Bugatti Chiron v F1 Car: DRAG RACE
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Thanks to Shaz for bringing his Chiron -
Thanks to Red Bull Racing for bringing the RB7 -
Thanks to Ciro for setting up this race -


Get ready for our greatest drag race EVER… Bugatti Chiron vs Red Bull F1 Car!!

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, but the stats on both of these cars are out of this world! Starting with the Chiron, it’s powered by a humungous 8-litre quad-turbo W16, which pumps out an astronomical 1,500hp & 1,600Nm of torque! It’s pretty heavy though, weighing in at 1,995kg.

And then we come to the F1 car. This is no ordinary F1 car though - it’s the 2011 world-championship winning RB7! Powered by a 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8, it can put down 750hp. Think it’s therefore at a disadvantage compared to the Chiron’s huge W16? Well don’t forget it’s built out of carbon fibre and weighs just 650kg!

Trust us, this one is NOT to be missed! But do you think the Chiron has a chance? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hi Mat here: did you expect this vid? Pls suggest some others in the comments and dare to dream. It appears we can make anything happen! 😂

    • Fadma Fa
      Fadma Fa

      الع ه الدحكن

    • Huey Kratos
      Huey Kratos

      F1 vs Nevera

    • car kralj
      car kralj

      rimac vs f1 drag and then track

    • Bruno Georgio
      Bruno Georgio

      Any F1 from V10 era

    • Frantz Myrtil
      Frantz Myrtil

      Aston martin Valkyrie vs bugatti divo

  • Biznis Man
    Biznis Man

    So NEVERA at 8.6 would take the 1/4 mile!!! NICE

  • Vein Banger93
    Vein Banger93

    What was the car Nigel Mansell raced with? FW11 or something? It was turbo equipped back in 86 I believe? That thing was close to 930HP I believe

  • Lame Eon
    Lame Eon

    Who else came back to see this after the lambo race

  • chucas

    do it with a f1 2020 car

  • Stephan De Jager
    Stephan De Jager

    It will also be really cool if Matt also gets it right to find a owner of a Bugatti Veyron Supersport 2011 model to do races with that car against other cars, it will also be interesting. 👌

  • Pavel Král Kafeman
    Pavel Král Kafeman

    David 👍 forever

  • Kianiscool

    if the race was longer the chiron would've probably won but good race

  • Robin Remy
    Robin Remy

    How come does that same F1 devil driven by the same legend gets smashed by both a Lambo and a Nissan GTR in the latest drag race? 🤔

  • Mr. 2cents.
    Mr. 2cents.

    Sound wise the Chiron is no GT350.

  • Florin's Chanel
    Florin's Chanel

    F1 Power ❌❌❌😂😂😂😍😍😍

  • Aaron O'Shea
    Aaron O'Shea

    This channel levelled up.

  • Drew B
    Drew B

    That was so good!

  • Andreas Johnsson
    Andreas Johnsson

    I knew it all the time, the bugatti chrion is very capable of doung standing 1/4 mile in 9,6 sec and even little faster i believe

  • Yadigar İsmayilov
    Yadigar İsmayilov

    engineering miracle

  • Lucian Dragan
    Lucian Dragan

    Mate make a Bugatti price sound cheap )

  • Imroz Khan
    Imroz Khan

    Can we have an F1 vs Rimac Nevera drag race????????? It'd be awesome to see F1 getting beaten by that cool beast

  • Clinsman luvembe
    Clinsman luvembe

    Let mat drive your chiron

  • The Ultimate Roblox
    The Ultimate Roblox

    petition to race redbull vs rimac rivera.

  • C. W. Zimba
    C. W. Zimba

    Wouldn't having 2 people in the car slow it down?

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Everything looks amazing ??

  • Dennis19901

    An F1 car has an immensely smaller engine than the Bugatti. The Chiron has a 8 litre engine. Modern F1 cars only have 1.6 litre!

  • Abu Fast
    Abu Fast

    They don’t call it F1 for no reason imagine F1 having 1500 hp. That would be a land rocket-ship.

  • orbeenga apine
    orbeenga apine sound like boss, f1 yelling like an angry wasp? what gives?


    Wtf Chiron was beaten by formula

  • Mehul Patel
    Mehul Patel

    Try a 1000 hp trackhawk!!!

  • Setiawan Adi
    Setiawan Adi

    Do you know, it doesn't matter what's under a hood? The only thing that matters is who's behind the wheel.

  • Tazo Megrelishvili
    Tazo Megrelishvili

    omg you are 6 million subscribe good look i love mersedes truck

  • 123Tubie

    The high revving much smaller V8 drowns out the monstrous W16 Quad Turbo, and lose either one in the Bugatti. Next race is Red Bull Honda vs 765S bring on Bruce from Drag Time

  • gbianc

    Bugatti is a shame with great numbers 😂

  • Ganesh Biswal
    Ganesh Biswal

    Meanwhile buggati in long race ab ab aaa na laude 😂😂😂

  • Fred eric
    Fred eric

    Take a Tesla not a Bugatti, Buggati are known to be slow cars.

  • Robert Wieczorek
    Robert Wieczorek

    Koeningsegg would be much better in this kind of race’s…

  • Robert Wieczorek
    Robert Wieczorek

    Hey Mr Reporter! If you would step out of the Chiron then it would help a lot. Why? Cause of your weight… Let only an owner drive please

  • collin Adoghe
    collin Adoghe


  • Jason Lim
    Jason Lim

    Fabulous! Truly enjoyed it! DC still got it! One of my favorite F1 driver.

    • Jason Lim
      Jason Lim

      Not to mention the good old F1 ROAR!


    That was fun

  • Dj Nadja & New Sound Orchestra
    Dj Nadja & New Sound Orchestra

    The best blonde in the F1 is here →

  • pirell


  • Mponi Monyeki
    Mponi Monyeki

    Mat should have got of the Chiron. He’s increasing its weight. Not a fair race.

  • David Fenwick
    David Fenwick

    We have to have the Plaid Model S v both of these. Please!

  • Tony Oliver
    Tony Oliver

    All of these drag races need to be 1 mile long.

  • Fareed Iraqi
    Fareed Iraqi

    2 person in a car makes the car heavier in this case the race is not far and the car is already heavy .

  • Llewelyn Lifestyle
    Llewelyn Lifestyle

    I wish the host would have drove tre Bugatti!!! I think the owner cant drive!!! The host make cars do what they built to do!!!

  • Willem Van Der Nest
    Willem Van Der Nest

    The Sf90 will destroy the Bugatti. The SF 90 have the same acceleration as the formula 1 car but it comes with a higher top end speed

  • Gabriel Trindade
    Gabriel Trindade

    Mas ele nem trocou as marchas caralho kkkkkkkk


    waiting for this video since 2 years ago wow

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba

    Because we can lol. Bugatti Chiron is best

  • SlapbackGOD

    that pavement just doesn't look okay to drive either of those cars lol

  • noni_thebestjuice

    wow that 2011 car still is in shape beating Bugatti every time.

  • Adi Ramdhan
    Adi Ramdhan

    Only F1 Engine will be Buy the Chiron

  • Jordan Laird
    Jordan Laird

    I'm shocked that the bugatti was do close behind tbh. I thought formula1 cars were the best cars by a million miles.. obviously not

  • Alex_Soto

    Would love to see a modern f1 in these

  • Гном Великан
    Гном Великан

    Ф1 ограничитель 360км ч у бугати 450

  • The Knof
    The Knof

    AAAH my god its so good to see DC again.. Love that guy!

  • Riki Gms
    Riki Gms

    Buggati is going to lose

  • Riki Gms
    Riki Gms

    Red Bull is going to. 🏆

  • fanai muanpuia
    fanai muanpuia

    man,u looks like the spiderman guy..tom holland

  • 💥꧁𝔸𝔹ℍ𝕀 𝕋𝔼ℂℍ꧂💥
    💥꧁𝔸𝔹ℍ𝕀 𝕋𝔼ℂℍ꧂💥


  • Brachya Gaziel
    Brachya Gaziel

    why is the f1 on hard tyers ? and is it heated up?

  • chez valentino
    chez valentino

    Broooo the Bugatti is just a speed demon in the mile😍💪🏽

  • Poseidon22332

    Get Matt that Chiron eyyy!

  • Zduba Sprunga
    Zduba Sprunga

    Why is the Bugatti so slow

  • Reginald Mangoro
    Reginald Mangoro

    Worth the 60 million 🤣🤣🤣

  • Luca C
    Luca C

    Divo Vs f 1

  • Madhushan බුලත්සිංහල
    Madhushan බුලත්සිංහල


  • Cerita Kita
    Cerita Kita

    This is jet fighter. F1..

  • Mikey f
    Mikey f

    Thats just cost the Bugatti owner 10k in breaks , service & 300 on fuel , But the F1 car we be talking 10s of thousands ,


    the bugatti driver is so bad


    nevera rimac vs F1 car :))

  • AE-CA

    Would love to see F1 car vs Tesla model S plaid.

  • steven sheetz
    steven sheetz

    Any chance of f1 vs indy car?

  • Noureddine Terrass
    Noureddine Terrass

    A lot of thanks mat , youvare Amazing, Every day something new

  • Mohammed

    Shaz is such a nervous driver

  • iWhiffAlot

    There’s no production car that will ever beat a F1 car in a straight line drag race…… end of.

    • Lokesh Bisht
      Lokesh Bisht

      @iWhiffAlot It can easily do under 9 seconds in any condition

    • Lokesh Bisht
      Lokesh Bisht

      @iWhiffAlot What do you mean by perfect conditions ?

    • iWhiffAlot

      @Lokesh Bisht you brought up the rimac which was ran in perfect conditions at the factory!

    • Lokesh Bisht
      Lokesh Bisht

      @iWhiffAlot Rimac has done in 8.62 seconds

    • Lokesh Bisht
      Lokesh Bisht

      @iWhiffAlot I said it for tuned Lamborghini

  • Edo Kragic
    Edo Kragic

    Rimac Nevera 8.62 seconds Looks faster then F1

  • Killer Crown
    Killer Crown

    The Bugatti Chiron driver is nuub. 😂

  • Marcus Howell
    Marcus Howell

    Koenigsegg PLEASE 🙏

  • Paul Hope
    Paul Hope

    The Chiron actually did amazingly well... far, far closer than I thought it would be!

  • Iniciantes Nogueira
    Iniciantes Nogueira

    O som desse f1 é lindo demais

  • Iniciantes Nogueira
    Iniciantes Nogueira

    Parabéns que vídeo toop!

  • Joshua Stanlick
    Joshua Stanlick

    Races are won and lost in the corners. That Bugatti may have the brute strength for top end speed, but it's still just an overpowered elephant that can't take a turn to save it's life.

  • that guy
    that guy

    Tesla plaid smokes both of these cars 😁

  • chumleyok

    Sounds like the F1 car is detuned 3-4000 revs to preserve engine...

  • M B
    M B

    please don't let him drive your car..

  • Delta Venom
    Delta Venom

    Guys its Chiron not a joke the driver of Chiron was a bad driver ..

  • christian goscha
    christian goscha

    They always be using that girls voice even when it's not a girl. 3 2 1 and it's just this dude 🤣 why is that?!?!?!?!

  • xXOP G4M3RXx
    xXOP G4M3RXx

    You have some of the best teeth I’ve seen a British have

  • Aditya Bhedodker
    Aditya Bhedodker

    Next Up F-35 B Vs Falcon 9?

  • Hồng Joseph
    Hồng Joseph

    hãng bugatti đã tạo ra nó. và nó quá xuất sắc

  • Furno2

    A bit stingy of Shaz not to let Matt drive the Chiron, The F1’s worth way more!

  • Onyx Viper93
    Onyx Viper93

    „Im Happy if the team is happy“ ~ Some Kind dude

  • Hen zo
    Hen zo

    This VW Chiron is waste of money

  • Natural1961


  • Umer Aatsam
    Umer Aatsam

    How about RIMAC vs FORMULA ONE CAR 😍😍😍 it will be head to head

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    Pubg mobile Ҝㄖ爪卂几ᗪㄖ ✓

    kuze diya venim

  • Wesley Lewis
    Wesley Lewis

    This goes to show how quick that Huracan is that beat the F1 car.. It's also less than 0.3 seconds slower than a Revera which has 700 more hp... Thats an entire Ram TRX worth of power for 0.3 seconds. That Lambo build is top class..

    • Avinash _
      Avinash _

      @GugiTheRealestit would badly destroy anything around corners that RB7 can pull 5-6Gs turns

    • GugiTheRealest

      Came to the comments exactly for this. That Lamborghini is ridiculous. The F1 looks like it’s pushing 1000+ HP in this video & then versus the Huracan it’s not even remotely similar 😂

    • steph

      I’m just amazed on how tanky is the stock engine and transmission, put some turbos, a tune and other components and you can cook a F1 car

  • Jordan Beagle
    Jordan Beagle

    Poor Bugatti owner didn’t want to give it everything or break hard 😅 can’t blame him…

  • Leo Ducreux
    Leo Ducreux

    Please make a leaderboard on the carwow website.

  • Rocket Science Music
    Rocket Science Music

    F1 vs jet plane