Michael Jackson Vs Freddie Mercury Acapella studio vocals
After the video of Freddie vs Mj vs Elvis blew up reaching over 4K views I decided to make a video of just these two because there seemed to b a war in the comments of who was better. I specifically chose just the raw vocals in the studio sessions of a few select songs because I feel it accurately represents their vocal abilities.

I might even make a Vs video based on their live performance skills as well just cause I love pitting these two against each other to see what people say about them. Anyways Enjoy.

  • Aj Inc.
    Aj Inc.

    isdowns.info/lift/q4aahnt3fmppi68/v-deo Latest video Aayliah and Beyonce, this one is intense👀

    • Craig B Lemon
      Craig B Lemon

      This is hard. Who would I rather see in Concert? 🤔 . It has to be Freddie and Queen.

    • Stan Horvath
      Stan Horvath

      @Monica Prometti '

    • Christien Milino
      Christien Milino

      Malware much moron👎

    • H.T

      !Queen 👑💕🌟💖!

    • elian myroniak
      elian myroniak

      @Monica Prometti Ĺpppp

  • Richard Siima
    Richard Siima

    JESUS CHRIST Loves y'all

  • Ashu Bhatt
    Ashu Bhatt

    Not hating.. But Freddy Mercury was just a best vocalist... Michael Jackson was entire package! 🔥

  • JL AL Maktoum
    JL AL Maktoum

    These are King and Queen of my 🤍 and i’m obesessed with both pls dont compare them

  • Datboy Haze
    Datboy Haze

    Being an engineer I can say MJ takes this . His pitch always hits perfect. We can say his dad was too rough but honestly it gave him the close to perfect vocals

  • marcio leporini
    marcio leporini

    Freddie ,the best

  • As Mystery
    As Mystery

    MichaelJackson forever.

  • TaLjA HeartZy
    TaLjA HeartZy

    They both have Amazing voices, so Different 💪🎤 MJ: Michael's voice is Strong, has SPICE🔥, AGGRESSIVE , UNIQUE, beautiful, angelic, Versatile and an instrument itself. He can sing both mellow ( Earth Song 🌍) And Demanding ( Smooth criminal)😎 He can interpretate songs very well.💪♥️🎤🎶👑 FM: Freddie's voice is more POWERFULL!! Has a wide Range, is clear and ROCKING!! 🎸, outstanding, Nice Vibrato, belts really smooth, and Amazing!!! I mean he sang OPERA!!♥️🎤🎉🎶 Both R Amazing 💪 but MJ is🤯🤯🤯

  • Michał Bursiewicz
    Michał Bursiewicz

    Michael nie umywa się przy głosie Freddiego

  • Андрей Инкогнито
    Андрей Инкогнито

    Хм... я всецело фанат Джексона, но всегда думал, что у Фредди навыки пения чуть-чуть лучше. А по факту у Фредди больше только мощи в подаче, а по технике Майкл просто на порядок круче. Хмм... А ещё. Джексон, имхо, лучше держит ритм. Даже вдохи у него укладываются в ритмику. Хотя в любом случае оба неповторимые легенды.

  • aaron.


  • king

    Freddie forever

  • king

    Freddie much better Michael is overrated

  • DnlGvn Perez
    DnlGvn Perez

    My opinion 70%mj 30%fm

  • Cartola React
    Cartola React

    Really excelent the two voices

  • Rintluanga synyster
    Rintluanga synyster

    Freddie mercury won

  • Cynthis Manning
    Cynthis Manning

    So I'm pretty sure this isn't a contest. Freddie Mercury studied opera if I'm not mistaken.

  • Grâce Akodjetin
    Grâce Akodjetin

    I love freddie mercury 😍 I'm discovering songs from him that I truly love but it's not Michael. Mike has 2 different voices an agressive one and a smooth one♥️ and a kind of breakage between. My ears can't get enough.

  • John Souza
    John Souza

    Não tem o que comparar. As duas melhores vozes da história disparado.

  • jesus estevan arevalo
    jesus estevan arevalo

    Nothing: me at 3:00 am

  • DaTrueStory

    Freddie don’t have the childhood, teen and adult catalog MJ has. MJ wins.

  • Touseef Jan
    Touseef Jan

    Always Mj

  • Αγγελική Λ
    Αγγελική Λ

    Michael for ever ❤ I love you and miss you Michael so much 💔😭 Rest in peace my angel and smile. O God I love your smile so much 😥😪😭💔✌

  • Braulio Antonio Sánchez monroyオタク
    Braulio Antonio Sánchez monroyオタク

    they both sing excellent

  • Chase Davisson
    Chase Davisson

    Couldn’t pick…but Michael’s delivery on “They Don’t Care About Us” is so powerful. You can’t help but feel it.

  • Martin Romero
    Martin Romero

    Mercury Is like Tiger... Michael is a pretty kitty cat 🐈

  • Jose Carlos Calderón Cayoja
    Jose Carlos Calderón Cayoja

    Los dos son los más mejores

  • jellibean 41 yt
    jellibean 41 yt

    this I sos hard to chose between them I love them both I think they both died soon they both had a big vocal range a controlled voice and a unique voices as well

  • johnbrown6280

    Mike....excellent, Freddie...GODLIKE.

  • sherry zumo
    sherry zumo

    MJ 100 % “All I want say is they don’t really care about “us

  • Ronin

    They actually made song together it’s name “There’s must be more to live then this” (Freddie is the song’s writer)

  • Anthony Nyambura
    Anthony Nyambura

    Not a fair comparison for mercury because few can hang with Michaels voice maybe Michael the arch angel but no earthling can hang with mike

  • francoise augusta
    francoise augusta

    Deux stars à égalité malgré leurs différences musicales

  • Elucid

    Mj 100%

  • fun-shun with G. Singh
    fun-shun with G. Singh

    So glad to see that majority of people here respecting these two legends instead of arguing This comment section is one of a kind And a proof to the greatness of these two legends here 🙌🙌

  • Gillian Mc Andrew
    Gillian Mc Andrew

    you are comparing two different and distinct voices . you cannot separate the two, im sorry i am a fan of the two of them

  • Sascha Bobzin
    Sascha Bobzin

    2 good singer, but Freddie is the Queen. Rip Michael & Freddie 🕯🕯

  • Angelina Rodríguez
    Angelina Rodríguez

    casi lloro con Somebody To Love 😭☝️ que hermoso


    Michael Jackson always is the winner he is the king 👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️❤️👑❤️🏆🏆


    Michael Jackson is the king of pop

  • Teresa Steele
    Teresa Steele

    I love them both, they captivated their audiences 100%. They were the two entertainers who I regretted never seeing live. Thank God for their musical legacy.

  • Venita Sheppard
    Venita Sheppard

    Two different types of voices. They're both vocal genius. I love them both.❤👏👏👍👍

  • Carl Huyts
    Carl Huyts

    it makes no sence, they both have great voices. Why compare? enjoy them both as they are their own. There is no need to compare🤩

  • manda89L

    Can't really say one is better than the other. 2 amazing voices with different styles. Both are missed and loved ❤

  • piki blaidem
    piki blaidem

    michael obvio mn

  • Den

    How I wish I could have watched Queen live ☹️ Freddie was a phenomenal vocalist and total performer. John, Roger, and Brian are amazing.

  • Kenia Perez
    Kenia Perez

    Fredie boooooooool

  • Kenia Perez
    Kenia Perez

    Michael Jackson

  • Ana Anke
    Ana Anke

    Freddy 😮🥰

  • Alagad ni Vividplays
    Alagad ni Vividplays

    Freddie Mercury is the One for me

    • Alagad ni Vividplays
      Alagad ni Vividplays

      Because Half Rock and Half Smooth

  • Alagad ni Vividplays
    Alagad ni Vividplays


  • Vladka Mic
    Vladka Mic

    Freddie !

  • Ailini Alofa
    Ailini Alofa

    I would pick Freddie's voice cos he can sing any kind of music rock,pop and also opera even, and he has a voice no other singer has, Freddie's voice is stronger and clearer, but Michael's voice is beautiful too, definitely smooth and controlled well balanced but to me Freddie's voice takes the cup no offense to the Micheal J fans sorry I love Micheal but Freddie wins this one big time.

  • cddj

    Freddie plays opera. Michael no

  • Lenka Procházková
    Lenka Procházková

    Naprosto excelentní zážitek. Ze srdce děkuji.

  • Agatka Agatka
    Agatka Agatka


  • Lucia Tonei
    Lucia Tonei

    Freddie sempre!

  • Krook Da Riddler
    Krook Da Riddler

    Freddie mercury vocals are no way near MJ vocal skills

  • Everton Dias
    Everton Dias

    Em questão de potência vocal e difícil bater o Fred... considerado a voz mais potente do rock

  • theshinging

    Both Michael and Freddie are incredibly good.

  • sugar cokkie heit
    sugar cokkie heit


  • SᑕᕼIZOᑭᕼᖇᗴᑎIᗩ

    raw talent at it's finest. no autotune of some sort

  • Kawazaki sama
    Kawazaki sama

    For me Freddie better ❤

  • Odette Cutajar
    Odette Cutajar

    Gone to soon these two Legends ♥️♥️

  • zoey johnson
    zoey johnson

    you really can't compare them. their voices are to different. but if you had to, I think freddie won

  • mickey blowman
    mickey blowman

    I love MJ but I'd go gay for Freddie.

  • Fearless Fiction
    Fearless Fiction

    They could have picked better MJ songs for this competition like “Butterflies” or “She’s out of My Life”

  • ~Ana~ Alba Sánchez
    ~Ana~ Alba Sánchez

    Mj is the best

  • michaelsangel73

    no one will ever top mj

  • michaelsangel73

    dont put any of these men on level they r different ppl

  • Luiz Almeida
    Luiz Almeida

    Torque twisfer hot wheels 40 mil

  • Luiz Almeida
    Luiz Almeida

    Torque twisfer hot wheels 40 mil

  • Rio Thomas
    Rio Thomas

    our ears win.

  • Ritze Hernandez
    Ritze Hernandez


  • LynetteMagAlles

    For me Freddie is the winner. But I love Michael too

  • Matrix Creator
    Matrix Creator

    They both got their own power voice. And heart. Love them Both

  • Bssal dai
    Bssal dai

    Nice try on trying to make us fight. We are better then this. Both of them are legends. Even if they fart I will think its a masterpiece.

  • michael watson
    michael watson

    Personally I think freddie is a better singer, more powerful overall whilst MJ is also a great singer he uses a lot of ahh and ooos etc

  • theodinson

    I always feel like Somebody's Watching Me

  • Cristian Uriel Ayala Guillén
    Cristian Uriel Ayala Guillén

    Tan relajante😔

  • Thomas Bruun Kristensen
    Thomas Bruun Kristensen

    You cannot compair theese two singers ! There vokals where so different. Why even bother ??? Mis them guys. Not fair they're gone.


    Mj foreverrr

  • Joey Tha Kyd
    Joey Tha Kyd

    mj is unfuckwitable period there isnt a better singer out there!

  • Mae Sobejano
    Mae Sobejano

    Michael Jackson voice is unique,,one in the whole world,,no one can copy....

  • Tracey Sparks
    Tracey Sparks

    Both are awesome but ima have to go with MJ

  • natty0000ify

    Both are great and both are my favourite artists. Freddie and Michael were both phenomenal!!!

  • Nico Canțur
    Nico Canțur

    It's true they both have phenomenal voices, but I have to say that Freddie's voice is stronger and unique

  • Галина Владимировна
    Галина Владимировна

    Это и есть совершенство ! БРАВО ФРЕДДИ ! БРАВО МАЙКЛ !

  • Eva Ray
    Eva Ray

    Freddie Mercury performed with very powerful clear and beautiful vocals indeed!… but his is not Michael Jackson. MJ give me chills and tears. Personal preference tho💗💗

  • Mark Dale Abique
    Mark Dale Abique

    Freddie: The best vocalist of all time MJ: The best dancer

  • Sofía Cornejo
    Sofía Cornejo

    they're both so talented

  • HoldTight Adele
    HoldTight Adele

    Let's compare the best pop singer to the best classic rock singer😑


    Both voices are so easy to sing by Marcelito Pomoy from the Philippines.

  • Mr chaplin
    Mr chaplin

    Freddie forever

  • RTR Fyve
    RTR Fyve

    Legends ❗️ Love this video ❤️

  • Guadalupe Gutierrez
    Guadalupe Gutierrez

    Ambas voces eran extraordinarias en lo personal me gusta más la de Freddy pero los dos son artistas verdaderos de los que ya no hay en estos tiempos solo cantante autotune 👎

  • Carol Stephens
    Carol Stephens

    MJ 100/%

  • Ben Hauge
    Ben Hauge

    I Love them both But Michael Jackson is the winner in my opinion or call it a tie 50/50

  • Sarien Utrera
    Sarien Utrera

    Michael es el rey sus temas aún son actuales fredy ya quedó antiguo .. Michael rebasó a todos es más completo en baile voz estilo humanitario ..


    All are legends!!