KSI - Number 2 (feat. Future & 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]
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Ah yeah…

Lord forgive us
Lord forgive us

Hit me on my burner
Hit me on my burner
All we know is murder
All we know is murder
It’s going down in my hood
They shoot rounds in my hood
They shoot rounds in my hood

Tears in your eyes on your mama cheek
Blood stains dryin on the concrete (yeah)
We be like fuckin all that twitter shit
All my niggas militant
Take a hit for benefits (yeah, yeah)
And were fuckin all the witnesses
These cripple bitches ain’t gon say shit
Ay that’s an unsolved freak (freaky freak)
Have mercy on a G!

Whole Gang up, all my brothers lit
Racks on racks ain't too much to spend
Old come through when they wanna lend
New chain chillin and it got a twin
Where were you when I was down where were you
Guess you is the shit now number 2
In the circus you a clown, look at you
Bringing views

I pick what I want then I cop cop
That shit you dropped is gon flop flop
When the future is present we pop off
Then Tell me how can I drop off?

Yeah, Their demeanour is fulgazi
When you reach my level, my many medals seem lazy
Plaque after plaque with the industries on my back
19 on my wrist so im roaming it with pack
I got runners on the ondalay
They go to the west whenever packing for the holidays
Been dodging Judas since the time he kissed my money gone
Been getting boomers since the mainstream got their focus on
The focus number one

21 Savage
Never follow rules
I was skippin school (21)
You know I ain’t friendly so quit actin like we cool (pussy)
Sprintin on niggas block cause we have nothin else to do (21)
Ain’t trippin bout no bitch you know I’m a player I tie my shoe (on God)
All my diamonds hit up (21)
What your block in a pick up (21)
All my cars they go fast
Face ain’t shit but I like her ass
I don’t love her but I love my cash
COVID 19 I’m wearing my mask (mask, mask, mask)

You know I’m out here thuggin
So suck me like you love me
Last opp played with us we turned his ass dumpy (wet)
I’m a big dog and I love to step on puppies (21)
Two-tone Maybach
Same color Kentucky (21)

Whole Gang up, all my brothers lit
Racks on racks ain't too much to spend
Old come through when they wanna lend
New chain chillin and it got a twin
Where were you when I was down where were you
Guess you is the shit now number 2
In the circus you a clown, look at you
Bringing views

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Directed By Troy Roscoe - : instagram.com/troyroscoe/
Co-Director By Nayip Ramos - instagram.com/nayipramos/...

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

  • flossybob

    JJ just the UK version of dj kahled paying for the names to appear on his tune, then reaping what he has sowed and getting richer, more famous and fatter 😜 love to ya JJ xx


    Next Collab: 6ix9ine

  • Famous youtuber clips 100
    Famous youtuber clips 100

    This is a masterpiece


    21 🔥🔥

  • Al Uen
    Al Uen

    Bro i‘m not even a fan like back in days where you play fifa… But this song is a master piece! Everything u touch or u do turns into gold!

  • lilmindx

    I do not approve of stealing peoples flows demegod god says no

  • BrokeHomieJuan

    Nah yall gotta stop cappin KSI sounds like doggy doo doo on every single song hes just saved by his features

    • abcde fghij
      abcde fghij

      So you haven't heard Madness, Silly, No Pressure, No Time and many other songs?

    • Abdul Rehman
      Abdul Rehman

      Damn who broke you

  • MagFrom Rags
    MagFrom Rags

    JJ we are so proud of you. All the best for 2022! Can't wait to see what you pick to focus on next.

  • James Young
    James Young

    This is even better!!!!!

  • Jesus Cuellar
    Jesus Cuellar

    21 carried another song

  • San bombazo
    San bombazo

    Ksi you’re probably not gonna read this , but man you’re doin great! I mean future?!?!

  • Stephen Mohammed
    Stephen Mohammed

    bruh 21's always give me chills

  • FTG.

    jj going crips?

  • Nick Keefe
    Nick Keefe


  • Anth

    Don’t hate on me ima Jake fan but props to this man on his music career best ISdowns rapper out there 💯 can’t believe he made a song wit Wayne and 21 and way more but mad respect ✊


    21 saved this

  • Heart Break Demon
    Heart Break Demon

    dessi in the vid

  • meds gamer
    meds gamer

    Ksi wrapping the crip gang outfit

  • Anton Augustin
    Anton Augustin

    Guitar sample sounds like searching by Ian diorr

  • cloutchaserr254

    Wish 21's verse was longer

  • Flowwzr


  • R

    B-bro how

  • Rvlt Neo
    Rvlt Neo

    jj said his sings arent copyrighted right or no?

  • Haroon Irfan
    Haroon Irfan

    This is what I wanted for gta 5 enhanced but unfortunately we got different colored plates.

  • BlvckouTSNiPeR

    Love this

  • Demetreious Demarkus
    Demetreious Demarkus


  • jan mujkanovic
    jan mujkanovic

    Make songswith dababy

  • Robert Wheatley
    Robert Wheatley

    In there rooms they looked like my dad playing

  • MoonKnight

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Seyohn YT
    Seyohn YT

    Lives up to its name

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    21s verse is so addictive

  • Erick Castillo plays
    Erick Castillo plays

    You saw KSI Jake Paul is better than you gonna beat it up and by Logan Paul

  • Erick Castillo plays
    Erick Castillo plays

    Jake Paul

  • Wolf Master Plays
    Wolf Master Plays

    Ill be honest 21 savage has the worst verse on the song

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      But so addictive

  • Whoareu109

    Ksi ruined this song

    • Rajat Singh
      Rajat Singh

      Future sounded like a cat dying tbh

  • Boluwatife Akinola
    Boluwatife Akinola

    Never follow rules Always Skipping school

  • LOAYٌ

    KSI leaked the next gta6 three playable characters

  • Crashy_DSK

    Song is garbo

  • Adhip dutta found making origami vulture
    Adhip dutta found making origami vulture

    Do a song of gta pls if ur interested

  • Adhip dutta found making origami vulture
    Adhip dutta found making origami vulture

    No no no its gta 6

  • Adhip dutta found making origami vulture
    Adhip dutta found making origami vulture


  • Adhip dutta found making origami vulture
    Adhip dutta found making origami vulture

    Gta 5 wtf


    I bet Jake is want to make song with da demalio sisters after this song

  • Григорий Ткаченко
    Григорий Ткаченко

    21 21 21

  • E33k

    That's the GTA 5 minimap they used😂

  • Yeah yeah Aight bitch
    Yeah yeah Aight bitch

    “ aaa- *OOOO* ” hits different

  • Aaron Lindsay
    Aaron Lindsay

    Wow jj my g

  • Abby Dela Vega
    Abby Dela Vega

    Yooo ksi play with Dream and techno and Tommy

  • Number 8
    Number 8

    2:31 final chorus

  • Sean

    number THWOOO

  • Shaurya Shrivastava
    Shaurya Shrivastava


  • Beckzy

    21 flopped hard on this song. I like him, but damn he really didn’t come through on this one

  • Spence Sidnex
    Spence Sidnex

    JJ put map of gta5

  • Mouammal Radhi
    Mouammal Radhi

    is this about deji?

  • Owen Warden
    Owen Warden

    Everyone who bullied JJ in school sat here wishing they made friends with him

  • Mason Griffin
    Mason Griffin

    JJ goes so hard on this man, relatable af 💀💯

  • Crashy_DSK

    This song is trash

    • no

      @Sammy Salgado shush.

    • Sammy Salgado
      Sammy Salgado

      What did you do today?

    • Rav

      This song is one of the best

  • Jamie Dunnett
    Jamie Dunnett

    I'm 34 and I literally been repeating this... at least half a million of these views have just been me sat in my kitchen..

    • Jenesis Lara
      Jenesis Lara

      watchgirls18. com At first it wasn't the best song for me but now after a week I'm fucking addicted well done jj

  • Oscar

    KSI this a dope song and all and I'm going to let you finish, im going to let you finish, but 21 had the best verse of all time. OF ALL TIME

  • Aaron Aldwyn Bonachita
    Aaron Aldwyn Bonachita

    Holy sheeshhhhhhhhh the graphics 🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Umut Kurt
    Umut Kurt

    POV: You apparently live in an alternative universe where ksi better then 21 savage and future on a track wtf

  • Daniel dermawan
    Daniel dermawan

    Skrippa bitches whats

  • Seth Barnes
    Seth Barnes

    jj is a crip

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal

    Future is the only American in this song

  • Voke MC
    Voke MC

    Yooo KSI=crip

  • darkneccecties

    the trailor for gta 6

  • Louis Logie
    Louis Logie

    Very cool dude. Same vibe with all his platfirms

  • Bibek Sah
    Bibek Sah


  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    I would say that Rockstar Games should hire Roscoe for GTA 6....

  • Sam Loader
    Sam Loader

    Still can’t believe offset-21-lil Wayne and a lot more so proud of u felt like the rape face was two days ago lmao 😂

  • Madi 18
    Madi 18

    Cyber punk AYEEEEEEEEE

  • Jeffy Cena
    Jeffy Cena

    The GTA VII trailer is related already 😬

  • baz laz
    baz laz

    Future- Using ps5 controller Nobody: JJ- ps3 controller

  • Bizzie

    if gta 6 dont look like this, i dont want it

  • Zayan Mohammad
    Zayan Mohammad


  • VIサN厄Y

    21 snapped

  • pogsicle


  • Steven son Iawrod
    Steven son Iawrod

    Bomm jjj keep it up

  • Electro Spade
    Electro Spade

    My new favorite KSI song!

  • Ansh Vatsa
    Ansh Vatsa

    cyberpunk sucks, GTA rocks

  • Shady Mohamed elsayed
    Shady Mohamed elsayed

    He was playing with a PS3 controller 🤣

  • Smokey O
    Smokey O

    bruh most songs on his album are now blocked in my country lol

    • Smokey O
      Smokey O

      @Anime Freak belgium

    • Anime Freak
      Anime Freak

      Where you From

  • Sharvin

    I thought JJ was Blood

  • SchnellColone

    i like how the beat changed for each rapper like they each have there own type beat maybe I'm wrong but that's how I hear it

  • KxngDrule

    I gotta download this

  • Waffle Haque
    Waffle Haque

    His voice sounds like a in game voice chat- a bit choppy but audible.

  • PussyDestroyer69


  • youssef laasri
    youssef laasri

    Future doing Fast and Furious things with the gear 😂😂

  • Dan Ayala
    Dan Ayala

    Blue bandana 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Anonymous 42
    Anonymous 42

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehsh! MURDER! F'n Kill'ed it! Daang!! 🔥🔥🔥 Lit!

    • Elliott Marleigh
      Elliott Marleigh

      watchgirls18. com GTA 6 graphics looking great! 👍

  • Lul Xd
    Lul Xd

    I am buying rtx 6090 to play gta 6

  • TiagoJusto

    21 went wild

  • Oluyinka Osunkunle
    Oluyinka Osunkunle

    For those who don't know kaka is sh*t

  • Mario Este Fresh
    Mario Este Fresh

    1:56 best part

  • Charlie David Yeet
    Charlie David Yeet

    KSI summer good David video

  • Remainehfhdhtjfvc Dra6
    Remainehfhdhtjfvc Dra6

    Dude ksi you haff god mode

  • AzeL NBA
    AzeL NBA

    Nice ps3 controller😅

  • random videos
    random videos

    Ksi your amazing but you will never take x's throne maybe

  • Tatar_Man

    21 savage: “... tie my shoe...” Also 21 savage * wears shoes with no laces *

  • maximilian mini
    maximilian mini