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    • Anthony Digironimo
      Anthony Digironimo

      I can't find that Grimoire Notebook anywhere on Shark Robot, eBay, Amazon or anywhere online?

    • Skyler Smith
      Skyler Smith

      Hey vivziepop I was just wondering if you were going to do like a pin board or a Hazbin hotel or hellua boss box you could put all your pins in or maybe something like it

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    • Beelzebub's Son
      Beelzebub's Son

      When is Hazbin Hotel coming back?!!!!!😭 I need it back, I must know what happens next, we can't lose it!!!😢😭😭😭

    • Loran Ink Abyss Sans Kimery Sceloton
      Loran Ink Abyss Sans Kimery Sceloton

      Please Make A Episode 2 Of Hazbin Hotel Please

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  • locklin gaming124
    locklin gaming124

    LOL I got onto this video from my vireo history plus I liked the video so lollll

  • Spiritual Meditations
    Spiritual Meditations

    Hahaha.. nice game !

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    ThreadyChimp 556

    Most entertaining ad I've ever seen

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    an egg ball

    *cries in poor*

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    hello there

    I'll take your entire stock

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    Sir Lamb Chops

    Blitzo pin: :O

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    Reiko Burton

    0:18 *YA THINK!?!?!?!?!?*

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    Silas Aguilar

    I'm ordering the merch right now

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    Fernando Ceron gallardo

    Hola no hablo ingles 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • SwirlyOrange

    But... What about Hazbin Hotel? What's the news on that? You've been keeping us in the dark for quite a while, I'd like to have some answers please?

    • Collecting Cash
      Collecting Cash

      @SwirlyOrange Nope. It's not bullshit. That's how TV show production works, and that's what happened to Hazbin Hotel. It got picked up to become a legit TV series.

    • SwirlyOrange

      @Collecting Cash that's bullshit.... it might be 2 years till we see more about it...

    • Collecting Cash
      Collecting Cash

      They’re legally forbidden from giving updates unless the studio that picked up Hazbin Hotel gives them permission. It’s called an NDA. Non-Disclose Agreement.

  • Cassedy Krumsee
    Cassedy Krumsee

    You guys should start writing for commercials 😂😂😂 this is gold

  • Vortex Volcanix
    Vortex Volcanix

    In the last episode that could kill royal blood. What happens when you die in hell

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    God why do I like Vinnie all of the sudden. That man can take all of my damn helluva boss merchandise if he wanted to.

  • Lady noir
    Lady noir

    When is gonna start episode 6

  • FBI

    hey bitch when episode 6 coming out am waiting here! W H E N I S I T G O I N G TO C O M E O U T

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      i beg make more

  • LuxyDan O
    LuxyDan O

    Hazbin hotel series?!?

  • ConcreteHades

    Y'all should make velcro patches.




    Haha.. nice game

  • Beth Perry
    Beth Perry

    Ahhh I want so much stuff but with the taxes and the postage from the US its too much for me to afford >< Hopefully they make more cute pins in the future when I hopefully have more money

  • 11th century Crusader
    11th century Crusader

    That 3d shot of Stryker looked fuckin 🔥

  • Arcul dinex animation
    Arcul dinex animation

    When hazbin hotel gonna get an episode

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It only got greenlit less than a year ago, you gotta be patient about these things. Shows with this level of detailed animation don’t get finished in a year

    • MouriceCheeks

      Ikr. Mega sad

  • The great (XxanightmarebeginsxX)
    The great (XxanightmarebeginsxX)

    When the hell are we going to get an episode 1 for hazbin hotel

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      When it’s ready, animated TV shows take a long time to produce and it only got greenlit less than a year ago. You have to be patient, quality over speed

  • Amy Xyz
    Amy Xyz


  • AjoloteAzul

    I can't buy one, I'm Mexican and it's very expensive for my country :(

  • Dravyn757 The Ice Dragon
    Dravyn757 The Ice Dragon

    If I would have known a day earlier I would have bought some merch but it's to late rip

  • Tomás Leguiza
    Tomás Leguiza

    Is it only me or is youtube neither notifying their vids, and not showing this when you search it on the search bar :(

  • Mik Moen
    Mik Moen

    I'm starting to really get into the Lore of this thing, the interest is astounding, mostly because of the character designs and what they're doing. The plane of Hell isn't dissimilar to Earth, the Imps have their own lives and society, not to mention the Demons all feel emotions like happiness and affection right along with their propensity for violence.

  • Yona_royalty

    Any one else wondering when their gonna make a second episode of Hazbin hotel

    • Minerva

      Read the comments, last year the show was picked up by a studio and they're continuing the show. You can probably find more info about it by googling it.

  • planetzog

    i beg make more

  • Breyden Morency
    Breyden Morency

    if its true that alastor makes deals with humans can you make an episode where they meet him

  • CleverGamer

    I thought you were never gonna post in month or two 💀

  • Gamer Day
    Gamer Day

    when the mouse mat is again in market call me

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    NightWolf Tv

    Can we get smoke trays

  • Anna Sawicka
    Anna Sawicka

    I need episode6

  • Nixian

    I want all of it

    • ExcuterElectro

      Episode 6 of Helluva boss was released, a trailer anyways isdowns.info/lift/0a6qcZJ0i4N6jJ4/v-deo

  • Russian duckling 0w0
    Russian duckling 0w0

    I did the math and they made around 13,000 dollars from the last episode, there still probably going to need more money to make better episodes though.

    • Russian duckling 0w0
      Russian duckling 0w0

      @Collecting Cash it’s $10 for every 1000 views

    • Collecting Cash
      Collecting Cash

      How did you reach that number?

    • ExcuterElectro

      Episode 6 of Helluva boss was released, a trailer anyways isdowns.info/lift/0a6qcZJ0i4N6jJ4/v-deo

    • ExcuterElectro

      Episode 6 of Helluva boss was released, a trailer anyways isdowns.info/lift/0a6qcZJ0i4N6jJ4/v-deo

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    brains and check Google next time.

  • Eliana Fullbright
    Eliana Fullbright

    We lowkey need info about hazbin hotel season 1 episode 1 like I'm dying to know

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      @Eliana Fullbright it does, but it’s a necessary part of getting studio backing. At least Hazbin will have more funding and resources because of it

    • Eliana Fullbright
      Eliana Fullbright

      @Boopy Schmoops that lowkey sucks

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      Unfortunately non disclosure agreements prevent them from talking about it until the production company is ready to release information

  • The Magic Goldfish
    The Magic Goldfish

    Why does this guy kinda sound like schlatt


    dónde está el episodio 1 de hazbin hotel

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Kids get your mom’s credit cards ready

  • Malou Alma
    Malou Alma

    But when do you make a hazbin hotel e2?

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It was picked up less than a year ago it’ll probably take a while before the episodes are ready to release

  • Larisa-Maria Dodu
    Larisa-Maria Dodu

    you now i like this make ep 6 pls

  • Gacha neko Ani
    Gacha neko Ani

    Hazvin hotel please

  • Тимофей Ерёменков
    Тимофей Ерёменков

    I will definitely order something on the topic of zoophobia and just a fan of your masterpieces, I hope the package can be delivered to Russia

  • Silent Hunter
    Silent Hunter

    Y in Italian voice?

  • Vicente Barrientos
    Vicente Barrientos

    All ways take a month but this time how much it's gone a take you publicate the video my great vivziepop?

    • Vicente Barrientos
      Vicente Barrientos

      @Boopy Schmoops thank you mister

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      Probably 2 months

  • Dan Dusome
    Dan Dusome

    Hey vivziepop. Whatever happened to the old hazbin hotel. Do you still plan on continuing the series at some point? Have a great one!

    • Magdalena Handzic
      Magdalena Handzic

      She announced last year on her twitter that Hazbin was greenlit by the A24 company to make a whole series.

  • iambakuhatsu

    did the grimoires sell out? they're not on the site

  • Germán Lobosolitatio
    Germán Lobosolitatio

    Hazbin hotel I love characters

  • The Miscellaneous Mind Of Daniel McEntee
    The Miscellaneous Mind Of Daniel McEntee

    Gravity Falls with two seasons took five years to reach its conclustion take your fucking time and make some qulity shit!!!

  • Derp

    Imagine that in a year hazbin hotel episode 2 comes out and every body hates it imagine the collective sigh of the fans

  • Tatiana Ballen
    Tatiana Ballen

    at first, I thought a neer adult 18 year old was making this animation

  • Mike Turik
    Mike Turik

    Question will helluva boss and hazbin hotel ever get a crossover?

    • Mike Turik
      Mike Turik

      @Boopy Schmoops ok

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      Since one is being produced by A24 and the other is produced independently, crossovers might be a bit hard to organise. In one of the podcasts Viv said there wasn’t going to be much cross over between the series besides background details and references

  • Chee-HuaHua

    Kids get your mom’s credit cards ready

  • epicdragon creations
    epicdragon creations

    Hey you should look up look up clip studio paint for animation and blender 2.9 with 2D animation as well or effects

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    Audrey Williams


  • Jennifer Bolyard
    Jennifer Bolyard

    Please do a colab with eddsworld

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    Nuclear Nugget

    husk? is that u?

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    Anime TEA


  • Rainbow Paw
    Rainbow Paw

    I would buy something if I could. :(

  • Joshua Carvalho
    Joshua Carvalho

    So whens hazbin hotel episode 2 coming out?

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It only got greenlit less than a year ago it’ll probably be a while before we hear news

  • VR4vsR1 “VR4vsR1”
    VR4vsR1 “VR4vsR1”

    Where playmats ;-;

  • Miandi Lee
    Miandi Lee

    Can't wait for episode 6🤩😍

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    Diego ivan

    Bro en vez de andar sacando cosas pónganse a hacer la del hazbin hotel no manchen

  • Clumsy Fool cosplays
    Clumsy Fool cosplays

    i want stolas’ book but they’re sold out atleast i got a blitzo pin

  • 🐚Rasazy🐚

    :) can’t wait

  • DIO!

    Where is hazbin hotel ep 2!!?!?!?

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It only got greenlit less than a year ago it’ll probably be a while before we hear news

  • LazyFox


  • vitani

    I love this series

  • RIP Harambe
    RIP Harambe

    I like Helluva boss but another Hazbin hotel episode would be nice.

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      In case you didn’t know Hazbin Hotel got picked up to be a full TV show, it won’t be released on ISdowns as each episode is finished like Helluva Boss is because it’s not an independent production.

  • Jolly the ghost
    Jolly the ghost

    I can’t find the book

  • Casual milk lover
    Casual milk lover

    Ordered a helluva boss hat, it said expect it to arrive with 4-8 weeks, I then got an email today saying that it's gonna be here in 2 days

  • GAT3K33P3R

    Well shit I guess I'll go buy a M82A1 sniper rifle. "For hunting reasons of course"

  • Requiem

    Where is hazbin hotel

    • Requiem

      @Boopy Schmoops ahhhhhh damn. Thank you

    • Requiem

      @Boopy Schmoops ahhhhhh damn. Thank you

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      @Requiem it’ll take a long time to produce, it only got greenlit less than a year ago so we’ll probably have to wait at least another year or two depending on how long the series is and how detailed the animation is. I don’t think it’ll be aired on TV, rather it’ll probably be put on a streaming service like Netflix.

    • Requiem

      @Boopy Schmoops so delay for it to be aired?

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It got greenlit to be a full TV show

  • RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz
    RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz

    You need to make more Harbin hotel episodes

    • RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz
      RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz

      @Boopy Schmoops ...... angel dust for life

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      They are, it got greenlit back in august

  • The Jingo
    The Jingo

    So do you ever planning on making Hazbin or ya just gonna do Boss thing?

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      @The Jingo no problem :)

    • The Jingo
      The Jingo

      @Boopy Schmoops ah I see thanks for the info man

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      Hazbin hotel got greenlit to be a TV show back in august. Helluva boss is a second show made independently by a different team to keep us entertained while Hazbin is in production

  • Guilherme Gouvea
    Guilherme Gouvea


    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      Hazbin got greenlit back in august, you can just Google it if you wanted to know

  • Bogdan Sitarica
    Bogdan Sitarica

    Man you got almost 100M views only of helluva boss didnt youtube pay anything Edit: actualy if you ad the pilot you have made 133 Milion views

  • P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸
    P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸

    My birthday is the deadline

  • I Dont Exsist K
    I Dont Exsist K

    I am quite curious to know if we'll ever see the two shows intertwined with characters since they're both based off in the same hellish universe. Also because Striker mentioned overlords who were introduced by Vaggie in the pilot, or katie killjoy's billboard advertisment in the Helluva Pilot it's pretty cool to me 😂👌❤

  • Kacper Laszewski
    Kacper Laszewski

    Zoophobia:...what about me?

  • [Prosto Arbus]
    [Prosto Arbus]

    Блин, мерч супперский😍

  • for the love of DOG
    for the love of DOG

    When all the grimoires are sold Vivziepop: all according to plan...

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    percy posts

    i have bought 3 shirts 1 hoodie all the pins and 1 puzzle and i love them

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  • drayton YT
    drayton YT

    We need hazbin hotel 2!!!!

  • Kennedy Brown
    Kennedy Brown

    Miss/Mrs vizziepop uhm I just went on google and looked up hazbin hotel and found a new character named Ember and she kind of looks like niffty so is ember a real character???????

  • Relatingpine874 Youtube
    Relatingpine874 Youtube

    It makes me happy knowing that they had not forgot about hazbin hotel

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      It’ll take time to make but when it comes out it’ll be awesome!

  • Draconic Lord
    Draconic Lord

    By far the best add I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing

  • Wierdly Creative
    Wierdly Creative

    > Respect to the crew making this show. Full respect 🔥 P.S : To those about to comment "Where's Hazbin Hotel ep 2?" It got green lit and is currently in production. Use your brains and check Google next time.

  • Richard Crockett
    Richard Crockett

    When are you gonna make a another Has bin hotel

    • Collecting Cash
      Collecting Cash

      Hazbin Hotel got picked up to be a TV series in August of last year. They’re currently working on it.

  • MachiNyan

    lmao my birthday is on the 26th, curse?

  • CrabControl

    Love it. I'm eagerly waiting for my stuff to ship.

  • Fliqpy lol
    Fliqpy lol

    Where is the first episode of Hazbin Hotel? I can't find it and nobodys telling me.

    • Fliqpy lol
      Fliqpy lol

      @Boopy Schmoops Oh, Thanks!

    • Boopy Schmoops
      Boopy Schmoops

      They’re probably referring to the pilot, there haven’t been any episodes released yet.

  • TheTheaterKid HaHa
    TheTheaterKid HaHa

    We need a new episode of hazbin hotel lmao-

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    Little Blue Star Ruby

    I just need to keep telling myself i need this stuff till i can no longer refund for the money....