Hello. I'm leaving tomorrow to go film The Edge of Sleep. If you haven't listened to the edge of sleep yet you can check it out here: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast...

  • Verethragna Mitrin
    Verethragna Mitrin

    Just finished edge of sleep. Makes me crave for season2.

  • Swicked06

    The edge of sleep is amazing. It has an amazing storyline. It was the best podcast story I have heard.

  • Aaron Down
    Aaron Down

    I just finished the podcast and was trying to see if there was going to be a season 2, but then I found this video and I am super excited to watch the tv show. Do we know were we will be able to watch the show when it comes out?

  • Moaku Brownie
    Moaku Brownie

    The edge of sleep: Very gud 10/10

  • Arianna Mulholland
    Arianna Mulholland

    The Edge of Sleep is a great podcast, it's got everything you need for a sci-fi/horror podcast, I can't wait for the tv series! 10/10

  • Khalid Hamed
    Khalid Hamed


  • Grim D1
    Grim D1

    The edge of sleep, is an really fucking cool but creepy .... adventure podcast. With a unique Story and really great voice actors.

  • Taysia Bettis
    Taysia Bettis

    Listen to the Edge of Sleep! It’s what got me into horror podcasts, plus you get to listen to Mark’s hot daddy voice 🥵

  • Imani Waters
    Imani Waters

    The edge of sleep is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to! The mixing is so amazing, and the story is so good

  • scarlet_begonias

    Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it. I am an avid horror story podcast listener. This was the best one I have ever heard. Markiplier, season 2 pleeeeeeease 😭😭😭

  • Maratsu Uchiha
    Maratsu Uchiha

    I can't wait for anime adaptation next.

  • Sorcerer Kai
    Sorcerer Kai

    Theres plenty for scary games the require you to complete them. I do not joust sir. Many many games.

  • Chris Hoye
    Chris Hoye

    Why in the world would you go to the shithole that is Canada

  • Livy Koehne
    Livy Koehne

    OMG BROOOOOOO I LOVED THE EDGE OF SLEEP! It has such a good story line. I was sad when i finished it, but i still loved it. Ive wanted more of it for a long while. Im so excited now!

  • Blaine (AzothBlint77)
    Blaine (AzothBlint77)

    Lol google is as confused as you are... It says the "Tv Show" came out in 2019 lol

  • mega mighty
    mega mighty

    My reveiw of the edge of sleep: great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, awesome, excellent, terrific, really really really good!

  • RetroWizTHE1st

    I've never enjoyed a podcast my entire life. But the edge of sleep, kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • Joshua Pennington
    Joshua Pennington

    Just listened to the edge of sleep, so ducking great

  • shadow fox
    shadow fox

    I cant wait for it mark. I just started listening to it today. I didnt want to stop. Its one of the best podcast stories ive ever heard

  • Whiskerywashere

    I cannot fucking wait for this

  • huh_you_exist

    The Edge of Sleep is so amazinggggg. I listen to it to sleep- it's my favorite thing to listen to. I feel like I am there and part of the podcast itself...I'ma go now lmao.

  • c b
    c b

    I love listening to scary stories on ISdowns and edge of sleep is so enticing and entertaining you all will love it so much!

  • Max Demarco
    Max Demarco

    Mark you are the best I loved the podcast. I expect nothing more then greatness for this because of how flipping amazing the podcast was.

  • Pixilated

    8/10 the reason for this is I sort of found it hard to follow but understood the most of iy

  • RedFox Yt
    RedFox Yt

    *u h h . . .*

  • Flame Burst
    Flame Burst


  • Natalie Collins
    Natalie Collins

    The edge of sleep was an INCREDIBLE clip of marks acting and portrays an amazing story

  • EliasCoptere

    If we're enabled, does that mean the haters are...

  • Toysvill TV Studios
    Toysvill TV Studios

    Wait! Who's gonna take care of Chica? The dogs! One of your roomates??? Just curious...


    DAD IS HERE :) see you soon

  • Unbound

    I think we need more cuts to stiffiplier hahahahahaha

  • Unbound

    Trapped, on the edge of ...sleep.

  • ManiacalxMerc

    For those who haven't listened to the Edge of Sleep, I recommend it. The podcast is very well done and it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Beautifully done. Oh, and remember: Beware the Elephant.

  • Ryker Brackett
    Ryker Brackett

    Edge of Sleep Had to Come from a Dream..... I’ve said too much

  • aonshi

    Can you meet XQC for me

  • Alexander Teeple (BananaDuckGuy)
    Alexander Teeple (BananaDuckGuy)

    Yes take my support get dun enabled dude

  • Brock Gascon
    Brock Gascon

    How is no one pointing out stiffiplier?

  • suoejfb “ertygames” peoeldjdjf
    suoejfb “ertygames” peoeldjdjf

    Where will you be able to watch the edge of sleep

  • thegameboy450

    I loved the edge of sleep it got me into story podcast

  • keili

    If your someone who learns by visualizing I think that this show will help understand the podcast better! While I enjoyed it I found it hard to remember everything, like characters without a face or something!

  • Isabella Steinhoff
    Isabella Steinhoff

    I am being honest here. I have listened to Mark's The Edge of Sleep podcast on Spotify and it is truly the best because it taught me about the great things that I never knew about. I give the podcast a 1,000,000,000 out of 10.

  • _ Søulless
    _ Søulless

    Ayo marks gonna be in a tv show¿?¿ Fire

  • Noah Scott
    Noah Scott


  • RainAngel111

    So you're in Vancouver right?

  • Carrissa Campbell
    Carrissa Campbell

    Im so excited for the edge of sleep to be turned into a tv show oh my goodness. My boyfriend cant sit and listen to something because he finds it boring to look at nothing while listening. So I'm excited for him to see and react to it. And I'm excited to watch it and be surprised like I haven't listened to it like 3-10 times.

  • Eucis93

    I had to triple check he wasn’t filming with Eve Fartlow

  • Stocky Rocky
    Stocky Rocky

    The extra sleep is a really really really good podcast 10 out of 10

  • gokuu

    3:49 Mark: ".. get back there, *greg* " Danny and greg: *don't you dare insult the fastest growing army*

  • RJ

    I just finished listening to The Edge of Sleep tonight, and JESUS it was so good. The story, the writing, the VOICE ACTING, all wonderful. I'm so hyped so if you haven't already go listen to The Edge of Sleep!! Now >:(

  • Frankie

    Mark you need to tell us where we can find the series when it comes out

  • illux


  • Caren Xatu
    Caren Xatu

    i can't believe Mark is in Canada and about to be on a tv series. how does he get more and more amazing?


    Хорошая история. Жду продолжения

  • notTerabyte

    why the fuck did you never tell me that you were filming in kamloops

  • 1growheeromean

    Edge Of Sleep: great narration and lead by Markiplier with a few trippy "visions" and a fight for life, death, and sleep


    The edge of sleep is one of the best podcast it is extremely interesting and intriguing it’s has the best story line I’ve ever seen in a while and I really really loved

  • triobros 9824
    triobros 9824


  • ICeD_tea_ 9
    ICeD_tea_ 9

    Ya Canada!

  • Tye Chin
    Tye Chin

    Thanks mark, love you. Okay bye

  • SlinkHail X
    SlinkHail X

    I washed all the way okay 4:11 I washed all the way okay when me doing things on ISdowns and making no money it's pretty exhausting sometimes

  • SlinkHail X
    SlinkHail X

    nevermind I'm going to listen to it

  • SlinkHail X
    SlinkHail X

    I think I'd rather see the version he'll be more enjoyable that way or whatever version it is

  • Chantel N
    Chantel N

    tfw mark walhberg pretends to be ur dad to get roles and to hope that u see him as a father figure in a gay way offensive af lol creepy...

  • Teagan Pamajewong
    Teagan Pamajewong

    LESSS GOOOO MARK IS COMING TO MY LANDS:) Mark you need to try out TimHortons:D

  • Mowgli2chains

    Edge of sleep podcast SEASON 2!!

  • Mowgli2chains

    The edge of sleep is single handedly the best podcast story I have ever heard. Mark should use his voice and acting more often!!!

  • Shadow Miner260
    Shadow Miner260

    you csnt not like this dude he to good and funny of a person

  • Kevin Avila
    Kevin Avila

    Are you still gonna a stream on twitch

  • C F (1990)
    C F (1990)

    Congratulations Mark heres me thinking you'd broke you're nose again. But seriously I'm glad you are doing this I know how much you enjoy this content

  • Zno

    I hope for heist 2 we have to choose between del monte or green giant. that'd be pretty funny

  • Dominic Ledoux
    Dominic Ledoux

    Umm idk if this ties in with the movie set on a Main Street in my city.. if it does I hope I see you dude!

  • KoderKat

    OHH MY GOD I remember listening to the edge of sleep when it came out and I LOVED it!! I'm not a podcast person, never really have been, but holy shit it was INCREDIBLE! I recommend it to literally anyone ever!!

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    0:07 you could've just said fans but you do you, bro

  • Kirā owo
    Kirā owo

    I FUCKING LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG JUST LISTEN TO IT I LISTENED TO IT ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL IN THE MORNINGS AND UT WAS SO COOL WND TWISTED JN THE BEST WAY!!!! If you like Marks films and stuff he does you’ll love the podcast!! So I recommend :))

  • Mattea Arroyo
    Mattea Arroyo

    I’m so excited😭

  • Benny Sprite
    Benny Sprite

    Hell yeah I loved the Edge of Sleep

  • Roman Hoeft
    Roman Hoeft

    I had no clue mark had an earing, this is news to me.

  • RT Reiyan
    RT Reiyan

    Where is tinny box tim

  • The Metal Doctor
    The Metal Doctor

    So the podcast is basically just a demo? I'm hyped, lets go!!

  • Papaya

    so this the third show/movie that has the same premise... hmmm

  • Anfinite

    did this guy explain his whole entire life

  • Patpat

    finally i can sleep on the edge

  • Hannah Birdsong
    Hannah Birdsong

    Where will we be able to watch this show?

  • Blackcatkathryn

    Good luck mark and I hope you have safe trip back back home 👍😊

  • GrizzlyHeath

    *Deeply inhales* We enable you Mark. Go forthwith to create the questionable yet amazing content. We will be waiting......



  • Mitsuki Haruru
    Mitsuki Haruru

    If your name is Greg you NEED to start the video from 3:49!!!

  • Gregory Fink
    Gregory Fink

    I didn't even skip.

  • Duckythickken

    Mark looking at his stiff ass picture: “ That boy ain’t right “

  • NaviTalksAlot

    YO I LOVE THE EDGE OF SLEEP Hold on I forgot to actually write i was so happy Its a really interesting story and I think its really well put together! I listened to the entire thing in one night,, didn't want to wait until the next day to finish it, haha

  • youssef mehana
    youssef mehana

    I am waiting for heist 2

  • Rachel Okelly
    Rachel Okelly

    I just found out mark is gonna go film fnaf movie

  • Gabriella McGroarty
    Gabriella McGroarty

    IM SO EXCITED THAT PODCAST IS DOPE ahhhhh this is awesome you gotta listen to it, it's one of my favorite podcasts ever

  • Miss Lucy Avender
    Miss Lucy Avender

    The border to mark: Do YoU hAvE yOuR wOrK pErMiT???

  • Valgroth BloodOak
    Valgroth BloodOak

    i LOVED "The Edge of Sleep" it was unexpectedly just amazing, would highly reccomend you cant stop after just 1 episode either hahaha

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis

    My husband got dried mangoes confiscated from him in Canadian customs because they were in his bag, and they forgot to declare them. He was taken to an interrogation room and grilled for 1/2 hour about his mangoes. Then they just took them and let him go. Hope the filming goes well!

  • Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-


  • KX ninja & BradAwesomeX
    KX ninja & BradAwesomeX


  • Sean Bateman
    Sean Bateman

    We enable your giggling.

  • Rizzi Angihan
    Rizzi Angihan

    When are you coming back tho😃