ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB

  • Gary Fifield
    Gary Fifield

    abba don't give up we need you back as the sung don't go from friend time make a story abba film

  • Philip Mervin
    Philip Mervin

    As Good As New...

  • Watchflex Watchflex
    Watchflex Watchflex

    Still trending at 24 on ISdowns and still getting great views.Still number one on the vinyl singles charts too. If you want either this or Don't Shut Me Down to go back up the main charts,all you have to do is get Spotify,Apple Music or iTunes and play the songs over and over.Spotify is free. That is how the charts work these days for singles.It worked in Sweden and Germany,so it can in UK.

  • Haya Hoogi
    Haya Hoogi


  • Rene Kaiser
    Rene Kaiser

    So schön Frida's Stimme wieder mit ABBA zu hören

  • Freddie Schmidt
    Freddie Schmidt

    I got goose bumps,welcome back

  • Abubakarr Asif Amara
    Abubakarr Asif Amara

    Do you still have faith in me?

  • Avi Cohen
    Avi Cohen

    Thank you for the music, the songs ABBA singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty What would life be ? With ❤ from Israel 🇮🇱 bless you ABBA 🙏

  • juliusgio

    Era meglio di no. Banalità con voci da vecchie; una tristezza assoluta!

  • Link D
    Link D

    beautiful voice. I love you.

  • George Danson
    George Danson

    The more I listen, the more I realise, how lucky I am, to be living in ABBA's time. This song is a masterpiece, as each of them are. Love you ABBA, from Melbourne Australia.

  • Ak20-Gamerzz

  • Наталья Натальина
    Наталья Натальина

    Опасалась возвращения, думала все испортят - светлые воспоминания... Нет! Гениально! Плачу и это слезы радости.

  • Zuzana Jarouskova
    Zuzana Jarouskova


    • Amira Berger
      Amira Berger

      Uzasna si ti!!!Oni su SUPER

  • IZ0MTT

    If the return of ABBA is just a dream ... Don't wake me up !!! Fantastic!

  • Nigel Gregory
    Nigel Gregory

    Two beautiful women, they might have grown older, but so have I, in my fifties these women are stunning and beautiful, Thankyou for giving me back my youth, fond memories, ❤❤❤❤🇬🇧🇬🇧😘😘


    the same for this song, come on abba fans! I know there are plenty, they deserve much more plus a statue!

  • Jela icheben
    Jela icheben

    I was 4 years old when ABBA won in Brighton and wrote music history, since then everything that happened in my life was accompanied by an ABBA song, after almost 40 years I’m blessed to hear and see musical history happening again!!! Iconic, mighty but most of all emotional, thank you for the music you four wonderful blessed people!

  • Johannes Uhl
    Johannes Uhl

    Like they stopped singing just yesterday... Unbelievable and magic - Love you since I am a child, which is a long longe time ago :-)

  • Q's Talk
    Q's Talk


  • Mama Nyster
    Mama Nyster

    Hope my Dad hears this from up there. We love you ABBA, we were sad when you broke up. Dad, this is for you. Love you.

  • Klamiadora

    Because of you I muss make schule

  • Mihaela Hacman
    Mihaela Hacman

    Nothing but true MUSIC !

  • German Domínguez
    German Domínguez

    Como porque estoy llorando 😫

  • Венера Веласкес
    Венера Веласкес

    Как мы соскучились по Вам, и подобной гениальной музыке души, после того что творится на эстраде. Ээто бальзам на наши души

  • Musical Newbie
    Musical Newbie

    This song speaks the heart out of a million fans of ABBA around the world, "I still have faith in you!"❤️ Thank you ABBA for this amazing comeback!!!

  • Александр Акулин
    Александр Акулин

    Это параллельная вселенная на миг озарила наши уныловатые горизонты!💋♥💝👍😇🙏❗💖💖💖

  • Tomislav renfrew
    Tomislav renfrew

    this is why, in 500 years, long after we're all gone, nobody will remember, nobody will know any groups, solo artists, other than a handful. That handful will include Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, ABBA. Legends keep growing in their status. And now they're showing us they're still there. Bravo Legends! ABBA is now eternal. Until humanity disappears from earth, ABBA will be known, listened to, discussed

  • Johanna Friedt
    Johanna Friedt


  • Sue Ledohow
    Sue Ledohow

    Beautiful ❤️💕💖❣️

  • A demon called Lars
    A demon called Lars


  • re-rider

    The Legends are back, they are the G.O.A.T. 's

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    ABBA .. thank you 🙏 tack tack🙏 谢谢🙏 gratias tibi🙏 Kiitos🙏 bedankt 🙏 Merci 🙏 Danke schön🙏 Salamat 🙏 ขอบคุณ🙏 നന്ദി 🙏 감사 해요 🙏 grazie🙏 ありがとうございました🙏 תודה 🙏 धन्यवाद🙏. go raibh maith agat 🙏 mahalo iā 'oe 🙏

  • Micke S
    Micke S

    Kanon Bra! Tack! Men, Benny varifrån får Du all kraft? Ainbusk.... Första gången jag såg Ainbusk, var jag beordrad att som gymnasieelev få sitta på första parkett i Säves aula och se dem uppträda ;-) I nutid, eller har det hunnit bli dåtid? Noterade Jossan i periferin, typ Willys. Jag trodde hon var en 67:a, men hon var en 69:a, och jag där emellan! Tragiskt... Allan och Jossan i himlen... Jag köpte min första kassett på Tempo i Farsta, markplan, till vänster, efter entrén från torget :-) Första hälften 197? Då var jag typ 5 - 6 år... En perfekt låt, I Still Have Faith In You, som skulle ha kunnat täcka upp mina brister som fotograf... ;-) MEN JAG ÄR SVENSK, DEMOKRAT OCH RESPEKTERAR UPPHOVSRÄTTSINNEHAVARNA!

  • Alex Souza
    Alex Souza

    My grandparents listened to Abba My parents listened to Abba I listen Abba My children will listen to Abba

  • Alex Souza
    Alex Souza

    Meus avós ouviam Abba Meus paus ouviam Abba Eu ouço Abba Meus filhos ouvirão Abba

  • Yong Sun Kim
    Yong Sun Kim

    Buti pa ABBA may faith sakin

  • Дастан Айып
    Дастан Айып

    Я жалею, что больше такого никогда не будет!? Моя молодость, прошла в ту пору когда АВВА, БОНИ М, они блистали по всему миру!! И мы по ночам не спали, что бы сорок минут по телеканалу в 2 часа ночи посмотреть зарубежную эстраду! Нам советские времена коммунисты даже современную эстраду не показывали по телевизору! А, во всех городах, по углам стояли цистерны и бочки, где продовали море вонючей пиво, и водку! Вот такая была у нас жизнь! А кто то еще у русских ностальгируют Союз?!? Будь он проклят вместе с Россией!

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius

    Very good! Perfect!

  • Ben Anthony
    Ben Anthony

    Too little too late. It's not the same I'm afraid.

    • Ben Anthony
      Ben Anthony

      @Skyler Borg This song is extremely average lol. Why you so salty? Calm down champion!

    • Tajtandoori

      Too late is when you're dead

    • Skyler Borg
      Skyler Borg

      Same loser response as before...Grow a should be afraid...very

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    Timeless. Undiluted joy.

  • Dewey Smith
    Dewey Smith

    Thank you for the music, AGAIN!!!!!!!


    Muito obrigado por mais essa música linda... um verdadeiro presente de Deus para todos nós nesse período tão difícil...

  • Brannan Lowery
    Brannan Lowery

    I was introduced to them back in the 80's , instant LOVE!!!!!!!! I'm 49 now and still absolutely LOVE them. Still look and sound amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ABBA for the many years of greatness

  • Politeness Poppin
    Politeness Poppin

    Check out GLITTER DOGS. Good old school melodic rock. Also on Spotify. Enjoy!!

  • Stellar

    ABBA IS ABBA. Just like their name backwards, things will always stay the same. Welcome back

  • Franklin Román Arquitecto
    Franklin Román Arquitecto

    Gracias por volver, no se olvidaron que los queremos siempre, fantástico ABBA

  • Dorian s
    Dorian s

    Tears of joy. ❤

  • Pieter De Praetere • Countertenor
    Pieter De Praetere • Countertenor

    Abba you touched every string with the two songs. Pop music must be in awe because after 40 years you just said to pop music: that's how you do it!

  • Leandraxe


  • chelseacharger

    So much nostalgia invoked by this song. They were great......and they still are great.

  • Simon Anders
    Simon Anders

    F*****g amazing.

  • MrStevehwang

    Your voice is still're world's hope..

  • 80s DJ
    80s DJ

    Back again for my fix....... it gets better every time i hear it, please bring out the album NOW!!!

  • piotr_u0

    Zupełnie jakbym spotkał po latach pierwszą miłość, która mimo upływu czasu nic się nie zmieniła. Frida - always on my mind. Kocham Was :)

  • سامر موسى
    سامر موسى

    It is just an ABBA!

  • Deryk Renaln
    Deryk Renaln

    I love you ABBA!

  • Huschdeguzel85

    The best Thing in this bad and sad Time 2021...Thank you for the Music and thanks for this greatful Comeback from Germany. I am 35 years old and i was never in Holiday. But i Hope so i can see the Show in London next year...! ❤️😘

  • Matthew Griffiths
    Matthew Griffiths

    A reflective beautiful vulnerable song looking back with some sadness but hope and courage for the future. Thank you Abba. Your magic and inspiration is still there and we love this offering. I hid it when I was younger but I now stand tall and say thank you for the music. I love you. God bless you all. You have given us so much. I still have faith in YOU. Matthew

  • Alveks Atravel
    Alveks Atravel

    I look and wonder how could that ABBA have aged? Where are the plastic surgeries? Where are the cosmetologists?

  • George Kane
    George Kane

    After what we all have been through this song by the Magnificent Abba gives me more faith in all of us worldwide. Thank you ABBA for touching me once more with your music. Take care all and let’s face this together.

  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green

    Frida looks more like Davina McCall. Look at 05:04

  • Jamile Salamene
    Jamile Salamene

    Os melhores...sempre! #Brasil

    • Simple_nature Bocz
      Simple_nature Bocz

      Thank you ABBA for the music, you're my favorite band. Welcome back.

  • Sandra Yasmin Langsdorf
    Sandra Yasmin Langsdorf

    Ein schönes Lied, aber Agnetha ist kein Moment auf der Bühne mit dabei.........verarschen lasse ich mich nicht ! ! !

    • Lisa M
      Lisa M


  • Viktor Algotsson
    Viktor Algotsson

    This was the first band/artist I ever fell in love with, and that was when I listened to the More ABBA Gold CD in the car with my mom. I must have been 5 or 6 years old at the time (I'm 16 now). It's amazing how you can just fall in love with a band at such a young age, and continue to have it as your favourite of all time, even when you're older! I didn't know anything about ABBA when I first heard one of their songs, I just listened and loved it from the very first second. Nothing has ever beaten them! Infants sing to their songs long before they can talk. That's why ABBA is the greatest band of all time. Thank you for the music!

  • Annick Robinet
    Annick Robinet

    On n'attendait que ça. Abba. Tant de souvenirs. Oh merci beaucoup pour 2 chansons qui m'apportent tant de bonheur

  • René Gabelgaard Lund
    René Gabelgaard Lund

    21 mio. views in less than two weeks and more than 30.000 comments 😱 Numbers don't lie 😍👏

  • DerDrache707071

    Not just a band and an important part of my life. Welcome back.

    • Skyler Borg
      Skyler Borg

      Sooo True!!!

  • christina færch
    christina færch

    I can´t point 1 song that isn´t great with Abba. I´m from Denmark and got all their albums!! ;-p

  • Leonard Xiomi
    Leonard Xiomi

    I love ABBA ... ELEGENT MUSIC .THANK'S .....

  • Freezer

    ABBA FOREVER !!!...

  • TheTowerBridgeFox

    Sounds Like a Musical I love it!!!!this one is more synphonic

  • TomR1200R

    Ich liebe einfach ihre Musik ! Die Harmonie in der Gruppe einfach Genial !!

  • Olawale Richard
    Olawale Richard

    How come they still looking young? Are these ABBA for real?


    amazing voices

  • Tartan Pion
    Tartan Pion

    Did someone already forget this not so old masterpiece ?

  • bora ciftci
    bora ciftci

    ABBA: Ode to Joy to modern centuries

  • Capa Decit
    Capa Decit

    So many remember, ABBA are inmortals

  • nicole Nobody
    nicole Nobody

    I just love how 40 years later they still have their unique style. And you can hear it in their singing!! Its so beautiful and exciting!!

  • P K
    P K

    This is fabulous 🌈

  • Juvenal Carvalho
    Juvenal Carvalho

    ABBA tank you for the music

  • Juvenal Carvalho
    Juvenal Carvalho

    ABBA são como o vinho cada dia que passam ficam ainda melhor ❤🇧🇷

  • Pascal CAMPION
    Pascal CAMPION

    Great! Thank you so much! 🙏🌈❤️

  • Revolverlady1

    Absolut Pervers! Ich liebe ABBA seid 40 Jahren. Aber nicht so! Musik absolut genial wie immer! Video nicht! Warum zeigen sie sich nicht so wie sie sind?

  • Margit Toth
    Margit Toth


  • Василий Пупкин
    Василий Пупкин

    мы старели вместе с ними.как чертовски приятно и одновременно грустно слышать их.

  • Foxy Fox
    Foxy Fox

    Гениальная музгруппа!!!БРАВО!!!!!КАК всегда прекрасное исполнение.

  • Simona Sovar
    Simona Sovar

    Wow! It's amazing how in the midst of all the worldwide division, hate, finger pointing, listening to this song and reading these comments confirms what unites us. We DO have it in us! Thank you, Abba ❤️❤️❤️

  • Николай К
    Николай К

    Агнетта ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • MarcoCattchum

    I never have been so emotional watching a video. Thank you ABBA for all these years making music for us. I will never forget you ABBA even if you are not here with us anymore!

    • Carl Jansson
      Carl Jansson

      "not here with us anymore" ??????? 😳

    • ABBADiego

      They are very much alive!

  • ТеХ ОбзоР
    ТеХ ОбзоР

    You have to be crazy idiots to quit music for 40 years at the peak of fame😆 Now we will be shown a show of elderly senile people in diapers who, with a rotten voice, will rattle bones on stage - where have you been all these 40 years, ABBA !?

    • Carl Jansson
      Carl Jansson

      Stupid and rude comment!

  • Daniel Recker
    Daniel Recker


  • phalla long
    phalla long


  • Jörgen Svensson
    Jörgen Svensson

    Great 😀

  • Marina Marina
    Marina Marina

    ABBA -вы неподражаемы! Всех вас люблю и благодарю за ваши песни! Вы вселяете оптимизм, особенно в это непростое время. Спасибо, что вернулись!!! Анни-Фрид -красивая женщина ..восхищаюсь вашим голосом..)))

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller

    I see there are 10k idiots who disliked this, go back to sleep you clowns, ABBA will be around until eternity

    • craig lamb
      craig lamb

      I'm not an abba fan.. They must of split when I was 2 years old... But I grew up hearing their songs as my mum who died in May was a big fan... Kind of brings a tear to my eyes as I know my mum would of loved this.

    • Michael Ulfner
      Michael Ulfner

      Who's Drake ???? Have not heard any new music since 1982🤪

    • ABBADiego

      10k Drake fans, I’m thinking 😂

  • Reginaldo Santana
    Reginaldo Santana

    ABBA simplesmente único!

  • Jennifer Marcelino
    Jennifer Marcelino

    I love them so much! Can't wait for the new album!!

  • Montana GrizzFan
    Montana GrizzFan

    ABBA, thank you for coming back at this moment in time when so many people desperately need your voices, sounds, and harmony. The world is going insane, and we need your joy, breath of the soul, and sanity to give us something to look forward to.