10 Ways to Prank your Friends! [Minecraft]
These Minecraft Pranks are so Funny! Prank your Friend in Minecraft in 10 super Funny Ways and cool Pranks. Laugh with or because of them! SUBSCRIBE!


One Prank in this Video is from Grian's 50 Ways to Mess with your Friends. Grian Video inspired me to do these 10 Pranks in Minecraft!
Check out Grian here: www.youtube.com/user/Xelqua

Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. All kind of Farms, Tricks and many more cool things! In this video I will use Redstone. I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! It is Sommer so time for Minecraft: 15+ Sommer Build Hacks!
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Minecraft: 10+ Simple Redstone Builds!
This Video is the same style like the Minecraft: 10+ Military Builds Hacks and also the Among Us and Fortnite video I am planning to upload!

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  • Talha Aftab Bajwa
    Talha Aftab Bajwa


  • 2kool4skool 74
    2kool4skool 74

    Oh shit! oh fuck! I have been pranked!!!

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    Sejal Shinde

    Please join our server

  • Hidden Room
    Hidden Room

    One bucket of lava in real life 6:09 One bucket of lava in minecraft: 6:39

  • Arissa Muzaffar
    Arissa Muzaffar

    I made u a free bouncy carpet 😭😂

  • - ItsMythical -
    - ItsMythical -


  • samiuddin tabrez
    samiuddin tabrez

    Did anyone notice how his friend built a simple wooden house after he is on creative.

  • Emily Wang
    Emily Wang

    i like when he say the redstone is simple

  • Katxiia_Robløx

    The lava was hilarious!

  • JustA NoobLol
    JustA NoobLol

    Those 6k people who disliked are probably people who often get trolled

  • Danisl Katta
    Danisl Katta

    I like gravity rank

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  • sandria

    ini toumk 😂 ouikeou Roblox

  • Stefanie Pacheco
    Stefanie Pacheco

    A scare prank would be you having a Steve skin and making the eyes white that way you will look like Herobrine next-up find diamonds and make a diamond sword after that tell your friends to log on in your world and then they will be so scared and even change your name to Herobrine or else they will not believe that you are the actual Herobrine if you don't make your name Herobrine then they are not going to think that you are the real Herobrine they are going to think that you are actually just trying to scare them anyways that was one scare prank that I told you about that you can do on a video or if everybody else needs this comment they will know so yeah enjoy making another video about this scare prank

  • Thiago Daniel Pintos
    Thiago Daniel Pintos

    1:23 dufenshmirt

    • Thiago Daniel Pintos
      Thiago Daniel Pintos

      Awts gege naman nyan bossing

  • Isaac and Elliot Minecraft Bedwars
    Isaac and Elliot Minecraft Bedwars

    10:04 so noone's going to talk about how he can break the cobwebs with his sword???

  • Isaac and Elliot Minecraft Bedwars
    Isaac and Elliot Minecraft Bedwars

    7:35 "seems full of ghosts" Me: dude it says you died by a pufferfish. buddy you're stupid.

  • ErikTheCoolestGamerYoutuber

    😱😢😭Not the lava!!!😭😢😱

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  • octavio suarez
    octavio suarez


  • octavio suarez
    octavio suarez



    Nobody me:Trying my best to pop like the intro

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    pranitha test



    I really want to do it but it requires Fiends and that’s the part where I can’t do it

  • Not AlifGamingYT
    Not AlifGamingYT

    Stop spooke me with. The herobrine jumpscare dude

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  • Jamellah Lantoy
    Jamellah Lantoy

    i like to try this prank and feel the vilagers house with water if the villager build hes house

  • Inco2life

    The chicken one isn’t that bad at least your friend has an infinite food source 😂

  • Ночное небо
    Ночное небо

    i can even outsmart these pranks. 1: i will destroy the redstone and the tnt 2: i will check every tree and destroy the hopper+dispenser+comparator and kill all chickens (also create a void for the chickens to die in) 3: i will get rid of the water and burn the sand (and kill the fish) 4: i will burn the trees 5: i will destroy the pressure plate because i know it's a trap

    • Ночное небо
      Ночное небо

      6: i will go up the scaffolding, replace the lava with a block, break it, then destroy all of it immediately 7: remove the carpet, kill the pufferfish, then put back the cobblestone and the carpet 8: i will check under the house, then put wolf back in the doghouse 9: i will break the cobblestone and get rid of the prank 10: i don't have herobrine fear because I play in creative mode

  • i love pizza
    i love pizza

    My idea for the first on put redstone to his house and put tnt at the bottom muahahahaha

  • Nenita Pardillo
    Nenita Pardillo

    I hate you

  • StudyTime with HIGhani
    StudyTime with HIGhani

    Last one was OP!

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    Your content is very nice, I like it.

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy

    I like the good morning one how he fall 😂😂😂 nice trap i will also try it on my friends

  • シ Itz_Meh シ
    シ Itz_Meh シ

    (My Friend When I Prank Him) My Friend: I'M GONNA EXPLODE YOUR HOUSE 💢ಠ_ಠ💣

  • ・Chanelle_Yt・

    3:57 at least its aesthetic

  • Raosaheb Kokane
    Raosaheb Kokane

    The tree one is good👍 But my friend will not get mad and thank me instead Because of the abundance of wood I placed😒🤭🤭

  • Butterfly_gamer

    Thanks for helping me I can prank my bad friend 😄

  • Lolo


  • Brayden Lyu
    Brayden Lyu

    He got most of the ideas from Grian

  • Martin Gamboa
    Martin Gamboa

    Rename the pufferfish to Herobrine

  • Aneta Okon
    Aneta Okon

    Mah friend is mad when her house blew up with tnt😂

  • Cruz Mcinnis
    Cruz Mcinnis

    I like that he is in creative mode and he says my items are safe. Lol

  • Never Gonna oof you Down
    Never Gonna oof you Down


  • Liawasfour

    Me watching a minecraft video then get a minecraft ad while watching this video be like: I’ve been blessed :>

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    Veerpal Kaur

    yes that’s okay for you guys too much and I’ll see you soon bye

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    nice and GOOD

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    Op 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Kristy Johnston

    The valuable samurai phytogeographically curve because creator relatively bounce plus a naughty fight. ignorant, sticky scooter

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    sridhar jayram


  • Dusttrustsans123

    6:29 water bucket: are you sure about that?

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown

    [3:57] Doesn't it help your friend gather wood?

  • hu cunwei
    hu cunwei

    if I hear the sound of tnt I escape into the first trap

  • AA Fiesta
    AA Fiesta

    no name it fire roll dragon 123

  • Deadly King
    Deadly King

    i'm not your friend anymore. 😉

  • New Hi
    New Hi

    last one is the shortest and quick spook them with herobrine skin and name in creative

  • New Hi
    New Hi

    3:42 its not a prank it if it will happen with me it is so beautiful such jungle trees around my house see that i will only change gravel path and little bit background because i like decorating -______-

  • jyotsna chandrasekaran
    jyotsna chandrasekaran

    i wo'n't be sad or angry if i have trees around me not a lot just few like you did it was so asthetic and cute

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang

    the team trees is actually a pretty nice touch to his base

  • Ee Zhen Ang
    Ee Zhen Ang

    what is the name of the game

  • Angela Olive
    Angela Olive

    About the 4th idea, i think thats aesthetic-

  • Steve Hsu
    Steve Hsu

    This is the best video EVER!!!!!!!

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    Gannon Clark

    Wow that last one was so cool

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    Enrique Price


  • Makaela Burgess
    Makaela Burgess

    i like the trees

  • Gregory Sharp
    Gregory Sharp

    Life hack: reuse the chickens and make more eggs come out to make even more chickens to make more eggs to make more chickens. Boom. Also put top slabs so they cant survive the fall with water

    • Gregory Sharp
      Gregory Sharp

      This has been life hacks from greg

  • Nobody SUS!
    Nobody SUS!

    The 4th tree one is still good it looks nice with that many trees And it won't take forever they can just use a flint and steel

    • Afr Mav
      Afr Mav


  • Ellie Abel
    Ellie Abel

    Stop showing me fairly odd pairints because I'm NOT WATCHING IT.

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    aadityamunnangi 5570

    8:13 walk all they way lol.

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    Gaberiel Celis

    10 Chance

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    Gaberiel Celis


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    Tshering Chodon

    My sister will keep the trees like that cuz my sister likes trees😀😀😃

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    Tshering Chodon

    If I prank my sister she will hear the tnt and run away

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  • Just_ME!

    You copied

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    tuyet nguyen thi anh

    heavy 🤣

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    Rohith Manoj

    I tested the fish tank and the gone freaking that the destroyed their house

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    Trexvp PAV

    I'm thinking how will my friend react to this.

  • RM Pro 23
    RM Pro 23

    1.12 that’s not a FEW leafs !

  • miyahl

    Fun fact: Hes pretending To Have A friend By himself

  • Shaira Jean Perez
    Shaira Jean Perez

    The tree prank one is not that bad and the aquarium too

  • Autumn Tube
    Autumn Tube

    BBlocks has 10 ways to prank BBlocks Friends in Minecraft!

  • umi liya
    umi liya

    0:47 it would be perfect if the anvil in his hit to mess our friend

  • Bhavin Gohil
    Bhavin Gohil

    7:43 that dog house is definitely built by bblocks as he built this in his 25+ pet house ideas video. By the way i also built this dog house for my BFF so thnx for the idea. (Love from your subscriber ❤️)

  • Daan luchtmeijer
    Daan luchtmeijer

    "never friend me, worst mistake of your life"

  • Del Mundo Kristoffe
    Del Mundo Kristoffe

    I going to do it but i realized i don't have friends

  • Aathan Benedict Abarintos
    Aathan Benedict Abarintos

    Plot twist : You should name the pufferfish "Herobrine"

    • StudyTime with HIGhani
      StudyTime with HIGhani


    • siddhi shetye
      siddhi shetye

      The best time to do this will be when ur friend is ready to beat the ender dragon

    • siddhi shetye
      siddhi shetye

      Yes if he saw that he was killed by puffer fish then he can remove it

    • Random Whatz?
      Random Whatz?


  • VRVage

    In prank 4 actually the trees look pretty good

  • Bluer The Gamer Wolf
    Bluer The Gamer Wolf

    You didn't even scare me lol

  • Chocolate_ Rabbit
    Chocolate_ Rabbit

    Did any of you guys notice when he dig to 25 block down he dig stone with a shovel!

  • KyleWuzHere

    7:44 it reminds me of when Dan pranked his friend in the Shady Oaks SMP XD

  • Radu Donciu
    Radu Donciu

    alternate title: how to lose friends

  • Night_Lantern

    I Loved The Part Where We Saw Heinz Doofenshmirtz. 1:25

  • Pushpa Kumawat
    Pushpa Kumawat

    5:37 best prank

  • Ashish Samal
    Ashish Samal

    Alternate Title: 10 ways to lose your Friends

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