H3H3 may go to ( PRISON ) for this!
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  • SunnyV2

    Hahahah why does Keemstar's "what is up drama alert nation" get more intense every single episode :') :') love ya Keem

    • MaynardzDick

      Because he's a really old

    • Bilal Ali
      Bilal Ali

      Bro I thought it was only me who noticed this lmao glad it wasn’t just me tweaking loool

    • Crowd Killwe
      Crowd Killwe


    • Herobrine_15


    • It’s AFF
      It’s AFF

      No homo

  • Iloveyourtiddies69 Balzac
    Iloveyourtiddies69 Balzac

    H3 fans are such shit

  • Dun Goofed
    Dun Goofed

    Does anyone like Ethan? How is he famous?

  • Mirko Conte
    Mirko Conte

    Imagine being a 40 year old man with kids that has "beef" with other youtubers.

  • Austin

    Clown star

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    This kemstar dude is were freedom of speach fails us... Quit get help

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    Keem your a dork. Your to old to be chasing around these kids

    • Brandon Boston
      Brandon Boston

      Keem made a shitload of money off this fight and this ISdowns channel…

  • john doe
    john doe

    jews never go to jail

  • wulmpus

    im so upset he hasent been deplatformed he was banned for life from youtube but because this account isent under his name this is aloud he kills people see you in hell mr knome

  • vvv


  • Super_Mousey

    H3H3..... explain yourself! NOWW!!

  • Ali Alshammari
    Ali Alshammari

    I thought he said we have confirmed Jake Paul’s new boxing opponent Shane Dawson lol

  • Tube You
    Tube You

    9:23 dis guy is really creepy.. what he is doing with his eye brows and eyes?? all the time?? and so intensively .. EWWWW CREEPYYY

  • John Webb
    John Webb

    Tommy Furry LMAO

  • HubbaGaming

    No h3 is not going to jail lol

  • Yuh Yuh
    Yuh Yuh

    I wonder when ISdowns is gonna delete this channel like they did with the other ones he had

  • Yuh Yuh
    Yuh Yuh

    If a drama channel is considered problematic do not trust anything they say it’s probably bullshit

  • Chaos1312

    Lmao remember the last time you went after H3 and got fuckin wrecked? 🤡

  • priscila vega
    priscila vega

    ew hell nah get a life

  • Xelina

    I only liked the video because I was the 50,000th like

  • Notpoop

    H3H3 IS GOING TO PRISON 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • Notpoop

    H3H3 is the biggest fattest hypocrite on youtube

  • Notpoop

    ice poseidon literally says the N word and makes slavery jokes. he's actually a deserving benefactor of cancel culture

  • johnnytoothbricks

    Bryce hall is just Jake Paul years ago

  • Jackson Ross
    Jackson Ross

    Who care about all these tiktok people wtf lame as hell

  • Ice Boy
    Ice Boy

    Hey keemstar you supposed the one who go to prison

  • Vera “Fallout_Babe”
    Vera “Fallout_Babe”

    Disappear. NOBODY will miss you I promise.

  • Taylor Made (taylormade324)
    Taylor Made (taylormade324)

    Worst clickbaiter ever.....so cringey

  • OsL-Ninja

    People are getting sued lol for the fight yet it was 2 minutes long lol

  • Aiden Haley
    Aiden Haley

    eh bud i appreciate the timmies

  • CadenTheScooterKid

    Ngl alright so its gonna end up like the KSI Vs Logan paul fight I always think that nobody thinks this but the fighter that talks the most shit it always the one that get Fucked up but idk but after the fight if Mcbroom wins come back and remember me

  • Andrea Str
    Andrea Str

    you’re a joke

  • SApple

    H3 means he watched it on a pirated website not rebroadcasted it

  • angel cake
    angel cake

    Jail!?!?! Pfffft...it's a civil suit ! But you know that

  • Bradyn_sun

    I hate H3H3

  • Nick Corona
    Nick Corona

    its cool Shane, YT is freaking great without cat fucking

    • Nick Corona
      Nick Corona

      For the love of god dont be "more open" can you come back "more closed" ?

  • John


  • Cantyn Henson
    Cantyn Henson

    Jesus ksi never shuts up

  • i i
    i i

    dude just watching you talk is so cringe. How did you get to where you are now without maturing a day past 12 years old? Who enjoys your presence?

  • Anthony Ibarra
    Anthony Ibarra

    Keemstar is cringe, ratting on someone who allegedly pirated a shitty boxing fight, I think he just personally dislikes Ethan from h3h3 podcast, it's literally written all over his face

  • Lester Crest
    Lester Crest

    I like how H3 just set up his whole friend and he was throwing hints on how he didn’t want anyone to know it was him😭

  • Ruthless_

    Keemstar for president

  • UNDER_tabel 123
    UNDER_tabel 123

    Why didn't u go to jail ?

  • Itzz Krypt
    Itzz Krypt

    how does this cancer cell have a platform still he's been caught saying racist shit and literally beating his girlfriend at the time

  • Cristina Cano
    Cristina Cano

    God why is he yelling? Lol 😂

  • Cleetus Beaverfield
    Cleetus Beaverfield

    Kream star abuses people. Stay away.

  • BrightyDE

    omg.. factchecked... faiiiiil man.. hahaha

  • DisPotterGirl

    Can't you and Ethan just kiss make up already? Y'all are too old for this arch nemesis shit 😂😂😂

  • L W
    L W


  • Coffee at the Beach
    Coffee at the Beach

    Who can't love 🙄 this SA apologist who does not understand SA or r**e at all apparently...makes you wonder...hrm... 🤡

  • Anthony

    It’s a miracle that this channel is still allowed on ISdowns

  • tonyg212

    Keem talks about having a kid makes you grow up but he hasn’t hahahhahahaha

  • Rudy King
    Rudy King

    This is my first video from this channel and do people really like this host? He made it tough to watch

  • Will

    damn me thinking jake was gonna fights shane dawson

  • The american badger
    The american badger


  • Alex Bear
    Alex Bear

    Why do u cut the video so early?

  • Nota

    He Also said this.

  • Jacob Sandars
    Jacob Sandars

    Dude H3 should at least have the common decency to admit that he did pirate it

  • Alexis Hankocy
    Alexis Hankocy

    You are literally the most annoying man in the world, I’m so glad I’m an h3 fan

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch

    Why don’t Keem and Ethan just get it over with and fuck? I mean the sexual tension is palpable at this point! They are OBSESSED with each other lol

  • booboygt

    Oh man this didn’t age well...

  • Erinkelly __
    Erinkelly __


  • Erinkelly __
    Erinkelly __

    You’re so weird and petty dude

  • Han

    how are you literally just lying 😂😭

  • Bank Diden
    Bank Diden

    Peepee poopoo check? I’m waiting

  • Donated bacon Unicorn
    Donated bacon Unicorn

    This channel is sad 😔 screw you keem

  • Sad Pony
    Sad Pony

    969k views lmao....a funny number

  • hehe bois (keitaro)
    hehe bois (keitaro)

    Keemstar : zoe levern is growing up Me : ok:v Also keemstar : zoe levern is pregnant Also me : here we go again

  • Adrian Czochór
    Adrian Czochór

    "Having a kid will make you grow up real quick" Clearly not you Clowstar.

  • Joseph Bella
    Joseph Bella

    I wonder if the next generation of kids will like this

  • VSS ツ Pro
    VSS ツ Pro

    Tommy Furry

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz

    it's too obvius the joy of keemstar with the ethan lawsuit lmao

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      @Sad Pony na its fair use. what do you think every commentary channel does. And the case has been dropped

    • Sad Pony
      Sad Pony

      @wessel vankan dream on kid....it's an actual crime in USA

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      nothing is gonna happen to h3

  • CBChrisbrown333

    Does any female in the world find this weirdo attractive. Imagine if he was somehow straight after all this

    • Idunnイドゥン

      Keem? He looks aight. If you're into dbag. He looks clean and have good body

  • Angela Liljestrand
    Angela Liljestrand


  • JeCat

    This is so pathetic and cringey.

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P

    Am I the only one who finds it extremely odd that a man in his 40's makes a living on talking about kids/teen/youth drama? There's 50million other he can talk about to make money...sports, cars, fishing, the stock market, golf, politics, currents events and so on but he chooses to talk about young kids. I have a 15yr old daughter and would be super uneasy of a man in his 40's was discussing what's going on between my teenage daughter & her teenage friends. It would be be different if he was discussing a serious topic that has to do with young people and educating them on certain serious issues but that's not what he's doing. He's profiting on talking about Tim tok/ISdowns drama involving teens and people that are 20+yrs younger than him. I don't know why more grown folks haven't spoken up about this especially the men but then again most grown men don't know who he is cuz what grown man is interested in what drama is happening with 16yr olds on the internet. Its very odd. Am making sense or am I over reacting???

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      im just commenting on your post for the algorithm

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards

    Ethan Klein is just jealous because keen is getting more views than his Ethans newly turned drama chammel

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      ethan get 3-4 mil views on frenemies and 1.3-2.5 mil views on his normal podcasts episodes. h3 also upload more and keem cant even get 1 mil views even when he talks about h3

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      h3 gets 10 times more views

  • Melissa McGuire
    Melissa McGuire

    Ksi laughing at Logan well it’s seems like logan is doing a lot more with his career and life than ksi

  • Hadley Priest
    Hadley Priest

    Oh...so THIS is what an incel looks like

  • Melissa McGuire
    Melissa McGuire

    Bryce and Austin just looking for attention that’s all they’re good for


    Imagine being this old not knowing anything about anything💀💀😂

  • Aj Trepiccione
    Aj Trepiccione

    Funny that keem has a folder titled after that dude who took his own life also funny how this man snitched to triller also funny how this man gaslighted another far use lawsuit on a dude who already won one previously

  • G*59DXVID

    I don’t even fw ISdowns why am I here

  • William Dennis
    William Dennis

    H3H3 lives rent free in your pea sized brain. LOL

  • Alysdaxei

    Triller's lawsuit's been dismissed yet again after they refiled (today, 5/13). Damn, you're dumb.

  • Over Omega
    Over Omega

    Omg it is true ISdowns sometimes unsubscribed

  • zappa2001

    I really dislike H3H3 nowadays. Honestly, I hope they go broke.

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan


  • Barbz Life & Thingz
    Barbz Life & Thingz

    Keemstar is 🗑🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • Super Kevv
    Super Kevv

    Connor Murphy also called out h3h3

  • Brian

    I hope Ethan does he's woke asf and annoying

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      he isnt

  • Tom Bailey
    Tom Bailey

    Bro. Tommy Furry? 😂

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee

    I love how much he wants to be Ethan 🤣

  • Blacha Elf
    Blacha Elf


  • Elizabeth Lozano
    Elizabeth Lozano

    I think people should give Zoey a chance and let her grow up.

  • Ash

    Dude has a folder on a guy who was driven to suicide 😳

  • realgtunes

    Keemstar just fucked h3h3 over 😂😂

  • Daily driveway
    Daily driveway

    Keemstar hasn’t liked my comments since he had 1 mill subs.....👇🏼

  • Daily driveway
    Daily driveway

    Relax ksi u won by 1 point, they deducted 2pts for a wack ass hit, so If they didn’t deduct, Logan would’ve won by 1 point, but take your win, sit there and hate from your screen.

  • Olav3D Tutorials
    Olav3D Tutorials

    Imagine being a multi-millionaire and still pirate 😂

    • wessel vankan
      wessel vankan

      hes not a pirate its fair use

  • haley !!!!!!!!!!
    haley !!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone goes to jail hopefully it’s you for killing your friend oof