Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USA
Which country is SUPERIOR?! We need to get an answer to this!

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Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USA

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  • RoomieOfficial

    Correction: Bee Gees are Australian. My researcher fubbed it, he will be spending life in prison. Thanks for watching gang!

    • mickemusik1970

      Not True

    • Robin Vidén
      Robin Vidén

      The Gibbs were basically Manx born Mancs. They just changed their band name during the few years they lived in Australia in the 60’s. 😄

    • Stefan Persson
      Stefan Persson

      You are so wrong bro you are Cheeting for The Americans movie there! 👎

    • liam underwood
      liam underwood

      They're British, they moved to Australia which is where they started the band. But the people in the band itself are British

    • Yuhhuh

      . . . .

  • Candid Postcard
    Candid Postcard

    I dk but I feel billie has got only one song in his videos or therefore I am. She's got many

  • lajinus

    i love abba for i am from sweden se här hej jag heter lajinus

  • krister karlehem
    krister karlehem

    The jury was bougth by the us (smal) us music industrie....

  • ok

    Hey how are you?

  • Metaldweeb

    Zara larsson.. What a voice🙌

  • Aziz El Gahly
    Aziz El Gahly


  • lywo

    not me hearing gimme gimme gimme and instantly realizing i recognize it from a bo burnham song HAHAHAH (a tik tok remix not his actual song lol)


    My gosh Zara Larsson is so prewwy

  • SparkyFolf

    Some of these songs should be switched out immediately.. there are much better songs out there. Also, we can drink the tap water here in Sweden, it tastes better than the bottled water at the stores!

  • 8j15_

    8:38 "oj" älskar videon XD

  • Patrik Josefsson
    Patrik Josefsson

    It was just deciedd, by the USA, Max Martin (a Swede) took the first place, ever.

  • eriks vonrosen
    eriks vonrosen

    Sweden is a hell of a country, volvo, ikea, H&M, Spotify, Skype, the GPS, abba, avicii, swedish house mafia, Ericsson, Skanska, Scania, SAAB, AstraZenica (part swedish), OATLY, Husqvarna, NA-KD, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, i can go on and on.. and yeah we had the first ''countrybank'' RIKSBANKEN est-1668. Only 10m people, beat that world ;)

  • Judith N
    Judith N

    Those Britney songs aren't from the 90s, I'm a Slave for U came out on 2001 and Piece of Me on 2007.

  • Judith N
    Judith N

    Hey! My flag just appeared when you put Messi on screen. It was on his Captain band: 💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛 (my flag) Best regards from Barcelona!

  • Elias Kotka
    Elias Kotka

    Hur mår ni

  • Elias Kotka
    Elias Kotka

    Hej hej

  • 1⃣ 1⃣
    1⃣ 1⃣

    could u try danish next

  • red panda the purple slime
    red panda the purple slime

    I'm pretty sure that damn isn't an actually swear word that would be a problem

  • Luko Dukez gaming, skating, swimming
    Luko Dukez gaming, skating, swimming

    I’m Swedish !

  • Rassberry Berry
    Rassberry Berry

    Where my Swedish squad at?

  • Damian FLWN
    Damian FLWN

    unfair comparison, mostly because the time ranges of those songs is literally soo different. soo many innovations came from 2014 to now for e.g Serum and soo many other plugins and tricks that weren't available back then. and ALSO MOST IMPORTANTLY the DAW UPDATES also help it

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:4 Right:5 US won beacause of Billy?WTF

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Taylor swift I knew you troble(Europe) U need 2 calm down(USA) Win:obv eu

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:4 Right:4

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Zara larsson Lush life(Sweden) (Fangirl voice)oMg BiLlY asdasdfgh Therefore i am(USA) Win:Zara obv

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:3 Right:3

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    One direction Makings you beautigul(Europe) Panic at disco I write not sins tragedy(USA) One direction(Europe)

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:3 Right:2(Yass)

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:3(you can see them on Fan TV macedonia) Right:1

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Britney(my fav singer) Piece of me(Europe) Im a slave 4u(USA) Winner:Piece of me(Europe)

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:2 Right:1

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Abba Gimme,gimme(Europe) Bee gees Stayin alive(USA) Winner:Abba(Europe)

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:1 Right:1

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Bacjstreet boys I want it that way(Europe) Nsync I promise you(USA) Winner:BSB(Europe)

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Wrong:1(I'm European) Right:0

  • Kiril Velinov
    Kiril Velinov

    Ariana Grande Into you(Europe) Tank u next(USA) Winner:Into you(Europe)

  • Christian Jangholt
    Christian Jangholt

    Did you say oj?

  • Fredrik Svensson
    Fredrik Svensson

    A nation with 10 million people vs a nation with 300 million + people

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Albin Vettergren
    Albin Vettergren

    Im sweden

  • Gaming Grabbarna
    Gaming Grabbarna

    De svenska sångerna var så klart bäst

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Ed Sheeran

  • b

    I dont know if this has been said, but the guitarist and original main writer of Panic! at the Disco songs (Ryan Ross) was very heavy handed with lyrics and poetry, and the songs would form around them. If you listen to the whole first album you can kind of hear that.

  • untitled

    The simple answer: America because if Roomie chose his own country, he would be disowned and lose his Swedish citizenship for breaking the customs by not acting according to the law of Jante vs Americans LOVE and I mean LOVE to be the center of attention. If Sweden is the quiet nerdy genius, America is the loud spoiled crazy younger sibling

  • RiverPlays


  • Heve

    when a Swedish makes their music, lyrics, production becomes a masterpiece how can other Swedish musician so underrated? I must say Sweden is home of musicians no wonder why most of U.S popsongs were written by Max Martin/Swedish Musician 😷

  • Daniel Lindholm
    Daniel Lindholm

    Fun fact: I got to use ABBA's mixing console back in 1999-2000. It was Stickan Anderssons original. Recognized it immediately in the video.

  • The_kawaii_avocado Beyh
    The_kawaii_avocado Beyh

    Am im the only swedish person here?

  • Benjamin Jutman
    Benjamin Jutman

    Fun fact: 11:23 thats true

  • Benjamin Jutman
    Benjamin Jutman

    Jag bor i Sverige men amerika har bättre musik på något sätt.

  • RiverPlays

    Zara larrson the probably most known Swedish singer

  • ?

    sweden go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • axel liliedahl
    axel liliedahl

    To be an anoying music theory geek, it's not a db, it's a c# in umbrella.



  • K. Håkan Lundmark
    K. Håkan Lundmark

    Just the top of the huge swedish iceberg, thanks to swedish public music schools. That's only one small reason why we pay taxes.

  • Claes Lindblad
    Claes Lindblad

    I can be your sombodeeeee

  • Karen Eggenschwiler
    Karen Eggenschwiler

    I LOVE One Direction :) The best :)

  • Karen Eggenschwiler
    Karen Eggenschwiler

    Love it...I want it that way :)

  • deem ,
    deem ,

    into you sush a bad and overrated song

  • broadwaybound2015

    So funny what makes you beautiful and I knew you were trouble are two of the most annoying songs. I could not stand them growing up.

  • claudia petrini-poli
    claudia petrini-poli

    do you not like talor swift you took some hard shots at her

  • Thelma Nilsson 7B
    Thelma Nilsson 7B

    Why does he say the Swedish names in *American* accent? Like Björn not Bjorn lol

  • Thelma Nilsson 7B
    Thelma Nilsson 7B

    *He only said US win because he's Swedish*

  • kathleen schoultz
    kathleen schoultz

    why are we in sweden so in to music? like everyone can play guatarr but learn it by them self

  • King Wacky
    King Wacky

    Sweden seeing as the best Swedish songs are WAY WAY WAY better than the best in America. Many American singers hire Swedish producers. Sweden is way better it is no competition.

  • IV Leaf Clover
    IV Leaf Clover

    When Swedish Music is talked about, what comes on my mind first is Avicii

    • Valjeta Hoxha
      Valjeta Hoxha

      Miss him 🥺

  • dave h
    dave h

    STOP TALKING in the music

  • Box Nine - Racing Workshop
    Box Nine - Racing Workshop

    So, how many of the Swedish producers is old Cheiron studio dudes, or part of the Cheiron legacy? Compared to what I guess is many independent US producers 😂 Denniz pop, really made the world of pop better, decades after his death…

  • chub_fondue

    Where Avicii?

  • MiintChiip

    Ariana v. Ariana hmmm ARIANA WINS!!

  • Lucas Marchetti
    Lucas Marchetti

    Abba is so damn good man

  • Stéphanie Van Tielen
    Stéphanie Van Tielen

    Since when are the brothers Gibb Americans? Born in the UK, moved to Australia and went back to the UK! And since Staying alive was written by the brothers Gibb, so no much American writing here! And by the way no one beats ABBA!!!

  • Edvin Palmqvist
    Edvin Palmqvist

    Sweden winning

  • Robert Janus
    Robert Janus

    You CAN'T give a point to thank u, next OVER INTO YOU. Man... what's going on in ur head? Not good. 😣

  • Jakub Chumchál
    Jakub Chumchál

    The fact that 1D a boy band shot a music video in the same location as Blink 182 shot theirs in which they mock boy bands like 20 years before that is brilliant. I mea they had to do it on purpose right?


    I just want to ask how you can live in America When your from Sweden, Jag är svensk 🇸🇪

  • Emma Friling
    Emma Friling


  • Votle

    Lush life is incredibly similar to Major Lazor x MØ with Lean On

  • Votle

    JS16 x Stella Mwangi - In The Spot Swedes x Norwegians will conquer the world.

  • Berdine Guinness
    Berdine Guinness

    Why did the Bee Gees wear ladies slacks....

  • Emelie Karlsson
    Emelie Karlsson

    You swedish??

  • Jetta x
    Jetta x

    ‘Gimme a man after midnight’ is about a bootie call, bro! 😂🤣

  • Rodrigo C
    Rodrigo C

    Am I the only one noticing how Into You is the first Song in both his videos USA vs EU and USA vs Sweden but it represents opposite sides on each video?

  • Hannah Müller
    Hannah Müller

    i love that justin timberlake looks like this mr tumnus from narnia in his younger days😂 greeting from germany:)

  • jimmy akshat tv
    jimmy akshat tv

    Taylor swift would have won that she is incredible good song writer

  • Kylee Stoker
    Kylee Stoker


  • Katelyn


  • TankyG

    You should compare SWEDEN TO NORWAY, søta bror er ikke den beste desverrre.

  • Gaming With Paribes
    Gaming With Paribes

    Just found out that Zara Larsson was in this video because she's having a Roblox concert. Roomieofficial new video about it???

  • Sharen Read
    Sharen Read

    It’s been said that every time she breaks up with someone or somebody gets mad she uses that as a reason to song write out a situation. Being interrupted by Kanye West at the Grammys. Or Shake It Off was a lawsuit. She said “Forget about it”. The original wasn’t well known. She even gets bugged about it. Sharen

  • Sharen Read
    Sharen Read

    The Beegees were from Australian and moved to England. They use to be on talent shows in the 1960’s. Their first American is The Lights Went Ourt In Massachusetts. They sung for years. Sharen

  • younesse eloauli
    younesse eloauli

    you are not fair in this video swedish better than american production

  • Daphne Mollington
    Daphne Mollington

    Nope im Proud to be Swedish!😁 and I sub because of this video😅🇸🇪

  • thatgirl_tab

    Anyone else think Sweden should have won?

  • Silberpfeil

    Why do you censor:"I'm not your Friend, or anything ***(else)"?

  • Freia

    Vänta va, visste inte att du va svensk

  • demi liddle
    demi liddle

    Im from sweden.

  • Line