Inside Pablo Escobar's Secret Mansion!
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Inside Pablo Escobar's Abandoned Secret Island Mansion

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  • Ashutosh Rathore
    Ashutosh Rathore

    Petition to make SDMN Hide and Seek video there. Like this comment so they really do a video there and not leave this thought.

  • Timmy & Jimmy
    Timmy & Jimmy

    You mean inside Harry and escobars drug mansion just a line o coke for all 3 meals

  • Stan Tom
    Stan Tom

    do el chapos tunnels

  • Nasheeds

    His net worth is most likely well over 30 Bn but it is too hard to record

  • William Ward
    William Ward

    do the hide and seek vid

  • Erik P.T.
    Erik P.T.

    The DIAN is watching lads

  • SquidMan

    $30,000,000,000 in 1989 is worth $65,127,822,580.65 today

  • chloe k
    chloe k

    6:44 which one?..

  • N O R C O
    N O R C O

    Why did vic say im so gay im so gay

  • Kaushal Thakker
    Kaushal Thakker

    Alternate title- Outside Pablo Escobar’s Secret Mansion!

  • kyle oconnor
    kyle oconnor

    Hide and seek there would be such a good video

  • Yonesis

    bro long live Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria que viva Pablo Escobar el patron del mal y el Rey de coca 🔥🔥💯🕊

  • Zeenat Ullah
    Zeenat Ullah

    I love the running meme of Vikk in his office ✨🙌

  • Zeenat Ullah
    Zeenat Ullah

    Love that JJ is wearing ZRK merch

  • Mason Davies
    Mason Davies

    Imagine when they find out that most of his money was hid and put into secret banks and they only discovered 10%of his money

  • the noob
    the noob

    You can buy the house

  • Kuutie 07
    Kuutie 07

    At 6:46 if you put the subtitles it says “im gay, im so gay” 🤷‍♀️ btw happy pride month

  • shady made lyrics
    shady made lyrics

    Plz react to zayn 14 times had me shook

  • Angela Wayt
    Angela Wayt


  • wild fire shorts
    wild fire shorts

    I feel like they only put black peeps on a thumbnail to get views

    • JΛMΛ

      um ok

  • TMX Exile
    TMX Exile

    Who else has watched narcos here

  • Hass

    Whenever I hear “put me in the office” I fucking die loool

  • Dylon Young
    Dylon Young

    @1:17 you can see that jj and tobi are actually the same person

  • R4ndomChan

    getting caught as a drug lord at 70yrs > cancel culture that could happen to you any day

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    Nah “we’d never find Harry” had me gone 😂

  • Polish Vibez
    Polish Vibez

    Now Ik where the el rubio idea came from


    Escobar's buried money: "I imagine many people tried to get this." *"Yeah but they're not the Sidemen!"*

  • Ewan Preston
    Ewan Preston

    Instead of hide and seek you could do something more like, race across the world, where you all start at one end of the island and you have to find your way to le casa grande in groups or on your own. That would be entertaining, and the first person that gets that there also has to be the quickest to put up a tent inside the building and ou have to sleep inside obviously until the morning

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      "wassup everyone from the east to the west" killed me lol

  • Qedoxx_

    6:45… vik you’re what?

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Personally I just like the video because of the “put Vik in his office” 😬

  • Tristan Larson
    Tristan Larson

    idk what yall talking bout the Caribbean opened rn

  • Millsy

    El Maya the GOAT still not caught

  • Ariadne Lilley
    Ariadne Lilley

    One of the best intros yet 👌

  • Njtheboss13

    POV: your watching this after Harry has told them to take a hike.

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi


  • FBAGameplay Chilling on Youtube
    FBAGameplay Chilling on Youtube

    Well someone gotta invent paper scanner, and then go treasure hunting :p

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    I saw the est to the west

  • 4ux23

    30 billion is 65 billion now

  • sniper satan
    sniper satan

    Sidemen reacts to wishmen

  • Kirstyn Nieuwenhuyzen
    Kirstyn Nieuwenhuyzen

    It ain't secret no more 😂

  • Brandon Greenhough
    Brandon Greenhough

    Tbh that would be an awesome video series, travel, hide and seek and dumb challenges in the Carribbean, treat it as that sidemen movie you never made 😂

  • NY Hawks
    NY Hawks

    Bro, life wouldn’t even be boring! It would be peaceful as fuck, it’s just cos we’ve grown up in this mad world and majority can’t go a day without their phone or some dumb shit to stay ‘sane’

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    "wassup everyone from the east to the west" killed me lol

  • yOJunnzhy


  • Shuush

    6:44 sus

  • Cloudyquinn olympian
    Cloudyquinn olympian

    In Vikks office is Lauren alexis a copy girl

  • Juan Fdez
    Juan Fdez

    El burro por delante

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Hey jj how u feel about slipping me a quick mil I will shut up



  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    "wassup everyone from the east to the west" killed me lol

  • Oliver Speight
    Oliver Speight

    Pablo died the day after his birthday (he birthday is December 1st he died on December 2nd)

  • Onsight

    bruh ima pull up and start digging tf, theres no way he aint burry money out there

  • Gem Banks
    Gem Banks

    Not so secret now

  • RingaDingaHurgen

    I remember they said one of Pablo’s mansions is now used as a paintball location.

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      From the east to the west 😂

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Yo vik is gay

  • me !
    me !

    to the 1 person who reads this: you are amazing and beautiful, stay safe!🤩🥰

  • Zuhair Majid
    Zuhair Majid

    6:44 Vikstar is gay

  • Wizer Hb0mB
    Wizer Hb0mB

    Turn captions on at 6:43

  • shado影

    So this guys house was literally called “The Big House” on an island called “The Big Island”🤝☠️

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru

      I feel like Vik hasn't been in as many vids lately

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm

    I feel like Vik hasn't been in as many vids lately

  • Im Stupid
    Im Stupid

    Wheb the rats ritcher than you LoL

  • gerald McDonnell
    gerald McDonnell

    Hey jj how u feel about slipping me a quick mil I will shut up

  • Nicolas Ovalle
    Nicolas Ovalle

    Good luck making that sidemen video. You’d have to go to Colombia and they’re a slaughterhouse right and are still averaging over 4K deaths due to covid a week with hardly anyone vaccinated

    • Nicolas Ovalle
      Nicolas Ovalle

      @drttyu liqm Im from there and it really isn’t. It’s actually a really beautiful place to vacation in but the shitshow of a corrupted government and made it hell during the pandemic and the protests.

    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm

      if you guys ever go to colombia you are going to need full body guard protection im talking guns and bullet proof vests it’s still a terrible place trust me

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru

    3:32 Slide them a million and now they opened a fans account for you

  • khallum hughes
    khallum hughes

    First non-sexualised jj intro

  • Nathaniel Fugah
    Nathaniel Fugah

    Ksi always repping the sidemen merch, but the sidemen never rep his. Just saying

  • iamstir

    From the east to the west 😂

  • Domz JB
    Domz JB

    From the east to the west lol

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru

      ''im so gay, im so gay, im so game, im so good'' These subtitles are killing me xDDDDD

  • Damien Clibe
    Damien Clibe

    Here now the Caribbean is open 👀

  • jack

    I seen a tiktok and they said to Tobi he owes them money and tobi nearly shat himself😂

  • Cc Laba
    Cc Laba

    Vik: Is it in the east or the west Toby: What is that? 👀 😨

  • Acs Aaaa2
    Acs Aaaa2

    Escobar was a real hero.

  • CoryJT


  • Ali Navarrete
    Ali Navarrete

    2:06 idk but he kinda said the n word

  • Bernardo Mateus
    Bernardo Mateus

    that ZRK shirt tho


    fun fact: Escobar was so rich when he and his family was on the run he burned 2 million dollars to light a fire and keep his daughter warm

    • Alex Bygroves
      Alex Bygroves

      fight !! Fight!! Fight!!

    • T7's Playlist
      T7's Playlist

      @zake tenyu wht u gunna do

    • zake tenyu
      zake tenyu

      @T7's Playlist stfu

    • T7's Playlist
      T7's Playlist

      @TITAN Lee man said insta

    • TITAN Lee
      TITAN Lee

      Those are fake facts on insta

  • Victor Becerra
    Victor Becerra

    if you guys ever go to colombia you are going to need full body guard protection im talking guns and bullet proof vests it’s still a terrible place trust me

  • ChickenButt39

    How did they not bring up the wild hippo issue there now because of his zoo?

  • SNAP Tizzard
    SNAP Tizzard

    U should do hide and seek there, that would br sick

  • Zdeněk Žaluda
    Zdeněk Žaluda

    Vik Netflix show

  • Rivo T
    Rivo T

    ''im so gay, im so gay, im so game, im so good'' These subtitles are killing me xDDDDD

  • Jonathan buhr
    Jonathan buhr

    vik: “i’m so gay, i’m so gay, i’m so gay”

  • GTA5_YT

    Hello there

  • Niharika Mishra
    Niharika Mishra

    Tbh I'll love to watch that video vikk

  • Niharika Mishra
    Niharika Mishra

    Vikk in office is so funny... Big up editor by adding the sdmn pic

  • 6ix Ghosts
    6ix Ghosts

    *Sidemen do hide n' seek video in pablos "mansion"* not even 5 minutes later harry says: boys i found some cocaine and some rusty gold bars

  • Joel A Daniel
    Joel A Daniel

    Yes we want sidmen hid and seek in that house

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    narrator: gives verbal house tour and island description KSI: straight vibing

  • Robert Bradley
    Robert Bradley

    I just love that they didn't know the rat scene was bad boys 2

  • _ Anouk
    _ Anouk

    1:15 Love how JJ & Tobi started to do the same dancemove at the same time

  • Dred

    6:45 viks says hes gay

  • Abdallah Radiy
    Abdallah Radiy

    Do you seriously think that treasure hunting for escobar’s hidden millions wouldn’t get the sidemen at least 10 mill views?

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Can't wait till the sidemen treasure hunt and hide n seek next year lmao

  • Mikey Prm
    Mikey Prm

    Should react to more narco vids

  • Nikhil D
    Nikhil D

    Coloured trio is the best.

  • la fleur
    la fleur

    Harry wouldn't look for the money in a scavenger hunt 🙄

  • squattyboi69 fro
    squattyboi69 fro

    0:50 I'd rather have that than what we have nowadays. Imagine how far humanity would've progressed.

  • Isaiah999

    Plz do a video on escobars property lmao

  • Sliven Kage
    Sliven Kage

    With an inflation calculator 30 billion in 1989 is equal to 65 billion today .. absolutely insane .

  • Jakub Tyczynski
    Jakub Tyczynski

    6:38 turn on ur subtitles

  • SocaKoala

    10.176741244751625, -75.74007578862668 It's somewhere on that island

  • Riley Polito
    Riley Polito

    It would be 98 billion today

  • Mateo Lora
    Mateo Lora

    If you guys want to do the video it means that you'll come to my hometown Cartagena 😏. It would be my pleasure to guide you guys here.