SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)
What just happened? Watch the official teaser trailer for , exclusively in movie theaters December 17.

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For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Directed by:
Jon Watts

Written by:
Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers

Based on the MARVEL Comic Book by:
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Produced by:
Kevin Feige
Amy Pascal

​​Executive Producers:
Louis D'Esposito
Victoria Alonso
JoAnn Perritano
Rachel O’Connor
Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach

Tom Holland
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jon Favreau
Jacob Batalon
with Marisa Tomei

  • Yasintha Rupasinghe
    Yasintha Rupasinghe

    "hello Peter" this is the best speech for ever

  • Jorell Jorell
    Jorell Jorell


  • HalbesPint 26
    HalbesPint 26

    "Hello, Peter" "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye."


    God i love this Spider-Man theme

  • ViVA Official
    ViVA Official

    I swear if I see Willem Dafoe as Goblin, I'm gonna scream!!

  • Darren Khosasi 2021
    Darren Khosasi 2021

    Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts...

  • Alex Founder
    Alex Founder

    Tobey: So who’s got rent due tomorrow? Andrew and Tom: What rent? Tobey: …….

  • Dinksta

    Tobey *im gonna put some dirt in your eye* MARVEL MAKE IT hAPPEN

  • Senpay Tom
    Senpay Tom

    hello, Peter)

  • Zak is Dizzy
    Zak is Dizzy

    It’s been 3 weeks already?!

    • Orion Pax1
      Orion Pax1

      Time flies man

  • Rhythm wahane
    Rhythm wahane

    Ohh I I so happy for Tom Holland New movies ^-^

  • The M plays
    The M plays

    Story; peter didn’t shut it so now we have a movie

  • The Relaxed Yellow Commenter
    The Relaxed Yellow Commenter

    Peter: Mysterio revealed my identity and i don't know what to do. Doctor Strange to People who knew peter's identity: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eyes.

  • SuLa-i

    1:58 0.25x Is that shuma-gorath or aye of agamoto or i don't know, maybe.

  • Young Maj
    Young Maj

    Looks at a witch decoration and thinks about doctor strange.

  • Avengers fan
    Avengers fan

    Anyone watching this trailer today??

  • Alec Baxendale
    Alec Baxendale

    Does anyone else see Toby Maguire in his black spiderman suit at 2:27, bottom right of sand?


    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." Ecclesiastes 12:13‭-‬14 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: Hebrews 9:27

  • Najmus Saqib
    Najmus Saqib

    If the Green Goblin is coming then Tobey isnt coming.. bcz the universe Tobey was in he killed the Green Goblin

  • KaiTzy

    Sony and Marvel: Stop expect that Tobey will be in NWH. Me: Fine! I won't 😉

  • RandomShiz

    Just making sure, is the Tobey and Andrew we will see in this film will be the exact same ones from there movies or?

  • Leon Tyler
    Leon Tyler

    2:35 Miles Morales mum? Tom was talking about Miles but then said he didn't want to spoil it and shit up quickly so it's got me thinkin.

    • The 'Kenway'
      The 'Kenway'

      @Leon Tyler yeah man and if you've seen some more videos on this trailer's breakdown , you might have heard nearly everywhere that the theory makes much more sense , because zendaya and the lady look alike and peter could've gone somewhere and there maybe a traffic jam on that bridge and after Peter goes to check whats up and comes back saying its fine just a small accident of someone and they both hear a blast and look to their right.

    • Leon Tyler
      Leon Tyler

      @The 'Kenway' ah shit... makes more sense actually. I don't think miles Morales really needed to be squeezed into this movie as well. Maybe he still is but ye, that makes a bit more sense

    • The 'Kenway'
      The 'Kenway'

      Nah, Ig it's MJ's mom

  • BlooHoots

    *Andrew Garfield leak comes out* Kevin Feige: Hey strange when someone revealed that leak my entire life got screwed, can you make it so that he/she never did? Wong: Strange dont cast that spell, its too dangerous Steven: fine, i wont *and then he never winks*

  • Monish Sarath
    Monish Sarath

    "Be Careful What You Wish For Parker"😲

  • Diego Sananez
    Diego Sananez

    Theory: I think Doc Ock is coming back as a good guy

  • Priyanjal dutta
    Priyanjal dutta


    • Mousumi Dutta
      Mousumi Dutta


    • Mousumi Dutta
      Mousumi Dutta


    • Mousumi Dutta
      Mousumi Dutta


    • Mousumi Dutta
      Mousumi Dutta


  • Dezaray Ray
    Dezaray Ray

    Hello Peter

  • Rainnez

    Sony: Toby we need you back. Toby: Double the money.

  • The Amazing Panther
    The Amazing Panther

    i know everyone will be screaming in the theaters.

  • The Amazing Panther
    The Amazing Panther

    The trailer which we have been waiting for. But wheres Tobey? U all will get it when u fix THIS DAMN DOOR!

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      They will drop in 22 October 2021 during Eternals

  • Lolman YT
    Lolman YT


  • Lolman YT
    Lolman YT


  • Lolman YT
    Lolman YT


  • CheeseCat21

    I was here when it was 400k views

  • Josefina Maravillas
    Josefina Maravillas


  • Jagan Raj
    Jagan Raj

    View #79

  • Shubhada Sutavani
    Shubhada Sutavani

    Did anyone else see daredevil from netflix

  • Pratyush

    Here only for "hello Peter"🙂

  • GamingWithFrost

    I just watched this for the hello peta

  • PlayStation Dubster
    PlayStation Dubster

    0:01 this is definitely Tobey Maguire, discussion end court is adjourned

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty

    Damn why can't they bring back Tobey and Andrew?

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      They can't leak Everything during the Second Trailer is Out after 22 October 2021 during Eternals

  • Alexander R
    Alexander R

    Understandably Doc Oct steals the trailer… but are we just going to ignore that Green Goblin grenade…. There’s only one source and we know Disney is not hiring J.Franco.

  • Mixerup

    The 19k dislikes are from the people who were dissapointed that this trailer didn't show toby or andrew even though this trailer revealed a lot

    • Orion Pax1
      Orion Pax1

      Umm....i know that tobey and andrew are in the film and i kinda expected that they won't show em in the first teaser trailer and i have liked this trailer soooooo....stop assuming things still tho lol

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Because... Sony decide cannot leaks before the Second Trailer in 1 Month later according the 2nd Trailers, the 3 Spidermens will against Sinister 6

    • BigJSpider


  • J C
    J C

    I know what I’d ask Dr Strange to erase, the very day the whole Covid nightmare started

  • Rehroop Raspody Gaming
    Rehroop Raspody Gaming

    Everyone Here Talking about the " Hello Peter " While me still feeling sorry for the person with the suitcase at 2:43 who tripped during the Spiderman nanotech suit up scene. Not gonna lie but That was surely Hilarious.

  • Cesar Landeros
    Cesar Landeros

    Im so fucking exited!!! I've watched the Sam raimi trilogy since I was a small child and I've seen all three at least ten times each. To see these characters is like a piece of my childhood was brought to life after all these years. I can't wait to see this movie.

  • Squidward Bolatenis
    Squidward Bolatenis

    1:06 Peter : "ok, steven?" *doctor strange : "you son of a b.." Doctor strange : "that feels weird but i allow it"

  • Alborz Moghimi
    Alborz Moghimi


    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2


  • Nain Martinez
    Nain Martinez

    You may have a good incentive for me to get the vaccine but I saw Captain America The Winter Soldier and well you know who I am.

  • yk bumq
    yk bumq

    Wasn't expecting doctor octopus

  • Clawed

    The amount of memes made in this 1 video

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Give me rent

  • i eat tide pods
    i eat tide pods

    At 2:34 doesn't that woman look kinda... Familiar? Right now I'm looking for clues on these random characters in this trailer and this bothers me. I swore we've seen her before, so i have a couple of guesses 1. MJ's family member (mom) I know we haven't seen any of MJ's family members introduced yet but it's just a guess Or it could be... 2. Liz's mom from homecoming, but that's very unlikely because Adrian Toomes (Liz's dad) doesn't want them back in new york 3. Just a random woman getting warned about the about the villains. What do you think?

  • COD Retirement
    COD Retirement

    Fun fact: He only said “hey peter” because he’s seeing tom as Spider-man

  • thepsychslayer

    1:35 The entire world is going to forget about peter parker. But what about other peter parker?

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Nope, Strange instead bring Peter to Another Universe aliases Raimi Verse

  • SuperEnder22

    Why they never have King pin in any Spider-Man movie they should have Big Show play him he looks like Kingpin from the comics

    • SuperEnder22

      @Han In Action 2 if you knew any thing about the comics Kingpin is the reason The Sinister Six was created he had them join together in case Spider-Man tried ti stop them

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Kingpin Only appears in Daredevils and Hawkeye Series, I don't think Fisk will joining member of Sinister six but He's fat but literally don't have Powers..but Strong, He should have a a tool to kill spiderman that is Stick like tasm2 PS3 in boss battle

  • Multiverse Variant
    Multiverse Variant

    Fans: Wheres Tobey maguire. Tobey: Im late its the jungle out there, i had to beat an old lady with a stick .

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Sony : The trailer will drop after 22 October 2021 during Eternals , so they will Appears Spidermens against over of Sinister 6


    its going to take1 biillion years till december well feels like it

  • Sam Sharma
    Sam Sharma


  • Vitaliy Murzenko
    Vitaliy Murzenko

    Who is there in the right on 2:27 with electro? Venom? Or a spider in black suit?

  • Gawian Dennis
    Gawian Dennis

    The three spiderman will be nice

  • Leelen Manandhar
    Leelen Manandhar

    Its Fanmade

    • Danang Saputra
      Danang Saputra


  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    About time we got Green Goblin!

  • Lobo-R

    My theory MCU spiderman will have the memories from Tobey and Andrew, so he will grow as a character with responsibility and will know how to beat the villains

  • Puffpyf

    This is going to be the biggest film ever if it's done right. The hype is real.

  • EdgyLemon365

    due to the multiverse theory of the movie, we get green goblin and doctor octopus from the first 2 movies, and since we see that, there may be a chance of venom from the 3rd movie, and the other 2 antagonists from the amazing spiderman trilogy (not including rhino since he didnt recieve a full movie of the trilogy)

  • OdaKa

    My theory: "Be careful what you wish for, Parker" is Raimi's Flash Thompson

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      I don't want to fight you Flash

  • Prajwal Koppad
    Prajwal Koppad

    What if? This whole trailer is a deception from Mysterio? Or Mephisto...

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Maybe Mysterio was Mephisto, I think The real Beck got Ran away for his Life to get revenge

  • mcquade martin
    mcquade martin

    this is gonna be way bigger than endgame. don’t think i’ve ever anticipated a movie this much 🤯

  • Nugget Bomber
    Nugget Bomber

    How does the “hello peter” ignite such notstalgia like wtf

  • Bruh Society
    Bruh Society

    Now the real question is Spider-Man bait or will this movie be the real deal

  • Metallix and Mudkip
    Metallix and Mudkip

    2:25 lizard?

  • GK 23
    GK 23

    Doc Ock: Hello Peter Tobey, Andrew and Tom: We're gonna put some dirt in your eye!

    • GK 23
      GK 23

      @Han In Action 2 Tobey, Andrew and Tom: Stings doesn't it?

    • Han In Action 2
      Han In Action 2

      Dr Oct : My eyes!!!

  • commenter Anonymous
    commenter Anonymous

    Trump Jr. for Norman Osborn. Barron for Harry.

  • BrandonLV

    Should just bring back the toby and andrew spiderman if we’re crossing different timelines

  • flandin_


  • GH_ Shelbo1
    GH_ Shelbo1

    They call him mr bombastic

  • B A S E D
    B A S E D

    Ha! At least they don’t know that his *actual* name is *“Tom Holland”,* of all thing’s here. Then again, that’s in our main universe that is thou, gotta keep in mind.🕷

  • Nhlanhla Malandula
    Nhlanhla Malandula

    Me: that's weird but I'll allow it

  • B A S E D
    B A S E D

    Looks like they’re gonna need some more help other than just all the Spider-Man’s. Hope they bring back *Iron Man* at least just this once.

  • B A S E D
    B A S E D

    Mary Jane: *“Go get em tiger…”* 👩‍🦰. Gwen: “Go Get em Panther...” 👱‍♀️. Michelle: Go get em my Spider lord…👩‍🦱

  • Mr. Dust
    Mr. Dust

    Is it just me or are the tentacles NOT connected to Doc Ock's back?

  • Hiago gamer indetid
    Hiago gamer indetid

    Sadman Dr octopus lizard eletric Green goblin

  • Amari Alexander
    Amari Alexander

    Bruh this movie finna be bussin 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now I have to things fo look forward to this December

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Spiderman No Way Home trailer: *exists* ISdowns: Hey that's a cool Spiderman Far From Home teaser! You wanna buy or rent it?

  • AnimKing

    So basically......... they made their own mess and the whole movie is them cleaning it up. Sweeeeet 😍😍🍿

  • Jordan Jennings
    Jordan Jennings

    This brings out the kid in me

  • KaijuKid 14
    KaijuKid 14

    Lets hope M.C.U's Green Goblin looks good. Dafoe 's was a little too silly Franko's was too boring The less said about Dehaan's, the better

    • KaijuKid 14
      KaijuKid 14

      @The Cat In The Hat In fairness, he was entertaining

    • The Cat In The Hat
      The Cat In The Hat

      Dafoes was perfect

  • Benjamin Bailey
    Benjamin Bailey

    Better be power ranger green goblin

  • Martha B
    Martha B

    So cool

  • gatan wahyu
    gatan wahyu



    Hello Peter

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M


  • PlayStationGamerBoy 3000
    PlayStationGamerBoy 3000

    I always love it when people bring back all the og’s

  • Ventedllama MCBE
    Ventedllama MCBE

    Me thinking he should just ask iron man for help oh wait

  • Liamrobo7

    I like spider man

  • Liamrobo7

    I do like this movie