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  • Alanna

    Alex warren the david dobrik impersonator? Is he still doing that?

  • Akio Aslan
    Akio Aslan

    The world went from creating artist to giving millions to spoiled untalented kids, we are hopeless.

  • Cowabunga My Dude
    Cowabunga My Dude

    Are we just going to ignore my dude at 10:49 going full Goofy mode? That shit got me crying but even Cody didn't react

  • TheJolle

    It's America's Next Top Insufferable Doughebag!

  • Kevin Baeza
    Kevin Baeza

    The fact that I know half the cast in real life ☠️

  • Bluex1x

    "Hide and go veto" yeah nobody will know that it's a direct ripoff of big Brothers challenge called "hide and go veto" lmao

  • Salih Yamac
    Salih Yamac

    I’m 16 and bruh I feel 50 watching this

  • Shift Craz
    Shift Craz

    2 months late. But I wish just all of these tik tokers could go into one giant room and watch every one of cody ko's videos about them. Like they would be sooo butthurt. Just so they realize how fucked up they are and just horrible type of people.

  • Rutherford

    5:38 💀💀💀💀

  • Huff

    Anyone else notice that in a lot of Cody’s videos now he’s just 100 sarcastic the entire time and only speaks in praise of the video

  • Carly Savannah Johnson
    Carly Savannah Johnson

    for some reason i always think “tmj podcast” and i’m like wait no, why would they have a podcast talking about jaw pain?

  • lalauraxx

    Big Brother is known for “hide and go veto” so they literally stole this from them😑

  • Chase Mattson
    Chase Mattson

    No one is bringing up the fact that Hide & Go Veto is literally the same challenge they do on Big Brother. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE THE NAME

  • phanfinger

    Let's be honest, these kids have never had chores in their lives. They all probably stupid Tom Sawyer'd out of them ahah

  • The Bella Webb
    The Bella Webb

    “No cap sauce,later!” 😭😭😭😭

  • Elliott

    I’m glad I grew up before this.

  • Sarah Crabill
    Sarah Crabill

    I'm 25 and watching this makes me feel like I'm ancient

  • Abby Anderson
    Abby Anderson

    Hide and go veto is directly taken from big brothers veto comp called..... hide and go veto lol

  • ICE

    6:25 the kid’s face tho..and his GoPro... *sigh* But I died when I saw that Lol 😂

  • Richard Beck
    Richard Beck

    There needs to be a breakdown of every episode


    Respect for cody

  • miss a.a.
    miss a.a.

    As a Latin American, the latinx thing is sooo weird

  • Hanan Amro
    Hanan Amro

    That heart VeToO challenge is fucking stolen from big brother season 21 the have a veto where you hide a block sign and someone hid it under a carpet EXACTLY like the girl omfg

  • Shubham Kaushik
    Shubham Kaushik

    1:03 That "about" shows his Canadian 🇨🇦

  • tatti

    been trying to resist subscribing but i finally had to do it lol

  • Mike Zanzi
    Mike Zanzi

    Bro the first game ever??!? Is TAG!!

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson

    hide and go veto is from big brother

  • Hannahツ

    NO CAP

  • Habitu

    Omg I thought this is the episode 1 But it’s the 8 👁👄👁

  • Zaira Linares
    Zaira Linares

    if Cody didnt tell me these kids are latinos and latinas at the beginning I would've never guessed. They're probably all no sabo kids.

  • Tyler kinsey
    Tyler kinsey

    He looks like Shaggy

  • Niko7581

    I like that shirt does anybody know the brand

  • Nikki Pants
    Nikki Pants

    @ 9:51 Alex gives them some legit advice, and that's what the producers saw in him. He's been on the path that they want to be on, and he can let them know some of the knowledge he has learned. Alex clearly has a lot more living to do to. Not responding is standing up for yourself, and when you get to the point in your life that that advice makes sense, you'll see why. Until then, take the good, leave the bad, and live and let live. We're all struggling, we're all going through something. We're all dumb humans ✌🏽💜😁

  • Kevin Becher
    Kevin Becher


  • tore seebach
    tore seebach

    Bro you look like Jim from “The Office”

  • joshua hunt
    joshua hunt

    love island Australia is the best

  • Cali Williams
    Cali Williams

    "No Capsauce" ;)

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten

    My favorite reality tv show, and the only reality tv show I've ever liked is bad girls club, especially season 7, just watching a bunch of women screaming at each other is just so amusing for some reason, its like the Jerry Springer show but with no Jerry, no live audience saying Jerry, and no big bald guys that break up the fights.

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson

    ???????? "hide and go veto" is a recurring veto game on big brother every season. how can they use the exact same name and game without being sued lmao...

  • Daisy M.
    Daisy M.

    why do they all have Air Force 1s. This house is about as diverse as a Manila folder

  • Lwx 101
    Lwx 101

    I knew it was gonna be bad when they used the word "latinx"

    • Derek Sanchez
      Derek Sanchez


  • Ruby Gomes
    Ruby Gomes

    Cody is showing us the proof of how blatantly obvious and destructive and gross this is

  • Katie Cusick
    Katie Cusick

    Omg. I love how he caught that “espresso size?” Comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know that was scripted!

  • Neuron Cell
    Neuron Cell

    the veto thing just gave me big brother vibes... they just stole from every possible reality tv show ever

  • Axel The Red Panda
    Axel The Red Panda

    Unrelated but like... those shelves behind you have me wanting to get some shelves lol

  • CrusherCrash

    Anyone else’s notice that they all wear white Air Force 1’s 😂 like bruh u can wear something else lmao

  • BornDante

    I'm sorry, I had to stop at 6:58 I can't watch this shit no more

  • MrDefective

    Who the hell is the host?

  • Omar Al-Abd
    Omar Al-Abd

    That’s a huge indicator that it’s been too long since we had a war , the men are dead and now it’s only the kids and the women 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • cryism

    cody just straight up did a voice over for them,, they need to pay him

  • Ashlee James
    Ashlee James

    Maybe you're being a little too hard on the kids.. they're just trying to expresso themselves.

  • Mimiutan

    Am I really getting old (I’m only 25) or was that “no cap,” in the text really really cringe. Do they actually say it like that, IRL?

  • Marlena thorvald
    Marlena thorvald

    James charles has one too for beauty influencers although he doesn't have it anymore now that he's a predator

  • lexilima

    They stole that challenge and it’s title from Big Brother

  • Folheto Grená
    Folheto Grená

    As a south american: latinx is a horrible term which most people don't even actually like it

    • D.W

      @miss a.a. I know right !

    • miss a.a.
      miss a.a.

      The worst part: they actually convinced some Latins of the contrary. Yeah, let Americans, who barely understand our ethnical diversity, determine how we should use our language.

  • Vegan Cuz why not
    Vegan Cuz why not

    Not all teens are like this 😐 please don’t think we are all caught up in social media 😐

  • Bella Carrasco
    Bella Carrasco

    Omg their "arguing" makes me cringe sooooooo hard

  • Suki

    god i hate these people and i mean hate

  • jaden carr
    jaden carr

    this is literally the worst thing i have ever seen

  • Kassie May
    Kassie May

    I'm part of gen z, but i have never hated a generation more than my own.. If you're trying to become famous, it's not gonna end well. Even if you do end up famous, it's not gonna last and you'll be old news before you know it. Fame has to be earned, not just handed to you for being on a reality show or for doing tiktok dances 😂

  • Julia scott
    Julia scott

    The fact that hide and go veto is a game straight up stolen from big brother. It’s the same exact game.

  • Kirsten Danae
    Kirsten Danae

    I hated every moment of this tv show...but as always, Cody made it fun

  • RumbleZero

    I accidentally skipped ahead 10 seconds and heard: *We need a game for them to play* *I'm not just a dentist*

  • Gossip Gaming
    Gossip Gaming


  • joe king
    joe king

    I’m sorry but who actually uses latinx it’s Latino no Spanish person cares it’s only woke white people who push this

    • Klepto Killz
      Klepto Killz

      no it's not lol, you're forgetting about the hundreds of non binary latine people lol : |

  • sisi no
    sisi no

    Some people have no shame 😂

  • Will Abbottsmith
    Will Abbottsmith

    holy shit that is all so ridiculous... its like no talent required, this vague job of being an influencer, with no intellgience or studying required is just how to be the most mean and apply bullshit advice?? like there's no merit to it

  • Jah Jah
    Jah Jah

    the game is literally a rip off of big brother

  • ajamn nijam
    ajamn nijam

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  • Hailey A
    Hailey A

    This show just cements my hate of reality tv

  • Flopfist

    The way she is "planning her tiktoks for the day" is by watching her for you page and seeing which tiktok songs and voice lines are popular

  • Diana Espinoza
    Diana Espinoza

    i didn’t know they were all latinx... i thought just two of the girls were and the rest were all white americans 😭

  • Shadow Ryth
    Shadow Ryth

    God they look so ugly with all that makeup and stupid slang. Glad I’m never having kids

  • road work ahead
    road work ahead

    Hispanics.. gotta clean the mansion... as their punishment... huh. 😐

  • Arianna La Tona
    Arianna La Tona

    I’m literally so embarrassed for them. Like that is so insanely cringy it hurts.

  • Nate Allen
    Nate Allen

    Hide and go veto is literally word for word a big brother challenges

  • Lucius


  • Hayden Finney
    Hayden Finney

    I was eating a corn dog with ketchup and mustard when he said ketchup and mustard!!!’re right it’s lame

  • lola

    bruh why is shaggy making a commentary video

  • Char Rosie
    Char Rosie

    ‘latin X’

  • Boyd

    Isn't alex warren the guy that thinks he is david dobrik

  • cheezy

    I’ve seen colie.1. I saw her in a video from another tiktoker and it said she had a body count of ten. I then went to her Tiktok and saw a video she had that said not all 2006 girls are ugly so this girl should be in prison

  • Sam K
    Sam K

    Fr tho, why are all the influencers hispanic or latino?

  • Victoriaa

    lets ban all children from social media until their 18...especially tik tok because good god

  • Finn

    I hate Straight People™

  • Firhan H
    Firhan H

    are they even 19? why they're so different than the teens i've met irl

  • Lisa Tomeo
    Lisa Tomeo

    So... interesting.. to see a dude who loved to call me ugly in middle school trying to desperately gain 15 minutes of fame by feeding off of underage kids’ obsessions with social media on a Walmart version love island ISdowns show. What is the world coming to? Couldn’t stand him then and nothing has changed in 10 years.

  • Siriusly, GinnyChase
    Siriusly, GinnyChase

    who tf is alex warren?

  • zoesaurusrexxx

    they took hide and go veto from big brother 😭😭😭😭

  • o F
    o F

    content heavily borrowed from another show featuring alex warren? surely not! alex would never capitalise on other peoples identities i mean ideas

  • Abby Doyle
    Abby Doyle

    Even better, Hide and Go Veto is a classic challenge stolen directly from the show Big Brother ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Darth_Spock

    Houses near mountain lakes (cough, tahoe, cough) can have beutiful views of beaches and water along with insane views of mountains.

  • Arturo Valero Castro
    Arturo Valero Castro

    latinx, Damn

  • Luca M.
    Luca M.

    omg this doesn't feel like it should be a real thing. it feels like a skit or something lol

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown

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    • Kyrie Irving
      Kyrie Irving

      @T. C. it seems like whoever “Expert Mrs laurence” has a bunch of bots posting these comments to try and get people to invest with her ?? this is bizarre but i hope these are not real people 💀

    • T. C.
      T. C.

      @Neiva lmao I'm asking the same thing. Who tf are these people talking about some business shit on Cody's video about tiktok teenagers? 💀😂

    • Neiva

      Dude wtf is going on here

    • Milton Hannaford
      Milton Hannaford

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    • Roberto Grey
      Roberto Grey

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  • 最終 -Last Living- 生活
    最終 -Last Living- 生活

    This dude saves my life. Keep it up Cody

  • Amin M
    Amin M

    I checked their ages online and they’re all 18 + lol . So they’re basically college students that instead of going to college , wanna do TIK toks . *sigh*

  • Amin M
    Amin M

    I’m probably the same age as them , if not younger . Yet , I feel like they are from a whole different generation and watching this makes me feel like a boomer who needs explanation .

  • S M
    S M

    They’re a bunch of lele pons

  • G R
    G R

    I hate latinx