Film Theory: This is NOT A Batman Movie! (The Batman Trailer 2021)
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The new trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson looks very interesting... and surprisingly familiar? You see, with all of the hints hidden in the newest trailer - and I don't mean the riddles - I think I've figured out the ending twist of this movie! Loyal Theorists, you may be thinking, "Matpat, how can you possibly know off of the trailer?" Never doubt my ability to theorize out of the smallest details! You see, I think the big twist of this movie will be that The Batman is actually... well you'll need to watch to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Master James
    Master James


  • Fin.B

    I see why this was delayed cuz he called it all

  • Jack Mather
    Jack Mather

    I hope FilmTheory realises that The Batman is basically entirely based on the same story as the Arkham games, like, it’s pretty much identical lol. We already know the film’s entire story and what will happen. By this point, considering that it doesn’t look like the Snyderverse will get restored, i think it’s safe to say the DC cinematic universe is dead and buried. If The Batman in 2022 turns out to be good enough and is successful, hopefully it can spark a reboot of sorts.

  • TyStar45

    Apparently this is now supposed to be a trilogy, so this theory might be wrong. Who knows though, only matt reeves

  • Nim ArchitecT
    Nim ArchitecT

    Funny Fact @5:15 you: Seriously? 7 doesn't even look like a V me: 7 actually look like a V ( if you write in Farsi / Arabic) 7 in Farsi: ۷ or Haft

  • King_Cronos

    Wait so the riddler is a GOOD GUY?!?!?

  • Simon Ravencroft
    Simon Ravencroft

    Jim Carey as the Riddler was insulting. You don't cast a clown to play an evil genius.

  • E

    Yes my theory might be correct bout da riddler!

  • N D
    N D

    Yeah... Filming gets difficult when everyone on set is required to wear a mask. And not a owl ask or bat themed mask but a mask like we are all wearing.

  • Blaze Pierce
    Blaze Pierce

    Title:Film Theory: This is NOT A Batman Movie!. Beginning of the video: In 2015 billionare elon musk-

  • Josué Hernández
    Josué Hernández

    4:45 I watched this video last year when they published it but I closed it as soon as MattPat recommended us to watch 'Seven'. I did but I forgot about this, so now I get to finish the video xd

  • Miyuru Eranda
    Miyuru Eranda

    Robert's bat suit look so epic. Affleck's bat suit look like it has a beer belly.

  • Seth Johnson-Stevens
    Seth Johnson-Stevens

    I’m DaBatman letsss goooo

  • CLC

    This is actually genius.

  • Fernando Arriaga
    Fernando Arriaga


  • Get raped Noob
    Get raped Noob

    I don’t think he killed the goon but he was definitely very brutal

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    this guy's voice sounds like the guy from food theory

  • AdamChef85

    Why hasn’t any studios hired mat pat yet lol

  • NFTL Music
    NFTL Music

    riddler, penguin, catwoman, falcone, mad hatter and firefly

  • Abdullah Al-Hugbani
    Abdullah Al-Hugbani

    I remember when the movie was scheduled to be released on 2021, Ahhhh how I wish it still was

  • Chris Florence
    Chris Florence

    This video hasn't aged well, "Wonder Woman still looks promising..."

  • Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?
    Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?

    im catman

  • Sasanth Bollineni
    Sasanth Bollineni

    Ahhhh the first minute explains the weird non stanlee cameo by elon musk in iron man 2

  • hatednyc

    Does “I got it all figured out” mean you have a scoop from someone inside the production?

  • bailey ayalin
    bailey ayalin

    lol edward cullen as batman (im just joking)

  • Devils Left Hand Demon
    Devils Left Hand Demon

    Charlie and max are two face

  • Devils Left Hand Demon
    Devils Left Hand Demon

    WB goin all out with THE in there titles

  • P.T.

    batman,the long halloween,its obvious.harvey isnt 2face yet.commish is just capt. gordaon.

  • Nagarjuna M
    Nagarjuna M

    After watching this video ,in prettty sure you have to add "Spoiler alert" to this video

  • IV_CALL6902

    i slowed down the trailer and in the scene were he grapples up a police is shooting at him and a guy with a owl mask is running up the stairs so ur properly right

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee

    I am not the Batman. I am Twilightman. 😚🤣

  • Klemenix

    13:31 i was sure you were gonna say the hatter but whatever...

  • rayan rane
    rayan rane

    shut up because dc fans dont want to hear this

  • Kustomation Studios
    Kustomation Studios

    Your probably right

  • CAT mo
    CAT mo


  • Jayden McNealy
    Jayden McNealy

    Oh yeah, its all coming together. Mainly the court of owls part. Because I had already made my own theory about how they could be apart of this. But then you made this video and everything just started to piece itself together. And I actually feel like one of the villains might be joker cuz of those henchmen that we saw. they were wearing makeup, and very specific looking makeup. so I think he's another villain too.

  • Jordan Hansen
    Jordan Hansen

    Spoiler at 1:00, thanks jerk, unsubscribed!

  • Saint Arj
    Saint Arj

    he'll probably have gotten this spot on

  • Melody Beats
    Melody Beats

    Mattpat should make a movie XD

  • SuperNerd

    I’m gonna be honest, I would HATE if this is true

  • ProvingFiber

    Aren't the talons dead children trained to be assassin's

  • IdleHandz

    Nice eyebrows

  • Bobbie Hayden
    Bobbie Hayden

    The new Wonder woman movie looks promising......... THAT DIDN'T AGE WELL

  • Bryce Willis
    Bryce Willis


  • Alexis Angel
    Alexis Angel

    again thinking about multiple robins becoming talons lol

  • Bevan Leon
    Bevan Leon

    You were wrong about everything

  • Sean Cahalane
    Sean Cahalane

    fantastic video

  • deeph n
    deeph n

    Isn't Batman An anti-hero ? It's what I think but I guess it's because some movie represented him as a complete justice following hero

  • Nirbhay Sharma
    Nirbhay Sharma

    still haven't crossed 10mil.

  • Skighte

    1991 was the year nirvana was at its peak


    I swear to god , if I see Batman killing AGAIN , I will eat rat poison

  • Barun Jena
    Barun Jena

    They should rename the movie as "THE BATMAN AND THE SINISTER SIX"😂

  • Coyote Kurtz
    Coyote Kurtz

    It’s hush not the owls


    Also Morgan Freeman from SE7EN played Lucious Fox from The Batman Trilogy. Probably no connection though.

  • M Charizard
    M Charizard

    I hope the riddler will be similar to Gotham’s riddler

  • Juan Ignacio López Tellechea
    Juan Ignacio López Tellechea

    2020: no

  • Nightwing84

    I would love a long Halloween adaptation

  • Graepixels

    This video is almost unwatchable without spoiling 2 films... Well done.

  • Trash Centralz
    Trash Centralz

    Is it just me or does the Riddlers way of “revenge” seem very close to what Jason Todd’s way of revenge played out? Both choosing the violent path instead of the “non killing” route that Batman is on

  • Wolf hide
    Wolf hide

    My theory this batman is an imposter or hush at least this is head cannon for me batman would never attach a gun to his chest as a symbol its his antithesis plus batman has only broken once and that was his spine by bane other than that his spirit is his power.

  • Bigman101111111

    Riddler was in gotham show just saying.

  • DayzFallingDown x
    DayzFallingDown x

    There's plenty of graphic novels & comic book storylines where Batman doesn't come out entirely clean (or even on top). It's high time we got some screen representation for that. #Batmanloses

  • Doublefrost 303
    Doublefrost 303

    Weird movie title: (has a number in the word) Society: that's stupid Resident Evil 7 and Village: (uses roman numerals in title) Society : that's cool

  • William Fann
    William Fann

    "if you havent seen these movies you gotta watch the se7en" as you literally spoil the entire movie...

  • TheWalkthroughOfLife

    Then you better have some Doge coins going on Matt. You can't be Elon's employee if you don't own his currency.

  • Brendan Illana
    Brendan Illana

    The sinister six.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez

    The long Halloween influenced the plot

  • Mort Mort Mort
    Mort Mort Mort

    If that guy dies in The Batman it'll be yet another movie that gets Batman wrong.

  • Doc

    I hate the cowl, I fucking HATE his cowl. Everything else about his armor looks good though.

  • ATLien 2114
    ATLien 2114

    The antagonist in seven sounds like Victor zsasz same voice I mean ( Arkham games )

  • Go Yoshi Gaming bros
    Go Yoshi Gaming bros


  • Caleb MacEachern
    Caleb MacEachern

    Kurt cobain killed himself in 94

  • Gibbon Jensen
    Gibbon Jensen

    One thing I’ve noticed about the court of owls talon and Batman with this movie is that they both have similar gauntlets

  • Just A Normal Dude
    Just A Normal Dude

    Dayum everything is based on something, now this is quality

  • Isaac Rivers
    Isaac Rivers

    Ladies and gentlemen we got em

  • FoxRNG

    I hope this doesn't happen. I despise Batman killing.

  • eshwar chandra
    eshwar chandra

    This guy should say spoiler alert before he starts the video

  • MyDirector

    Theory: If you see the cast for The Batman, there is a person that doesn’t show who he plays as. But, as we seen in Justice League 2021, he did play Deathstroke, so he might be in The Batman.

  • Beans

    that actually sounds like what they would do

  • Arkangel Arkangel
    Arkangel Arkangel

    Or you can watch batman hush and get this whole theory too

  • Cydamiic

    I honestly see this being a really good movie concept even if this is completely inaccurate to The Batman movie when it releases

  • jeff trump
    jeff trump

    The Batman looks very similar to GOTHAM the TV show.

  • Baller Weeb
    Baller Weeb

    I think riddlers gonna try and break batman at the end, but then Batman doesn’t break BECAUSE HES BATMAAAANN

  • Lil High
    Lil High

    This money kinda sounds like Holy Musical Batman.... I-

  • Brennan Akeson
    Brennan Akeson

    I feel like Robert Pattinson would be a good fit for imagining the Gotham series young teenage Batman grown up.

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    The Court of Owls also prominently appeared in Gotham Season 3.

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    I wouldn’t mind a Batman movie based on something like, The Long Halloween, which is a 13 issue Batman Comic Storyline from 1996-1997. Spoilers for Jeph Loeb’s 25 year old story, but in vague, it’s about Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent attempting to take on the mob when suddenly, a new killer is emerging, who begins killing off members or associates of the Falcone family on certain holidays. It also features cameos from just about every Batman villain, you got Mad Hatter, Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, etc, etc. I really like the story, and I’d like to see a Live Action Batman movie take inspiration from it, they kind of did with the mob and Mafia intrigue of Gotham (The TV Series) and The Dark Knight.

  • -lonjan -
    -lonjan -

    Am I the only one who is thinking that L Lawliet is better didective than batman

  • George Blackwell
    George Blackwell

    In the box office ?

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green

    Big disagree Joker wasn’t king of comedy

  • Surge Doge
    Surge Doge

    The movie is coming out now in 2022

  • AJ Viveros
    AJ Viveros

    John doe is the name of the joker in the batman game

  • Lee Van Der Vindt
    Lee Van Der Vindt


  • Oni Pot
    Oni Pot

    Gotham's version of the riddler is great. I would love this film to link with Gotham.

  • Jared Donais
    Jared Donais

    If there is another Batman movie where he kills someone i swear to god

  • Lucas Lopes
    Lucas Lopes

    it's not A Batman film, it's THE Batman film

  • Khue Bui
    Khue Bui

    Every time i watch one of these i really hope the filmmakers don’t see this video and alter their plans to be more “surprising”

  • judaschrist12

    I almost cried when I heard Something in the Way in the Batman trailer. The Batman looks so good.

  • Powersheild

    MatPat also misses the heavy influence of the Long Halloween comic in this video (along with Ego) which involves a string of murders across Gotham, specifically targeted against crime families such as the Falcones. All of this fits into the things he mentions in the video (apart from the ultimate perpetrator of the murders, which I won't spoil here).

  • Barak Okoye
    Barak Okoye

    I am vengeance, I am the night, I am...The Theorists