Beta Squad Guess the Millionaire in a lineup of 6 Actors vs 1 Millionaire with @Niko Omilana @Chunkz @Aj Shabeel @KingKennyTv & @Sharky

Comment below what kind of people you want us to guess next!

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  • Jimi Rigg
    Jimi Rigg

    dont know bout me im at chucky cheese

  • Fonso Huggins
    Fonso Huggins

    Give me more of these identity videos…

  • Omogolo Gontle Sepako
    Omogolo Gontle Sepako

    The way they laughed at Johnny when he couldn’t name his company😭😭

  • Yonatan Tadesse
    Yonatan Tadesse

    Why is a millionaire wasting his time here

  • ARMY_ Tat
    ARMY_ Tat

    I feel like the real winner here, I called it from the start......... Marco is a model lmfao

  • Unicorn Night
    Unicorn Night

    I feel like a rich person would say tesla or a Google car

  • Fendii_gigi

    Okay but what’s Marco’s insta 🙄🤨

  • Assanatu Wundeh
    Assanatu Wundeh

    Is that darh man:we not just telling strories we are changing lifes😊😂😂

  • Aray Losato
    Aray Losato

    There’s i a beta squad member that is just tiring to hear and not enjoyable, the second starting from the right, I don’t even know his name, I just know if he ever talk to me like that he get slapped

  • Ninjashark 04
    Ninjashark 04

    they really be sidemen knockoffs

  • Flying Gorilla
    Flying Gorilla

    The millionaire was a scammer as well

  • James Cee
    James Cee

    When these children make as much money as they pretend they make, they won’t like corbyn 🤡

  • MentalBreakdowns101

    marco fine asf

  • Gamebreadkiller X
    Gamebreadkiller X

    Nico guy is a wasteman

  • wali syed
    wali syed

    It was obvious since he didn’t know his shoe size

  • Teejayx6ScammedMeILovedIt

    At first I thought that the guy in the LV shirt was Dhar Mann lmao

  • Nubian Queen
    Nubian Queen

    7 months later still looking for Tyrone Smith lol

  • Adamula


  • 8th AMV HOKAGE 第八名
    8th AMV HOKAGE 第八名

    These boys are clever 🧐

  • Ulku

    Someone: walking Niko: Get outta Here Other guy: walks normally Niko: Yo u got a ticket to next round

  • Fortnite Compilations
    Fortnite Compilations

    If you know any millionaires, you can pick the millionaire from the thumbnail.

  • young boy
    young boy

    Chunkz:you idiot kanté is a millionaire and he has a mini cooper

  • Ksks Ksks
    Ksks Ksks

    Y do millionaires need money from U

  • j e f f T H I C C x
    j e f f T H I C C x


  • Oxi Bro
    Oxi Bro

    Niko really needs tthat money from the millionaire

  • Des E.
    Des E.

    Whats Lak‘s @ ?

  • Kayo Deme
    Kayo Deme

    niko movin like gyal for marco polo🤣

  • chloe curie
    chloe curie

    this is basically just niko being whipped for marco for 25 minutes straight

  • Joshua Haws
    Joshua Haws

    You should do guess the American.

  • Booty Hole
    Booty Hole

    Marco is fine as hell

  • Brent

    Still laughing at tyron(e) smith 😭😂

  • Brent

    it's (lak)-luster 🤣😎-----------------------------------------------------luv from india

  • Silas

    Niko is annoying and corny

  • B10 Blogs
    B10 Blogs

    Marco looks like joao felix 😂

  • Salih Kubba
    Salih Kubba

    Its Rebecca 100%

  • Loca prophet
    Loca prophet

    i cant believe people are actually offended by this 💀

  • Rafael Martínez
    Rafael Martínez

    Niko is so fuckin annoying

  • Arber Dedja
    Arber Dedja

    They should have gotten a billionaire

  • Angus Leone
    Angus Leone

    Nico so fucking annoying

  • S L
    S L

    He’s the biggest scammer in Birmingham. Trust me, I know this man.

  • rachel shannon
    rachel shannon

    these videos make my whole day

  • Rosey Cupcake
    Rosey Cupcake

    One stutter and the whole video switched up

  • Jade Moreno
    Jade Moreno

    18:58 what did Marco say I cant understand

  • Ross Fette
    Ross Fette

    Nico a bandwagon fr 😭

  • Snype Myers
    Snype Myers

    This is tough because there are different types of millionaires, earned versus inherited so there's no real determining factor.

  • Candis Phillip
    Candis Phillip

    Yall videos are fire bro enjoy watching yall for sure.

  • Parker Valdez
    Parker Valdez

    Man sold his company for 233 million and the most expensive thing he bought was a 265k 911

    • Floatingamer

      @Lucia Chen na 265

    • Lucia Chen
      Lucia Chen


  • Eshal Mohsin
    Eshal Mohsin

    Niko got a crush on Marco

  • Eliot Delmotte
    Eliot Delmotte

    11:10 chunkz really adding his analysis here: "could be, couldn't be, i don't know to be honest"

  • Eliot Delmotte
    Eliot Delmotte

    man a millionaire would take the money, no one rejects free money (unless they were pretending to be rich)

  • Kelvin Lac
    Kelvin Lac

    Lak is a scammer 😂😂

  • Abdirisak Hussein
    Abdirisak Hussein

    niko is just straight annoying

  • king klod
    king klod

    where is Tyron smith ?

  • Joti Pokhrel
    Joti Pokhrel


  • Mariah Khan
    Mariah Khan

    You should do teacher one

  • Tracey Thomas
    Tracey Thomas

    Marco lookin like budget John wick

  • Novak Ninic
    Novak Ninic

    u earned ur first milion

  • Novak Ninic
    Novak Ninic

    AJAHAHAHA how old were u when

  • Zoro's Saké
    Zoro's Saké

    Are these people short or are all the members of the beta squad extremely tall

  • bongo TM
    bongo TM

    Rebecca is quite hot tho

  • Aurora Burak
    Aurora Burak

    Not to sound like a bs feminazi but it’s funny how they took out the girls first. Like swimsuit designer gave a very thourough response. Like yea they got it in the end but they kept the highly doubtable ones longer?

    • maerd

      A man left first what do you mean, but i will say shit seemed off when it came towards them, like at the end they didn't even ask their real jobs..

  • Vincent Saliby
    Vincent Saliby

    Wait giving more money to a millionaire I don’t think they thought that through

  • Matthew Dumas
    Matthew Dumas

    Marco looks like the billionaire villain from Swat

  • tori

    Marco has pretty privilege

  • Little_BreadedT boi
    Little_BreadedT boi

    I’m a millionaire… but if the tax man watching it’s just a joke nowhere near a million👀

  • Asad Nahid
    Asad Nahid

    What Porsche is 82k i wanna cop

  • Yagirlloca

    The fact Nicole is also a millionaire, she does also own the swimwear

  • kevin mejia
    kevin mejia

    Mannnn Marco had that vibe, I was rooting for you man

  • jonah

    i feel like they lack knowledge of cars and prices

  • jaide joseph
    jaide joseph

    drop marcos @

  • Seb Zentveld
    Seb Zentveld

    i knew that dude was gonna say his most expensive purchase was a car and knew he woul dsay lambo bc its the one of the first cars u think of particularly pricey car/sports cars

  • Kay H
    Kay H

    I hate Niko man 😂😂😂😭😭

  • BlackkLisT

    Niko be doin the most lol chill bruv

  • Revert XD
    Revert XD

    Hello people

  • Akwasi Kyei-Mensah
    Akwasi Kyei-Mensah

    the one in all black is wearing yeezys

  • Aliecia

    So I haven't finished the video to see the reveal yet, but imagine if Lak was the millionaire and they were roasting/disrespecting him this whole time, aweee. I want Lak to be the millionaire. Anyways when I finish the video i'll come back and add to my response. Update: So I finished the video, and like I said.... Yayyyy Lak we love you! They literally dissed him smh.

  • Jaiyden Machelle ღ
    Jaiyden Machelle ღ

    lewis seems such a down to earth and sweet person

  • moho

    i wanna know what the girls do but they didn’t bother to ask

  • Bold

    The rudest group of boys I have ever seen in my life .. CLASSIC

    • Veronica Michael
      Veronica Michael

      what they’re comedians.Almost every comedian are mean

  • Chrishian B
    Chrishian B

    This video would actually be good if these broke dudes weren’t rude and disrespected. They don’t have money and we can all tell

    • Veronica Michael
      Veronica Michael

      they’re comedians,almost every comedian are mean.

  • Kaiinat

    Isn’t Lak Zain Khan brother?? Mimi Afgun brother in law

  • Ameena Yahaya
    Ameena Yahaya

    i thought the guy in the green shirt was amine😭

  • Adilah Amir
    Adilah Amir

    “If you’re so rich why don’t you move them here” 😩😩😩

  • Lazy Bøi
    Lazy Bøi

    12:48 "You ask a person where their from, and they give you just the basic basic answer LAMBO" -aj

  • Sophia Georgacacos
    Sophia Georgacacos

    Lol the equestrian horse rider made me laugh I am a horse rider and I was diying laughing

  • Peyton Gomez
    Peyton Gomez

    they say brava instead of brother LMFAO

  • אחאח אחאח
    אחאח אחאח

    I’m deaddd with the fat guy telling Louis “loui stop lying man” - like, that’s the game lmfao

  • Hyun-Woo Joon Park
    Hyun-Woo Joon Park

    "stop lying" "man doesn't know..." YOU GUYS INVITED THEM HERE TO LIE WTF ARE YOU SAYING 😂


    Subscribe to the NDL and Niko Omilana or you’re a schmuck

  • Ghaith Allkassar
    Ghaith Allkassar

    "everybody gives you a basic answer you can ask them where they are from they give you the most basic answer LAMBO" 12:45 - Aj 2021

  • dabee

    Millionaire or not she's sexy af 🤣🤣

  • Skyz04

    Is that just me or they look so dumb xD

    • Manchester United For ever
      Manchester United For ever


  • Yxng Blitz
    Yxng Blitz

    2:33 Marco gets gyal

  • Ivan Karamoutchev
    Ivan Karamoutchev

    These guys shouldn’t be this knowledgeable

  • anna bottley
    anna bottley

    ok but marco is attractive

  • Meg Playz28
    Meg Playz28

    girls are smart and powerful

  • Elzzys

    laki had the worst style tho

  • That's Eunice
    That's Eunice

    For the first time I watched a video straight through and refused to read the comments. 😭

  • lovely

    why‘s no one talking abt how fine marco is

  • Daniel Grosvenor
    Daniel Grosvenor

    Porsche 911 gt2 rs is around 300k so yeah