _ tf reee mab tf

    He kinda stole this off another song

  • Hmoda Abd
    Hmoda Abd


  • Hmoda Abd
    Hmoda Abd


  • Takeshi Kitano
    Takeshi Kitano

    this is awful

  • J. Aaron Thomas [Army of the word of God Jesus]
    J. Aaron Thomas [Army of the word of God Jesus]

    The owl is hyroglipics for Egyptian m molech bitch bye

  • not ry
    not ry

    this shit damn near unlistenable

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan

    I just noticed the intro says "Repeat viewing may lead to a pregnancy" 😂😭

  • Jan Oblak
    Jan Oblak

    Kawhi Leonard 🤣🤣🤣

  • SpookyScaryMinPlaysYT

    wet. 😆

  • More Money
    More Money

    Best video out isdowns.info/lift/zKLdqKOVmYmJor8/v-deo

  • Kkivi V
    Kkivi V


  • Trigger Happie X Rio Da Yung Og
    Trigger Happie X Rio Da Yung Og


  • Djilas Antonio
    Djilas Antonio


  • Mauretha Teresya
    Mauretha Teresya

    Yeah i'm here because of Manu🙃

  • You’re*

    Lmao I hate this song so much. But this video is GENIUS.


    Drake just buried Kanye. XD

    • Arctic

      you’re wrong but ight.

  • Dhananjaya Adhikari
    Dhananjaya Adhikari

    isdowns.info/lift/0GnEjbGpiIWBmpo/v-deo ❤️

  • lia

    1:25 He's definitely referencing Michael Jackson but please i can't stop laughing at his version

  • Ilyas Garip
    Ilyas Garip

    Drake Is losing his vibes it hasn't worked last 2 albums

  • larry camargo
    larry camargo

    Really Kawhi Leonard as one of the future silent hall of famers only behind tim Duncan and steve nash your in going to do this wow bro really

  • Thegoldenrule26

    Drake is really trolling everyone with this album lol

  • Wargreymon Andi
    Wargreymon Andi

    In the history Drake was much better. It's borng bring one dance back.

  • C Money Drives
    C Money Drives

    Drake and Future killed this they should’ve just cut yt part out

  • A1D3N CART3R
    A1D3N CART3R

    Here’s my question why did you send people to kill xxxtentacion you’re are gonna die soon because of that it’s obvious that you did it because x was actually becoming more famous than you

  • Rodrick Perkins_CPA
    Rodrick Perkins_CPA

    Welcome back Drake.

  • kool lin
    kool lin

    Drake with the AT4.. R.l.P Danial Marriweath..Took out a sniper that had us pinned down!! Airborne

  • pubg videos
    pubg videos

    Drakes not even trying at this point he’s just chilling with it

  • Imsid

    'Wet by Drake'

  • Veronica Giuliano
    Veronica Giuliano

    Ayo drake looked way 2 sexy with that long hair 😍

  • hares

    from legend he become a meme

  • Momula101

    Directed by the legendary Dave Meyers

  • Momula101

    I hated this song now I like it lol

  • TheEmmy86

    Young thung did some nasty shit for this...those other 2 have been on rotation for years.

  • STF gang ent
    STF gang ent

    So nobody gone talk about young thug tho😳👀.

  • MsTraydale

    Lol the more I watch this, the funnier Young Thugs verse gets 😂😂😂

  • shanware2

    Y’all too young to know he took this from several 80s movies 😂

  • ItsWill21

    How the hell did Kawhi even make it in this video 😂😂😂

  • Luiz Raimundo Lima Coimbra Neto
    Luiz Raimundo Lima Coimbra Neto

    Jequiti com inveja do merchan no clipe.. hahah

  • PapichuloAntrax

    A classic song 🎶

  • StealthyJuiceman

    This is gold 🤣

  • Joey Oso
    Joey Oso

    this is my fkn jaaaaam LETS GOOOO! way 2 sexy BIIIIH

  • Debbie George
    Debbie George

    This reminds me of Right Said Fred.

  • Damion Ketchmark
    Damion Ketchmark


  • Babylove Jaydin
    Babylove Jaydin

    Some tony Montana

  • Sami Brady
    Sami Brady

    Too sexy for metro housing. Haha

  • Marcus Quintal
    Marcus Quintal

    This hurts my brain

  • Blacx Adam
    Blacx Adam

    this is not a good song.

  • Jonathan Suchit
    Jonathan Suchit

    Drake look like he pull out them guns from farcry 5 not Rambo

  • Krystal Kent
    Krystal Kent


  • Greenheart

    😂😂😂😂 yoh this lit

  • xoxoladyred8924

    Why the frick is he pregnant lol

  • Mikyung Kim
    Mikyung Kim

    whats that wet thing thats really wap

  • հᎥgհ I'm
    հᎥgհ I'm

    Dj khake


    bruh this is garbage lol

  • Teedo Gonzalez
    Teedo Gonzalez

    Drake shooting like Rambo at 1:44 isdowns.info/cold/OLAK5uy_lYHfo_eDrlC3vk5BUlyS20DNkp-ASutuU.html

  • Kush Ablazin
    Kush Ablazin

    I sometimes wonder how drake is famous but then i remember i'm canadian and algorithms keep shit local.

  • lil driguez
    lil driguez

    Kawhi 🐐

  • N

    why he lookin like a male serena williams

  • Sophia Taveras
    Sophia Taveras

    definitely not drake worthy

  • Sharukh Chouhan
    Sharukh Chouhan

    me video pura dekhunga

  • Hulk 14
    Hulk 14

    Has anyone listened to thuggers ad-Libs 🔥🤣

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown


  • vidit

    This is the men version of WAP ‼️

  • Dave Anthony
    Dave Anthony

    Best visual this year fr so far.. With gunna 9outta10



  • Dave Anthony
    Dave Anthony

    This visual ain't joking

  • Dave Anthony
    Dave Anthony


  • Ben Youngblood
    Ben Youngblood

    I ain't gonna front... I've never been a Drake fan lol. But damn, he knows how to make music

  • Madeline

    why is he cosplaying as dj khaled

  • Taufik Hidayat
    Taufik Hidayat

    Kawhi😂😂 so funny

  • Love Dealer
    Love Dealer

    69 dancing too this

  • Roblox Horus
    Roblox Horus

    First time - this is a bit shit Second time - ok this is good Third - goddamn this is addicting

  • Ted Davis
    Ted Davis

    Consider this: These young, gifted, rich ass black men have gotten SO rich that all the reasons why they wanted to get rich don't matter anymore. 👀👀👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The cars, clothes, destinations, WOMEN, homes, e.t.c are not what's about anymore. All the trappings of wealth are...... not what's its about. Ultimately, it's about self-worth, self-love, fulfillment, contentment, the confidence inherent in KNOWING yourself and feeling free you be that (things that accompany success 😁😁😁). Ultimately, it's getting to the place in life where YOU feel sexy, whatever come what may. It's about feeling sexy YOURSELF. Do you have that? 😀 #drake #future #yungthug #toosexy #rapmusic #rap #iloverapmusic

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A

    He be looking like dj kahled on the Beach 🤣🤣

  • Sakib M.
    Sakib M.


  • David Montalvo
    David Montalvo

    U already no anything drake putting out is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shenetres Miles
    Shenetres Miles

    It’s a lot going on in this video lol

  • PFit BFit
    PFit BFit

    This shit trash 🤣

  • mega man
    mega man

    This is literal just trash

  • Foodlover1999

    Right said Fred re-recorded the song with their altered vocals for this.

  • AmKay Productions
    AmKay Productions

    This songs is a copy of - rishtedar bhenchod

  • Dxdiawm gamer
    Dxdiawm gamer

    🤣🤣🤣🤣by drake 😂😂

  • HBK ent
    HBK ent

    This needs to be said Thugger was not needed on this song

  • RLeeDeadpool

    1:54 thats when future comes in the music video

  • Chris Howerton
    Chris Howerton

    Drake should have gone all comedy on this!

  • Dre Streetz
    Dre Streetz

    Drake was like Dababy ain't to be having all the fun in his videos.... hold my ghostwriter 🤣 isdowns.info/lift/0JDKrYZzhXuhr5o/v-deo

  • Maya Amoroso
    Maya Amoroso

    Mr Mick and Raoul vibes 😔

  • Vicky Steamboat
    Vicky Steamboat

    her : what are you watching? me : oh nothing, just Drake doing lightskin sh*t

  • Tenshi Gomesu
    Tenshi Gomesu

    A preexisting song drakeified. I can dig it

  • 1-to-Adore

    I wish Wayne was on this that would be so dope!

  • Marie Medeiros
    Marie Medeiros


  • Carlos Rubio
    Carlos Rubio

    Young thug got me dead 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • Covaabe

    3:57 Young Thug lookin like a Sears model

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali

    Damn how can anyone accept this trash as hip hop.. please give me some Kool G Rap